. This coming March will be six years since the Nintendo switch was released. Now youve seen the title of this video Im sure you probably think this whole video is just going to be bashing on the Nintendo switch and thats kind of true that this is kind of one of those videos. But I I have to say before we get into any of that stuff. I love the Nintendo switch Ive gone through many of them right now. Im using the OLED Ive got a ton of different Joy cons. Ive had the light Ive had a few of the regs on a few lights. I love the switch. I like everything about it, but there are a lot of things that at the beginning, we had hopes for things that we wanted things that Nintendo could have done and have done in the past that we just didnt see in the switch so Im gon na tell You five things that Ive found about the Nintendo switch that are at this point, basically useless, whats up guys, welcome back or welcome in for the first time, if youre new here. Do me a favor jump down in the description of this video click. The link over to our podcast Channel check out the merch check any of those links out. You want theres, a ton of them down there. Youll find something like I promise, but lets lets go ahead and get started here. The first thing I want to talk about, let me find one here here we go the first thing I want to talk about its in the right joy, con Im talking about the IR sensor or the IR camera, whatever you want to call it.

This little thing down here this this little black, clear screen. Some of you might not even know what thats for or why its there its an IR motion sensor. So this thing can detect things moving its a camera, its an infrared camera. It can detect how close things are, how far away they are shapes of things, movement, theres, a lot of stuff that can happen with this thing here and Nintendo uses it for uh um. One gate two games that I know of maybe more two games that I know of one is one two switch theres, a game where you eat and you have to put it up to your mouth like youre eating so theres that which is just a wonderful use Of an IR camera and then the other is for ring fit Adventure. When you put your thumb over it, it actually will read your pulse, which thats nice. That is a cool thing I I do use ring fit and I use that and its it works pretty. Well, but there are so many different things that the IR sensor could be used for, and I want to go back to one thing that I saw. I was doing some research about some old Nintendo stuff and I found something that Nintendo themselves. They made this product for the 3DS. It was made by Nintendo its called the circle pad Pro. It was a basically a big case that you put your 3DS in and it added another stick on the side.

It had other buttons and it was all run through the IR sensor on the bottom, so that just shows you what an IR sensor could do, and it just shows you you know. Nintendo has used an IRS answer for things like that. Now. What could you use that for on the switch? There are a few things that I thought of actually one that came to mind when I started thinking of applications that we could put the IR sensor to use with on the switch. They did find a better way around it, I will admit, but before we knew Skyward Sword was coming to the switch. I actually made a video about how they could make it work with the IR sensor back here with a little just an add on to kind of move some of the uh some of the stuff up to the top, maybe add some buttons. You could do a lot of stuff with it its clear with the circle pad Pro that that is, is possible and Nintendo. They whiffed on that one, its used for absolutely enough not to pile on, but we have to discuss this one, because this is this. Is one of the biggest problems with the switch its the joy cons in general? Now? The first thing I want to talk about, I guess its. The problem everybody has is drift. I have not experienced a ton of it. It is a huge problem, though. Its a massive problem, almost six years later, were still using the same exact sticks.

They havent really tried to fix it at all. It looks like theyve done a few things with newer style. Joy cons theres a little pad on the back to try to help alleviate some of the problem, but its still there, its still persistent theres a class action lawsuit going on because of it theres lots of issues with these sticks. Now there is a fix, coming Im going to tell you guys about that in a second, but the other thing that I think Nintendo really dropped. The ball on with these is variations of joy cons. Now, when were starting to get different colors, you know weve got weve got these. I love these. I just did a video on all the different joy cons. I ranked them all Ill link that at the end, if you want to check that out, but they dont have any other styles of joy cons. Besides just this shape, you know. Whenever the switch was first announced, we saw people making all kinds of mock ups of different style controllers that they could put on the side of this thing. You know with it being a modular system being able to take the controllers off. It gives you the option to be able to put completely different ones on and now weve seen a lot of that weve seen things like this weve seen the split pad Pro the split pad compact binbok made some. There are other options out there, but nothing by Nintendo, which I find very weird, very, very weird, especially with Smash and how everyone loves.

Everyone loves to use the GameCube controller for smash. That was one of the big ones that we saw a lot of GameCube a GameCube controller, basically split in half and put on the side of the switch. Now there was a guy who made one, I cant remember his name. He made his own, and actually I did want to talk about that. I I think, Im allowed to talk about this now theyve been putting stuff up on Twitter, so Im sure I am but binbok is working on a set of GameCube joy cons, its literally a GameCube controller cut in half theyre working on them right now. I should be getting one soon to check out. I will be making a video on that, so, if youre not subscribed, make sure you get subscribed for that thats gon na be very cool, but again its not Nintendo doing it and another thing thats coming here. I think at the end of the month, joy con sticks that Dont Drift. Now you guys know weve done videos on controllers that have the hall effect sensors in them. They use magnets instead of actual friction for the inputs. The people who make Gully kit controllers and 8 bit do controllers. Those are the controllers weve seen those in so far still waiting on my 8 bit do ultimate controller video coming on that too, but they have made sticks for the joy cons. You can replace the joy con sticks with these.

