It comes with windows, 10 pre loaded has four gigs of ram and it runs linux great. But after making those videos i found out, there were newer revisions that have a few slight changes. So if you recently purchased this laptop or youre thinking about buying another one stay tuned to find out what has changed in the latest models: Music, hey, whats up everyone! This is phasertech with a quick update on the evolv 3 meister laptop. So if you havent seen my first two videos on it, you can see them here and when i first made these videos the laptop was selling for 80 bucks, but now its on sale. For only 60, if youre lucky enough to live next to a micro center, i first did a review on it almost two months ago and then followed that up with a guide on how to install linux mint on it. At the end of the guide, i mentioned that some users reported audio problems after installing linux, but at that time nobody was sure why it worked for some and not for others. Well, thanks to some viewers and users on various forums, we were able to determine why it turns out. There are multiple hardware revisions of this laptop and as of right now there are three known versions to find out which version you have. You need to check the sticker on the bottom of the laptop. The original version will have maestro ebook 11 as its model, while the second version says ebook 11v2 and the most recent version will say: mab11v4.

The v4 at the end suggests this is the fourth version, but there doesnt appear to be any models ending in v3 that i know of so ill. Just call this. The third version for now im not aware of the v5 at this time. The first two versions share the same skew so theres no way to tell them apart by the box, youll, have to open it up and check the laptop itself. It appears. The third version has its own sku, so its easy to identify this one before you buy it now lets talk about the differences between the three versions, i personally own the original version and thats what i based the guide and the review on everything works flawlessly in Linux, except for one catch, the wi fi drivers need to be manually installed, but the process is very straightforward, as i demonstrated in the guide i made so this isnt a big deal. The original version also featured an lte card with a sim card slot, but a common upgrade to do on this laptop was to replace the lte card with an m2 sata ssd drive. This allows you to have a second internal storage device that can be much larger and faster than the built in 64 gig flash drive ill leave links in the description of some compatible drives. The second version of the laptop is almost identical to the first version, except in one area and thats, the audio chipset.

This one uses an everest chipset rather than the real tech chipset found in the original. The everest version currently doesnt have driver support in linux. Chances are, this will be added at some point to the kernel, but its hard to say when also people who decided to do a fresh, install of windows are also reporting. No audio, as well with the v2 ill, leave a link in the description for what appears to be the correct driver, but i dont own this version, so i havent tested it myself. Finally, the third version of this laptop lacks a feature that made it really stand out from the rest of them and thats the lte card. It came with. Not only is the lte card missing, but the slot itself was removed as well, meaning you cant install a second ssd anymore. It would have been nice if they simply remove the card instead of removing the whole slot entirely. Since i feel that upgrading the storage was one of the selling points for this laptop, although it is disappointing, i cant say: im really surprised. Companies are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs, and this thing only cost 60 bucks. Now this is a feature that you wouldnt expect to find in a normal price laptop, let alone one in this price range also. I believe the third version uses the same audio chipset as the v2, meaning audio isnt working in linux at this time, but i havent confirmed this yet so if you own this version and have tried linux feel free to chime in with a comment and tell us How it went so, hopefully this video was helpful for you, if youre thinking about picking up this laptop, i still think its an amazing value, despite the changes in the recent revisions at only 60 bucks for a fully functional laptop, its still hard to complain, but anyway, Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this content, please like and subscribe to help the channel grow.

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