This would be the first time i’m using one, especially a tablet that comes with its own keyboard and pen. Anyways i’ll bring you guys along with me for a whole week, so you guys can see my everyday experience using this tablet right here. Alright, so for day one, i basically unbox the tablet along with its accessories, so i will be unboxing. The lenovo tablet p11 pro. So you guys can see over here. This is the lip right here: it’s still in plastic, so let’s just yo, okay, it’s open! I know it’s very slim like it’s, so thin i’m – actually very scared to like hold it like this, because it might slip off my hand. Oh you thought this was the case. This is the this is the keyboard. I, like the keyboard, and it has a touchpad whoa – was not expecting this one over here. I was very surprised at how the back cover and keyboard can be easily attached to the tablet, because the magnets made it easy for it to slap on and once the keyboard is attached, the os turns to desktop mode. I tried to get used to its features for a while that i even had to watch cholo’s review of the tablet for me to know how to use this device to the fullest. All i did was download some apps that i needed played around with the keyboard, tried out the pen and basically tried to get used to the device for day two.

I had to finalize an outline that i’ve been working on. Overall, it was a typical day for me. I spent the whole day typing and getting some work done. Okay, so far for day two all i did was work um, mostly. A lot of typing that i do enjoy because of the keyboard makes me feel like i’m working more efficiently and because of you know how easy it is to navigate around the tablet with just you know, you scrolling up and down zooming into the file. I do feel like i get more work done. I don’t know if that makes sense. At the same time you get to enjoy the best of both worlds of having a tablet and a laptop. So far, not a lot of things happened this day. Since all i did was type though i have to say, the keyboard was surprisingly fun to use and the touchpad made everything easier. The tablet helped me worked on my tasks easily and it really felt like using a laptop for day three. I had some time to relax and catch up on some shows that i’ve been meaning to watch, so i spent the day watching youtube videos on this tablet and i have to say the audio and video quality is insane all thanks to its quad stereo jbl speakers And its oled display, which makes the colors deep and vibrant, and it felt like – i had a portable tv in front of me, the whole time day 4 came by and i wanted to use the tablet in pen to make some digital art it’s been a while.

Since i last drew something so i downloaded some apps that can help me get the job done overall, drawing with the pen was pretty smooth, but you have to be extra careful when you draw dots or click on the screen using the pen, because at the end Of the day, you are writing on a screen and the pen itself is pretty solid, so do your best and try not to scratch or damage the surface. While using the pen, i was really impressed with the colors and how easy it was for me to draw on this for day five i had an online meeting to attend to so i had to use the tablet for that. One. The camera and audio quality were really impressive. The audio was so clear that it felt like we were all in the same meeting room together now. The first thing i thought about is that, because of its 8 megapixel selfie camera, this tablet is perfect for online classes and zoom meetings also do say: hi to tito james and your tech, bro cholo here’s, the crew, say hi hi guys we decided. We just had this video gets a thousand likes ourselves day, six went by and i wanted to try out some games using the tablet for me to see how it performs. Overall, i had a very pleasant gaming experience on this tablet, mostly because of the snapdragon 730g and 6gb of ram, not only that, but because it has an 8 600 milliampere battery.

I didn’t have to worry about charging. One thing that i still can’t get used to is the big screen and the display really showed the vibrant colors and all the details of each game that i played not to mention those amazing speakers, Music and, on the seventh day, i’ve been using the tablet. As my regular device for everything that i do i’d say this is an all around tablet that can help make everyday tasks easier, more efficient and, with its nature of being a handy tablet, more portable. You can bring this along even with its keyboard anywhere and still be productive. I think the seven day challenge was pretty successful, because i can’t see myself without the lenovo p11 pro tablet anymore, i’d say we’ve become really good. Friends, if you guys want your own lenovo. P11, pro tablet go check out, lenovo stores and resellers, and for everyone to stay safe in this time you can order it online at the lenovo flagship store on lazada or shoppi. What do you guys think about this tablet? Comment them down below and share your thoughts. Also don’t forget to check out for more awesome, content and don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe, because once we hit 250k subs we’ll be giving away a free phone. That was another awesome gadget out of the box. This was me. L and i’ll.