Your Loadout in this video well cover some accessories that help you take a better trip, no matter where the destination is hey. Im Tom from pack hacker your guide to smarter travel, whether youre a digital, Nomad working on the road or staying connected with friends and family abroad, theres something for everyone plus stay tuned to learn more about omaze. This video sponsor lets Dive In Music in the air of tech. It may take a few Outlets to keep all your devices charged. The mojix super Bagel is a clever adapter and wall charger that cuts down on clutter. Inside of your Tech kit. The design is split into two parts: a plug converter and power strip, the center pops out and transforms into eight different plug types, so youre covered in the UK, EU Au and more meanwhile, the power strip is the bag, a like shape, thats left over on. It are four additional plugs: the USB C port and usba Port, while the 18 and 20 watt outputs are too low to effectively charge a laptop thats where the extra plugs and a couple wall Chargers come in handy. Unlike a regular power strip, the circular design makes it less likely that youll block other ports so its easier to charge more than one device at a time. And since the cable tucks into the bagel its out of your way when you arent using it and quick to enroll, when you do plus it has an auto resetting fuse if it gets overloaded, both pieces easily separate.

So you can travel with one and not the other, depending on your needs. However, when combined its round shape fit easily into a large pocket or standard size slings, so we think its worth packing bones, Music, even with an extra plug. You still need a way to power. All your devices, the Anker JN Prime wall Chargers, have different sizes and wattage to charge different types of devices. At the time of this video, there are three Standard wall Chargers to choose from, and I say at the time of this video because anchor is always switching stuff up. I hope this is still up to date when we publish this video for simple devices like your cell phone tablet and computer go with a 65 watt 735 charger. If you have a more diverse setup, that draws more power, try the 737 or 747 models which are 120 and 150 watts respectively, when deciding which one to get check your most power, hungry Tech. If youre traveling with a big laptop and may be a good idea for you to size up, however, if you want something smaller and easier to pack thats something to consider too for a breakdown of how each Port charges individually with multiple devices plugged in head to Anchor site and make sure youre always covered. We dig that all three Chargers have a slim design for easier storage in your Tech pouch. While the 747 is the largest of the three, it features four fast charging reports and just to be safe.

All three come with an optional silicone suction cup that grips the wall to ensure they dont Tumble from a loose Outlet, though it can block other outlets. It is great for stabilization in a pinch whether youre taking a trip with a family or spending a few months as a digital, Nomad, the JN Prime line from anchor has something that meets your charging needs. There are plenty of tech accessories that are great for when youre on the go when youre packing them for your next road trip. Why not do it in your own camper van omaze, this videos sponsor is offering you a chance to win a custom, Mercedes Sprinter van with an eco friendly van Smith conversion, while supporting a great cause, St Jude Childrens Research Hospital, whether youre experiencing Route 66 from start To finish, or taking the scenic route to Key West youll travel in Comfort with features like a full kitchen, solar panels, a fresh water system and more. This fan may just turn into your next home on Wheels. Plus this sweepstakes is a win win. In addition to the van, your donations will benefit a great non profit organization, St Jude Childrens Research Hospital is a world leader in understanding and treating childhood answer and other life threatening illnesses. Families never receive a bill from Saint Jude for treatment and by entering in a chance to win this giveaway with omaze youll help support that mission head to packhacker to enter before the experience closes at 11 59 PM PST on January 27th.

Link down in the description below now lets get back to some more travel Tech, Music if youve ever boarded a plane and realized that you didnt bring along corded headphones. This next product is for you, the ugreen Bluetooth, audio transmitter receiver easily connects your devices to line and Tech its great for in flight entertainment systems that typically dont have the option for Bluetooth connection, just plug it into the headphone jack and toggle. The switch over to transmitter then put both the device and your headphones into pairing mode and youre ready to go or flip it to receiver and connect to an old speaker in your Airbnb. You can even use it to stream music from your phone if your rental cars, Bluetooth connection, is finicky or non existent it pairs with up to two devices simultaneously, so you can watch a movie with a loved one without splitting your earbuds or play a quick game Of Mario Kart on your Nintendo switch with a friend in your loud hostile room and watch a movie together in the middle of the night, without waking. Anyone up while you beat jet lag while this iteration isnt compatible with airpods Pros second generation. It works with other popular earbuds and we hope to see that integrated in future models and if you run out of battery on the road it still streams as you charge it with the USBC connector. So youre always is covered Music. Not all airplanes have in flight entertainment, so we often turn to our phones to keep ourselves occupied.