They have hall effect sensors, so its going to fix the drift for those too. I cant wait till those get here, obviously well be talking about those two but again problems. We have from Nintendo not fixed by Nintendo, fixed by somebody else, so again drop the ball. I really do hate to call Nintendo on all this stuff, but, like I said, I love the switch, but we got ta. We got ta call some of this stuff out now getting away from the hardware side of the switch. I want to go to the software. You probably already know where Im going with this theres two two big problems, the first one I want to talk about is the eShop. I just want to go back to to uh those of you who know what the eShop was with the Wii. U, what the eShop was on the 3DS. It was pretty easy to navigate. There were all kinds of different things you could find. You could find. You know. Zelda games, Mario games, Kirby games. It was a section for all these things. There was a a section for all kinds of stuff. It was just so much easier to navigate. It ran just fine, no issues, it had background music, which was also nice, not not a necessity, but it was nice. The switch Esha barely runs. It is laggy its hard to navigate. The main page is just cluttered with terrible games and as soon as a new one goes up, it just takes the place of the old one and they just keep ticking down the line now early in the switchs life.

This wasnt a huge deal because there werent that many games, but now there are literally thousands and thousands of games on the eShop so trying to find ones that you want or ones you may like its impossible. Not only are there not any recommendations, theres no type of rating system theres, nothing and it lags so bad trying to even navigate through the eShop is a nightmare, its so hard to do, and I think honestly, its got worse as weve gone along. I dont know how it gets worse. It has gotten better thats for sure, but the next thing I think Nintendo is really really gone wrong with the switch here is the fact that we dont have have any apps on this switch. If you look at something like the Xbox or the PlayStation or literally anything else, probably the TV in your living room has more apps than the Nintendo switch As far as streaming as far as entertainment, the Xbox has all these things. The PlayStation has all these things Disney plus Netflix. I mean the list goes. It goes on name your favorite streaming app. I guarantee its not its, not Hulu. I guarantee you that its probably not Hulu, but the switch does have that one for some reason, thats. What I find so crazy about it, you can get ESPN Plus Hulu and Disney, plus all packaged together from Disney. Yet only Hulu is on the switch. It doesnt make sense to me its very weird.

They did give us. They did give us Hulu. You know thats great, we do have YouTube so thats. Okay, the experience on the switch with YouTube isnt that great and we do have twitch, which is just its its awful I dont know if any of you have downloaded twitch on your your Nintendo switch systems and used it, but its not a good experience, not not At all now I dont remember exactly when they said this, but I do know that a while back there was some talk, maybe at an investors meeting or something like that about Nintendo saying that they wanted to they wanted to push the games. They didnt want to push it and make it look like it was just another tablet. They wanted it to be focused on games, which is fine. I think weve established that at this point, I think we really need to start seeing them put more of this stuff. On there, yes, it is a gaming system, but I mean you can download this stuff on the steam deck. I would imagine I dont have one but Im pretty sure you could probably get it on the steam deck. It would be nice to have it on the switch I wouldnt use it on the switch, if were being honest, the switch doesnt output in 4k. The switch screen itself is only 720p, so Im – probably not going to be watching content like that, but I know a lot of people who use their switch for that type of stuff.

Kids use their switch for YouTube a lot. It would be nice if they could also use it for Disney plus it would be nice if they could also use it for Netflix or whatever Nintendos dropped the ball yet again on that one, and while were on that that subject of of things, the switch doesnt Have themes still no themes, we have, we have black and white and we have really no option for anything. The user interface for the switch is as Bare Bones as it was when we started with the switch. There have been absolutely no changes. Well, theres been one change, one change and its something that we asked for. We really wanted and it was folders and the system for the folders, its just its awful. You cant move the folders to the front screen. You have to go all the way to the end. You know of your little list got ta, go all the way to the end press the little button at the end, and then you can press a button to go to your folders, which kind of defeats the ease of the folders. So you can have them right. There you have to go into a menu to go into a menu of the folders, really defeats the purpose so whats. The point, the user interface of the switch is another thing that they talked about. I believe it was in an investors meeting saying that they needed to keep it streamlined and simple, so everything ran ran, smooth ran good, but I mean we had all this stuff on a 3DS with way less power and everything was fine.

You could get all kinds of different stuff from the 3DS. You could buy themes in the eShop, you could literally buy them, Nintendo sold them to us and now theyre telling us they dont want to make money, because the The Fragile switch cant handle a picture in the background, while youre, while youre searching through your one row Of games makes a lot of sense, but thats all five guys. Let me know down in the comments, if theres anything else, about the switch that you think is just absolutely useless a lot of these. I would have liked to have seen them upgrade fix move forward with, but we havent – maybe maybe with the switch too. We will Im sorry for being so negative in this one guys, but hey got ta call Nintendo out when they need called out again. If you want to theres links to all kinds of stuff down in the description, but that is gon na, do it for this one guys as always. Thank you so much for watching this video, please leave a like make.