So thank you. Music, angry, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Applause, Music! Does the world really need another laptop, probably not, but a reinvention of everything, a laptop represents now that’s a different story. Our journey began with a search for answers about what defines breathtakingly beautiful design in a laptop computer. Our vision was inspired by the work of craftsmen and artisans, who combine impeccable form and flawless function to achieve something so singular that is truly timeless. The spectre identity stems from that type of commitment and conviction, examine the details of its exterior and you’ll, see that it’s sculpted from a single, solid block of aluminum alloy machined edges, give it a for detail, there’s an unparalleled degree of precision and every curve and contour That puts it into a class of its own we’ve refined the geared hinges, reducing the size and increasing the exactitude of their function. The anodization and diamond cut edge adds an accent and visual intrigue as it moves from mode to mode across its 360 degree spectrum. We re architected the thermal environment to accommodate two small fans doing so made space for the intel core processors. The seamless micro edge display with a 13.3 inch diagonal screen, delivers an expansive view and a smaller footprint Music with quad hp speakers, hp, audio boost and custom tuning by experts at bang. Olsen entertainment comes to life in a full spectrum of sound that brings breadth, range and dimension to the whole auditory experience weighing in at just a little under three pounds.

It is only 13.79 millimeters thin. It has an amazing 15 hours of battery life finished in precision. Cnc aluminum and featuring our brand new premium logo mark there’s, really nothing else like it.