You may not know about mr beast be sure to watch the entire video, as you guys will not believe what happened to mr beast and why he covered it up, but at number one we have his girlfriend maddie its no surprise. Jimmy has a girlfriend, but she does not often appear on his channel and actually stays out of the spotlight a majority of the time, and this is pretty reasonable. Mr beast cares for her and doesnt want her to be constantly harassed by people on the street, but recently he did reveal her, and here are some cute clips of them together this on my cheek, my bubbles, Music arent, they adorable and in may maddie tweeted out That the real reason she wants to date, mr beast, is not because of his money, but because he is able to make her laugh to leave her alone and to let her have her own little celebrity crush. Alright, guys, guys guys did you know that? Mr beast is an absolute baller like quite literally, he is amazing at basketball. During the ace family tournament, a bunch of celebrities were invited to play basketball and mr beast was among them even being on a team with the likes of jake. Paul point after point. After point, there was no stopping him and the people of twitter were going crazy over him and simping for him. But lets show off a few of his highlights from the game: Music, Music, Music dang.

He is popping off like there is no Applause Music tomorrow, Music. Okay, we might as well just sign him to the nba. We have a secret that may sound a bit cliche, but its that he loves walking miles and just brainstorming. He called in live to logan pauls show, while he was on one of these walks and explains that he just enjoys roaming around and calling random people for hours on end. This sounds super peaceful, but i am glad that jimmy gets some time to himself. After all, the hustle and bustle of youtube, how far are you walking uh a couple miles dude? So you you called me a while back and told me. We started this walking thing like. Are you doing this every day, yeah its a good way to just brainstorm and hopefully not get stressed out walks walks a couple smiles every single day and you make calls doing it right, yeah exactly. I just call random people. I just go down my contact list. So thats cool cause he landed on me today, thats crazy hes, like ive, been doing this for four months. I finally got to you mike jimmy boy, whats, good brother. All right so were actually just closing out here. If, if you were here, what would you ask karina, um, Music, how have logan and mike been to this podcast? Very nice theyve been amazing actually for todays question of the day. What would you do if mr beast gave you 1 million dollars, leave your answer down in the comments below with the hashtag? Mr beast very few people know, but mr beast wasnt, always the rich mega youtuber that he is today back in 2012, his channel was known as mrbeast6000 and he uploaded minecraft videos thats right minecraft in the video im going to show you.

You can see him going through. The worst saw, trap ever and hitting everything from zombies, villagers and even zombie pigmen its super cringe, but nonetheless hilarious from saul. Before you can advance. You must flip every switch and kill all the monsters that come out. Ooh diamond sword start over here zombies, its easy that i could kill these quick im, not afraid of sauls little traps. Cant hurt me zombie, pigmen. Oh, this may be a challenge back off, get away, not my own friends. No at number 5, we have mr beasts. Taxes on a podcast with h3h3, mr beast, exposes his complicated taxes situation and lets just say its no easy thing, since jimmy gives away so much money. It is super complicated to figure out who pays the tax man, the giver or the receiver. So, at the end of the year, when the tax man comes its a true scuffle, it would suck to be have given a house and then have to pay all the taxes on it, thats, thousands and thousands of dollars. What are your taxes like? Because you give away so much money yeah, i hope that thats all deductible. I do too, if its, not, which that is brutal. If its not im, i might have a go fund me im coming up but well see because this years taxes are coming up and thats. When its gon na i mean like millions youre about to find it yeah im gon na be im bad.

You got it! Yeah, exactly i mean we have it all documented we have receipts and stuff, but its like. The hard part is like when i give my boys 100 grand to spend like. I just brought that up that video up who pays taxes on it right them. They cant pay taxes on it. So then i guess i have to pick it up, but its not. I gave away the money so its like its rough and thats even like. If you go, give like a homeless dude a house, is there tax implications on that? Yeah, im pretty sure well, were gon na find out when this tax season happens and number six. We have a very hidden clip and we had to scour the internet for it. A few years ago, mr beast had a major accident and had to end up getting stitches. This resulted in the scar that he has on his face today, and i have to warn you because this clip does contain some blood, but i will do my best to blur it out for you, okay, that didnt really work so now were just gon na. Do coke versus coke and pray i dont die whoa, oh shoot im bleeding all right note! This up boys dont smash coke bottle against the coke bottle. Oh, i should probably clean my face up all right. Im bleeding now. Oh wow im eating that doesnt. Look good! Okay, im bleeding now. I think i should end the video there uh.

I have been camelo and i hope you have all enjoyed.