com and windows. 11 is finally here. Officially now we already took a good look at the new windows: 11 ui, the new start menu, the rounded corners, the new animations, the widgets, etc. From the leaked windows, 11 build and now microsoft has even showcased the new settings app which, as you can see, looks a lot cleaner with a new theme section and other options, there’s also the new action center, which looks cool and there’s, also the new notification center. But you know what, apart from this new revamped ui, that windows 11 brings. The new features are also super interesting. So in this video we’re going to take a look at the five key features and changes that windows 11 brings so yeah let’s get started Music. First up is the brand new microsoft store we knew it was coming. It was long due and it’s. Finally, here, as you can see, it has a new layout and ui. That goes with the whole new modern windows, 11 design, and i think it looks way better than the cluttered store that is currently it’s also said to be faster and more responsive, now, that’s something i’ll have to check and yeah. The search is said to be better too, but what’s. Really. The big deal is that this new microsoft store will allow all types of apps be the modern universal apps web apps and, very importantly, win32 traditional apps, like the adobe apps or a browser like chrome.

In fact, microsoft showed the adobe creative cloud listed on the windows store, so yeah, hopefully more apps are coming now. This also makes sense because developers can choose to use microsoft’s payment systems or their own, and they don’t have to give any cuts to microsoft. That is awesome, and this will definitely mean that we’ll finally have a usable microsoft store yeah, he is hoping now. Another thing i noticed is that the microsoft stores, entertainment tab will now list movies and shows from different platforms, so it can actually be a great one place solution. Yeah, i can’t wait to check this out. Music windows 11 is also taking away. One big advantage. Chrome os has had and has the support for android apps. First of all, android apps will be available from the microsoft store, which is huge, as you can see, microsoft store is actually using the amazon app store. So that you can install android apps on windows 11, either ways i’m excited about this. As for how android apps work on windows 11? Well, microsoft is using the intel bridge tech to make sure these apps are smooth and nice. Now, as you can see, here’s tick, tock running on windows 11 and like any on the windows app, it can be snapped. Just like this now that’s. Overall, in windows 11, you will be able to pin android apps for taskbar start menu, basically you’ll be able to use them as your regular app on your pc, yeah that’s, pretty great Music.

So i already showed you guys the new snap feature in windows 11. In a previous video and it’s, actually very cool, but there’s more to it i mean yeah. There are different snap layouts, depending on different screen sizes and resolutions and that’s very good, but what’s actually great is that windows will remember these layouts. Even when you switch to a different app, also you’ll see these snap groups in the taskbar, which will let you open your layouts quickly now what’s also cool is windows. Now also remembers when you have a snap layout in a different monitor screen. So when you connect to the other screen, windows 11 automatically opens up the snap layout you are using on that screen apart from snap desktops in windows, 11 are way better too. First of all, you can now personalize them with different apps and different wallpapers. To give all of them a very unique look, for example, here’s a desktop for home for school, for work and even for game. Now. This is awesome, and i can personally see myself using this feature. Microsoft teams is now integrated into windows. 11 yep r.i.p skype. As you can see, there is now a teams icon in the taskbar, and you can just click that to open up this chat list, yeah it’s very simple: now you can click on a contact and make a call or even accept a call easily. You can even use this to text people on the go now.

Teams is available on our platform, so this is great, but i know a lot of people use, zoom, google, me etc. So yeah it’ll be interesting to see if people switch to teams more because of this integration in windows live Music Applause. Windows 11 is also a big update for gamers i mean microsoft is bringing its xbox series x and s features to pc. First of all, there’s the new feature called auto hdr, which will automatically update games with better lighting and more vibrant, colors, well here’s. What i’m talking about here’s skyrim running in sdr and in auto hdr side by side? And you can see the difference in colors right now. This will work in not only skyrim, but a lot of other games. Games like age of empires, rocket league doom 64 and a lot more now. Auto hdr will probably be supported in devices that has hdr support or, if you have a monitor that has hdr support, but yeah either ways. This is a cool feature. Another cool feature is direct storage, which is basically games. Loading assets on the gpu, which means game. Launching speed and loading times are a lot faster. Lastly, the xbox app is also deeply integrated in windows. 11 and pcs will also support the xbox cloud gaming service, so you’ll be able to stream games directly from the pc, which is awesome. Apart from all these cool features, these are the windows 11 requirements, as you can see, 4gb ram is required and so is 64gb chipset.

You can also download the new pc health checkup app that lets. You know if the device will support the windows 11 update. Well, if you ask me overall, i like the changes and features that windows 11 brings. I mean i like the new revamped ui. It looks modern and i really like the new features, especially the snap and desktop feature which you know seems really useful, but i don’t know your favorite windows. 11 features so comment down below. Also give this video like make sure to share it and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech. Videos.