I O its nice to be able to finally talk about this new device without having to use words like rumor or leak. Whats, even better than the official reveal, is the fact that at least a handful of YouTubers not us got the chance to actually get their hands on the device in New York City, and that means we have some real reactions to this premium phone already. Now these arent in depth reviews, but I watched most of them and theres enough info out there now for me to know that when it comes to the pixel fold, Im already sold so lets talk about five reasons. Why Music? Now before we get into? Why Im all in on the pixel fold, we should probably cover the specs at kind of a high level, theyre exactly whats been leaked for weeks at this point, but were going to throw them up on screen for you to pause and look at those. If you like, now this isnt a Hands On video, its, not an unboxing or a review, so if youre looking for something closer to that Id recommend checking out some of the other creators who actually got to hold the device in their hands for a little bit. Mr mobile MKBHD, Mr whos, the boss, all come to mind, is pretty informative videos that Ive watched and right after this one, you should probably go check them out all right. So the first reason I am sold on the pixel fold is the fact that Im already sold on foldables look.

I dont need a Hands On with the pixel fold to know that Im into these kind of devices well one type of folding phone anyway. I dont really care much for, like the flip style phones. I think those are attractive for a few reasons to certain people, but theyre. Just not my thing. I like folding phones that are basically a small tablet that condenses down to a standard smartphone that I can put in my pocket that I really love and Ive tried a few of them out too. Ive had two versions of Samsungs Galaxy Z fold and, for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed having a tablet in my pocket. I mean I loved it for gaming for reading for web browsing and, basically anything you can think of, I loved having a tablet size device at the ready in my pocket available whenever I wanted it, but I hated the outer screen like I hated it. A lot and Ive said this many times in the past, but if youre interested in folding phones, you need to understand, you will absolutely use the outer screen all the time. There are simply too many little interactions throughout the day that are just easier to do. On a smaller screen and for me, the z folds outer screen was too thin to be enjoyable for any period of use, and ultimately it was the reason that I had to move away from the z fold, 3 and Ive not been tempted by Galaxys foldables since And that brings me to my second reason: Im sold on this phone.

Google has corrected the z folds outer screen shortcomings in a superb way right now, Im using the pixel 7A and its smaller 6.1 inch screen, and though some tasks I enjoy far more on larger phones, the 7A smaller size does make it easier for one hand, use It feels easier to get in and out of my pocket and simple stuff and quick stuff feels just easier thanks to this form factor its similar in size to what well have on the pixel fold. Now the pixel faults outer screen will come with a 17.4 by 9 aspect ratio and its going to feel really natural to use when its in a closed state. So for reference most phones. These days are 19 by 9 or 20 by nine meaning, theyre, thinner and taller than the 16×9 aspect ratio. We tend to see on like TVs or older smartphones. Now this makes them easier to hold, but you lose screen real estate. The thinner you make that screen with the pixel fold the outer screen pushes back towards those glorious 16 by nine days. Making the 5.8 inch screen size likely feel a lot larger than what you would experience on an equally 5.8 inch sized 20×9 screen. If you do the math thats about a 10 bump in the actual square inch area of the screen, so it does make a difference which brings me to my third reason: Im sold on this device, the build quality and the thinness.

It seems. Google really thought all of this through, as the outer screen size I just talked about, goes hand in hand with the thinness of this build with a 5.8 millimeter thickness on each of the individual panels. The fold comes together as one of the thinnest folding phones ever made and that design choice and outer screen size should make for a folded phone. That feels a lot more like a normal Smartphone when its closed, instead of a tablet, thats been like crunched in half again Ive not handled one, but the look in multiple peoples hands tells me that the fold is going to be a pleasure to use, even when That big screen is not in play, and that brings me to the fourth reason Im sold on the fold. The hinges when the big screen is called upon for the pixel fold, Im really excited to see how Google has implemented these hinges with all the leaks. I have continually referenced the Microsoft Surface Duo when talking about the folds overall look and size. Each side panel has the thinness. It simply feels reminiscent of that device and, as Michael Fisher pointed out in his video that hinge design does too with the pixel folds unique hinge. You get the same full range of motion that the surface Duo has. I mean its only 180 degrees for obvious reasons, but it means you can place it in any orientation that you want its just going to stay that way.

This is great for video consumption astrophotography or taking selfies when you dont have a tripod or a stand around and for a folding phone, the size, the weight and the hinges are massively important and it looks like Google has nailed all of this on their first attempt And number five: I am sold on seeing an uncompromised pixel experience on a folding phone. It means all the stuff you love about. Pixel phones like now playing photo and blur or call screening the recorder app thats, wildly good at transcription. You get it its all here and for many of us its a known fact that on the software side of things Googles, pixel phones just do Android better, and now we finally get to try out a folding device. That seems to get most of this Hardware stuff right paired up with the software that Android purists really want, and with Google using this and the pixel tablet as ways to entice developers to build better apps for bigger screens. They look to be thinking through all the ways that the OS can be better for larger displays. So far, Ive only seen glimpses of the multitasking multi window adaptations, the pixel folder will be capable of and they all look great. The animations look fluid the on request. Taskbar that you can just pop up as well implemented and simple things like drag and drop between apps will be a huge help when trying to get a little bit productive.

When youre away from the desk and as I said at the opening, I was already sold on the idea of a folding phone, I didnt need to be sold on that and with the course Corrections Google has made with the pixel fold. When you compare it to something like the Galaxy Z fold, Im just all in at this point and if youve been interested in folding phones and not willing to jump over to a Samsung, this could be the case for you too its expensive. I know but folding glass, complex hinge and years of design and development cost money and if youre like me and youve, been waiting for a very long time for a device just like this one to come along its about to be a really fun summer, but guys Thats it for this one, if you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up head down there, hit that subscribe button and be sure to ring the notification icon as well.