This is angelia from chewy, it will be the first review for our product and we will make more reviews for our tablets mini pieces and laptops in the future. So if you want to know more information about chewy product, please subscribe to our channel and the leaves come down below to. Let me know what kind of video you want to watch in next time. Okay, let’s get started with the first review of high 10 xr. If you are the loyal fans of chewy, you may know that high temp series is one of most popular products of chewy since 2014 and we have sold out more than 300 thousand pieces in the past six years and we got a lot of positive feedbacks from Our customers, xr, is an updated venture for high 10x in 2020 and we updated the processor from intel gmail lake 4100 to 4120, and we get big battery with three thousand and five hundred million ampere, and the most important thing is that it comes with 14 lighting. Six press level stylus, which is a big update, and i will show you guys later high tech xr – is a windows tablet that comes with a 10.14 hd ips display, which can give you a clear and elaborate visual experience. Thanks to the for laminated technology, the aspect ratio is 16 by 10. I think it’s great for both entertainment and office. The whole body is made up of full metal only with grams and 8.

8 millimeters thin, which makes it easy to carry around it’s detachable. You can use it for both tablet and the laptop mode. Let’S take a look at the port. We had a headphone port, a micro, sd port for connected, monitor and two type c ports. One is 2.0 for charging and transmission. One is three point, or only for transforming data, please be sure, to check out the icon right here. It also has a tf current slot, which can be expanded up to 128 gigabytes. So you can get 256 gigabytes wrong in total, which is enough for storing your files and there’s one more usb 2 port over here for connecting keyboard or mouse. High 10x are powered by intel g mini leg, n4120 processor featured four cores four threads and boost up to 2.6 gigahertz, which means you will get super fast speed when processing multiple work, taskers with nitrogen, usg, graphics, 600, gpu and advanced ulv technology. You can get more vivid, colors with handy picture files and enjoy coffee time, better, plus it’s, packed with 6 gigabytes, lpddr4 ram and 128 gigabytes in rom. So, if you’re, looking for a tablet with outstanding performers, is a good choice, no matter for watching videos or hand office documents, it will bring you a smooth experience. The most important feature for this tablet is this high pen, h6 it’s equipped with 1496 pressure points, which is better than the previous vision, and it delivers more sensitive and precise performers it’s great for drawing or make notes, so just make your ideas hyphen and last.

It has a 26.6 whdi battery inside that supports, then up to 216 hours and video plan for 8 hours. That’S cool, alright, ok, that’s, all for today’s review. If you wanted to know more information about high 10 xr, please click link down below in the description. If you have an idea, please let me know in the comments.