However, balancing your device can be tricky to master without getting a crick in your neck. The paralogics universal airplane foam Mount makes it easy to prop up your phone by attaching it to the tray table for viewing during flight. Attach your device using the spring loaded, clamp and adjust. The orientation of your phone then rotate the head 360 Degrees. To find an angle that works for you with so much flexibility, you can clip it onto the tray table in the up or down position, unlike some phone tripods that require a flat surface to stay upright. Once you arrive at your destination, mount it to the coffee shop table to use your phone as an extra screen or keep it on the kitchen counter at your Airbnb. Will you try out some new local recipes, though its not the smallest foam? Mount weve seen its compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand slide it into your sling as a just in case piece of gear for an all day Adventure or give it a permanent home in your Tech kit. Since its crafted from plastic, it wont weigh down your pack back. It can be a bit loud when changing the angle, but youll get used to it, Music in a world full of electronic devices. It can be challenging to keep your cables straight. The rolling Square InCharge X is a universal charging cable with a special feature and its smaller than a finger when folded.

There are six different adapters at your disposal on the input side, use a usba or USB C port to plug in a device into your wall. Charger or power bank opposite our USBC, lightning and micro USB output ports. So you can charge almost anything, however, keep in mind that you can only top up one piece of tech at a time and the cables short length makes it hard to use that device, while its charging, when its folded up a magnet on both ends of the Cable secures both ends together and creates a loop so that you can attach it onto a key ring or clip. This ensures you always have a charging cable on hand, either on your keys or inside your day. Pack for extra security hold the end of the cable together with the included end cap, because this thing is so small and can fit into your pocket. It is very easy to keep an extra charging cable on you at all times. Foreign Music advances theres more space for Tech created with sustainability in mind. The Nimble champ battery bank is a great addition to your everyday carry and its crafted with sustainable materials, while Tech is inherently unsustainable. Nimble aims to change that in small insignificant ways. Its manufactured from 72.5 post consumer plastic, which reduces your carbon footprint compared to other chargers on the market plus the packaging, is plastic free and includes instructions on how to recycle your old Tech with a provided bag.

The champ isnt a one trick pony either it has a 10 000 milliamp battery which will charge an iPhone 14 over three times its also fast charge compatible. So you wont have to wait around all day for it to re up. Plus you can use the USBC and usba ports simultaneously, its not the most compact battery Bank in the market, though its rectangular design is easy to pack and we think the Sleek matte finish is nice to look at and their logo is an elephant dancing with a Recycling symbol: what else could you ask for foreign weve gone over a lot of tech in this video? At this point, you might be wondering where you should put it all. The bellroy desk caddy has enough room for everything on this list and keeps it all organized. The pouch has thoughtful segmentation. So all your gear has a home. There are elastic Loops to keep track of your cables, Chargers and small accessories. The gusseted liner pocket is a great fit for notebooks for large cables. It also has a stealthy slip pocket for storing a Tracker in case you misplace the pouch. On the other side, the zippered pocket works well for small items you dont want getting lost in the main compartment. It only goes halfway down, so it doesnt impact the lower portion of the compartment storage. This means that the rest of the space is open for larger and bulkier gear. Once you pack it up, you are ready to take tech Anywhere its small enough to fit inside of your backpack or sling and stands up on its own, so it takes up less space in your desk or bedside table compared to Tech.

Pouches that unroll to give you access, while youre working the front folds over, so you can easily see all of your gear and access it quickly as well. So there you have it some tech gear that can help optimize. Your next trip leave a comment down below with your favorite piece of tech here, because remember some of the best records come from you, the pack hacker Community right here on YouTube and dont forget to enter for a chance to win a custom, Mercedes Sprinter van by Heading to packhacker, before the experience closes thanks for coming here.