You can find the links of the products featuring in this video at the description below the new office desktop dell optiplex 7070 ultra does a cool disappearing trick with a funky design that hides a powerful mini pc inside a specially designed, monitor stand that turns it into A low profile all in one pc, packing plenty of capability into its tiny size and offering a modular solution for offices that want to upgrade. Often this is a cool twist on the mini pc in the workplace. The mini pc itself is so slim. It might get mistaken for a laptop battery pack or a desktop dock, but inside it boasts an intel core processor up to 64 gb of ram and as much as 1 tp of storage. It has plenty of ports and performance that puts it squarely among the best productivity focus. Pcs, you can buy in any form factor the feature. Pack hp and v32 is the ultimate all in one desktop pc thanks to an incredible design, as well as enough power and features to appeal to even the most discerning users it’s the one to get. If your budget has no restrictions powered by an nvidia, graphics ship, the nv32 is also an impressively capable gaming rig. It even has an insanely convenient wireless smartphone charger built into its stand. The vast and vibrant, truly spectacular, 4k screen of the desktop alone makes it work. Fine, the hdr compatible display has support for an ultra wide color gamut and a peak brightness of 600 nits, making every interaction feel like a special occasion.

Best of all the screen is complemented by bang and allison tune speakers. The sound is excellent Music. The latest hp pavilion with a 27 inch display is the best all in one desktop pc for most consumers, given hp’s track record in this product category that’s hardly a surprise beyond its impossibly elegant design, with ultra thin display bezels. The desktop boasts future proof. Hardware, specs and top notch performance all at an agreeable price. The display panel of the hp pavilion is touch sensitive, giving users more options to interact with the on screen content. Its retractable webcam is also quite convenient. The desktop spang and all of cintoon stereo speakers complement the display perfectly the lenovo idea center ai 03 proves you can get it dependable all in one desktop without breaking the bank, it has elegant design, respectable hardware and reliable performance best of all the product costs well Below six hundred dollars, this has space saving design with a minimalist metal stand and a screen with a slim top and side bezels. The stand is easily adjustable and thankfully, equipped with a clever cable organizer, the ai 03 screen has vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. However, be mindful that it isn’t touch sensitive in this very into the desktop. The product’s built in webcam has a privacy shutter that’s, quite convenient, though it could have had a higher resolution than hd for around 150 dollars. More lenovo offers an ai 03 variant with beefier risen 5 chip, as well as more on board ram and ssd storage at 699.

The product is still an excellent option for budget conscious shoppers when it comes to all in one computers they just don’t come more powerful than this. The apple imac pro reclaims, the pro title, with way more processing and graphics power than any consumer will ever need making. It the perfect addition to the professional video studio, the audio engineering booth or the architect’s office, equipped with a 10 core intel, cn processor, workstation, great graphics and the mind bending 128 gp of ram. This machine is pure power, plus the imac design gets a stylish upgrade with the imac pro’s cool space. Crayon eyes finish: you can even get the apple magic keyboard and magic mouse or touch pad to match it’s the best all in one computer. For anyone that wants to keep the sleek imac design but needs serious power in a workstation, the microsoft surface, studio 2 is the best thing around for anyone who does digital art thanks to a gorgeous touchscreen that drops down low for comfortable touch and can use the Better than 4k display looks amazing. The touchscreen supports both the surface pen and surface style, and the design is top notch. The design alone would make this the best touchscreen all in one for drawing, but the addition of best in class pen support takes it up to another level. The updated surface, studio 2 gets beefier, processing and graphics. Hardware, switches to all solid state drives for storage and gets an even better version of the pixel sense display that offers enhanced brightness and contrast it’s, one of the best all in one computers for media creators and artists.

The 2020 apple imac, with 27 inch display is the latest imac and maybe the last intel powered all in one from apple, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. The new imac boasts intel 10th generation processors, amd radeon, pro 5000 series, graphics and perhaps most importantly, a 1080p webcam, a big step up from the 720p cameras used in older macs. But this can be had with even more great features such as the optional texture, glass and enhanced speakers. The imac design remains unchanged, complete with thick bezels around the screen and a prominent aluminum chin below the display. But the screen in question is a retina 5k display which is 5120 into 2880 pixels of colorful detail as well as p3 white color gamut support. It also has two tone: color temperature adjustment, which automatically shifts the color on screen to look best for the ambient light. In the room, thank you for watching so far and we hope you enjoyed our video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more reviews.