They included things like ikea, meatballs are disgusting, and nobody over the age of 10 should be enjoying a magic show. It gave me a few laughs and then it led me to think about my own nintendo, 64 related unpopular opinions. If there’s, one thing that i’ve learned in the time that i’ve had this channel is that people will get enraged, sometimes if you even have a slightly different opinion than what they do so for today’s video it’s time for me to issue that trigger warning as i’m. Going to let you in on a few of my n64 unpopular opinions that are sure to get the comments section in a rage now, if you’re brave enough i’d, also love you to comment down below some of your unpopular opinions that perhaps you’ve had to keep to Yourself for such a long time now and it’s an opportunity for you to finally get out there and as always, if you’re, wanting a full review of any of the titles featured in today’s episode, then head on down to the description box. All the comments and i’ll pin a link for you to check out turok 3 is the best in the main game trilogy on nintendo 64.. We have found a witch. May we burn that statement alone is going to get me crucified but hear me out there’s. No denying that both turok 1 and turok 2 are great games. Turok 1 was a showpiece for the early nintendo 64 and, despite its insane high cost, when it was released, it went on to be a fan favorite as players blasted their way through the game.

As tal set no surprises, then when turok 2 was announced, there was a lot of hype for it. It is rare that games live up to the hype, but in my opinion, turok 2 did just that on its release, the graphics were fantastic, the levels were huge and sprawling, and the weapons were insane and joshua. Fireseed went on to become one of the console’s most iconic characters. So how do you build on the huge, critical and financial success that turok 2 was well, you make a sequel where you killed joshua fireseed in the game’s introduction and then introduced two brand new characters and released it at a time when the n64 was starting to Fizzle out as the next generation was close, i’m still amazed on my review for turok 3 shadow of oblivion. There are so many people who still comment saying they didn’t even know that there was a third entry in the series and those who did play it. They will usually feel like the graphics, the gameplay and the weapons are all worse than two up two and the soundtrack also took a dive. Those people, in my opinion, are wrong. The studio wanted to ensure that the game would run smoothly for all, and so they removed the expansion pack from the development kits and instead only implemented the expansion pack to allow for a high res mode. This ensured that the game’s engine could actually remove a huge amount of the slowdown that torok 2 often had.

In addition to this, the game engine was reworked to add an extra 30 degrees field of view, which makes the game much more playable, and it gives you a better overall view of the areas that you’re in the weapon system is also overhauled. There are eight main weapons for each of the game’s two playable characters, and each weapon can be upgraded with an alternative mode which gives the game a stellar lineup of weapons with the game having two playable characters. They each have their own abilities and branching paths through the game. This meant that, in order to fully complete the game, you’d need to play through the game at least twice, and each time would feel unique, given that certain areas can only be available to specific characters. And finally, perhaps the biggest. Thank you moment over turok 2 was the ability to save the game at any point, if you played turret 2’s mammoth levels which would sometimes take well over an hour to complete, there would be nothing worse than having a cheap death at a crucial moment than having To go back to a checkpoint really far back, despite feeling like a more linear experience. For me, tour up 3 is better than turok2, as it has better level design, more multiplayer options and visual styling, which i feel is superior to its predecessor, top gear rally. Just isn’t that fun to play the thing top gear rally is an early nintendo 64 title, and because of that, when you combine with the fact it was one of the earliest racing games on the console, people have a lot of nostalgia for it.

Now i get that nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but top gear rally just isn’t fun to play the four point suspension system the game introduced is indeed groundbreaking for the time it finally felt, like cars were not stuck to the ground and seeing your car wobble as You went over rough terrain or to corners, it was really impressive to see, but the frame rate in the game gives you absolutely no sense of speed and it feels like you’re driving through a cloud. The grey smear that’s all over the visuals was a style choice, but it gives the graphics a dull and boring appearance, one which hardly changes, no matter which track or weather condition you choose. Yes, the soundtrack is really nice and relaxing and sure it was cool. Being able to do a full custom paint job on your motor, but as an overall package, the game felt more like a tech demo for the game’s engine than an enjoyable racing experience. At the time of the game’s release, the gaming press had a field day. Hyping up top gear rally going up against mrc, which was being released around the same time to decide what the console’s best rally game was going to be not tough is to say. I felt that mrc was more enjoyable to play technically it’s inferior, but games are often meant to be played well for the main reason of being fun, and i just have way more fun with mrc than i ever did with top gear rally and if there’s anyone Watching who still hasn’t had their head exploded yet in pure rage, then this next statement should finish you off top gear rally.

2 is better than top gear rally mission impossible is so bad. It becomes good, not a witch, but you are just as one laughably mission impossible was being hailed before its release as the nintendo 64’s answer to metal gear solid on the playstation. Now let that sink in for a moment, despite the fact there’s, not a single person on the planet, who would argue mission impossible, is in the same league as metal gear solid. I would argue that mission impossible is so bad it’s, actually good. The writing in the game is so poor. It takes away any sense of seriousness at times with some of the most meme worthy texts ever shown on screen. The visuals are a collage of how not to get the nintendo 64 working near its limits and the level designs verge on fantastic, too fantastically bad it’s. Perhaps the game on the console, which shows you how things can be done so right one moment and then completely messed up the next, but for all of its flaws. I can’t help but love playing the game. The game went way over its deadlines, so, on its release, the visuals looked dated and it looked more like an early n64 game than it should have done, but each of the game’s levels does feel pretty unique aside from one or two later levels which see you Return to previous areas as a whole, though you get to see a wide range of environments and everybody’s favorite, often being the embassy function, which i’d easily put on any list of the consoles best individual levels.

I love the range of gadgets in the game and sure twine would later be a better showcase for how to put gadgets in an n64 game, but for its time being able to copy faces of npcs to create disguises was absolutely class. The game did have some stealth elements and combined with some more action, packed sequences. It felt like each mission had its own style to it. I think there’s really something in this game for everyone. The game is a bit of a of all trades and a master of none but that’s, not a bad thing. You get a fairly easy game to play start to finish, had some tough moments, some unintentional comedy and some unique levels like being a sniper in a tube station there’s something here for everyone and sure it got panned by critics. But at the end of the day, it’s all about your own personal experiences, donkey kong 64 is over hyped and not as good as you remember. Applause now hear me out on this one. I absolutely love the donkey kong games on super nintendo and i can pretty much remember the exact moment when i beat all of those games. I spent many long summer nights trying to beat those harder levels. I love the characters and i think they’re, some of the best games on the super nintendo. So when i heard rare were making donkey kong 64, i expected to fall in love with the game, based on my experience of the snazz classics on its release, though i didn’t get anything close to the same level of enjoyment, and i think this is the exact Moment rare began their downfall.

Now i get you from the review. I did of the game a few years ago: there’s an absolute ton of people there who’ve got the special n64 bundle that christmas, where it came with the jungle, green console and game, and it was for many of you, your first nintendo 64 experience, and so you Do hold the game dear to your hearts, but pretty much all other rare platform games on n64 are better than this. The game is too overbloated with collecting having to find barrels to change kong characters and level design which isn’t a patch on the super nintendo entries into the series. For me, this felt, like you, could have easily swapped out the monkey related graphics items and put in any other generic character and release this as a non donkey kong game. There was nothing here for me that made me desperate to keep playing like i did with the 2d games, sure the graphics are lovely, but the music didn’t reach the same highs as games like banjo kazooie and the boss. Battles were nowhere near as epic, as rare showed they could do on other titles they released. In my opinion, this was rare, throwing everything at the wall, hoping that something would stick to try and surpass their previous efforts, but nothing stuck for me. Oh and the dk rap enough said indiana jones and the infernal machine is the console’s best adventure game. Aside from the zeldas, she has got a wart.

What makes you think she is a witch. This one perhaps needs some background, because the game actually scored pretty highly. When reviewed in magazines, when it’s released and so saying, it’s an excellent game, shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. So why hasn’t made this list well years back avgn and mike mate did a live stream episode where they infamously played this game and couldn’t get out of the first small area. I remember watching live as i was excited to see the game get more coverage, but seeing both of them fumble around became really embarrassing. I cringed, as they began, trying to cover up their inability to play the game by trying to slay everything about the game when it was clear to anyone watching that they were the problem. The bigger problem is, however, that ever since that moment, many people just assumed that, because avgn couldn’t get through the game’s basic tutorial introductory level, that this is an overall bad game, it’s anything, but that you have perhaps the best indiana jones game since fate of atlantis And arguably, it sits alongside emperor’s tomb as the best indiana jones game. If you are angry not to have a tomb raider game on the n64, then trust me: this is your fix, there’s, fantastic level, design, a great mix of puzzle and action, sequences, a story which takes you all over the world and some fantastic voice acting. That is some of the best on the n64.

So if anyone says that indiana jones, an infernal machine is a bad game, you clearly know that person doesn’t know their ass from their elbow. So there you have it a few of my unpopular nintendo, 64 opinions and if you’re still here without anxiety, sweats or chest palpitations from being so angry, then congratulations. We must share quite a few things in common and i look forward to reading all of your unpopular nintendo 64 opinions down in the comments section and until next time she turned me into a newt.