I want to share five super cool tips and tricks in relation to customizing, your home screen and some related app drawer tactics that i think you will love to learn so let’s dive right in alright. So the very first thing you want to talk about has to do with the rearranging icons on the home screen and how to streamline that now, when you look at other android phones or the iphone it’s very hard to adjust applications on the home screen, for example, If i want to move an application from one screen to the other, i have to grab that one application and i have to move around, and i have to do that if i have 50 applications. I have to do that one by one for every single application, which is quite time consuming now with samsung one ui. This is actually very easy to do, because, when you press and hold on a single application, what you can do is you can tap on the select button now, once you tap on the select button, you can actually select as many apps as you want, and you Can do some batch processes on them at the same time, for example, i can take all these applications. I can just tap on create a folder and that’s going to create a folder. I can remove all these applications from the home screen all at once. Instead of doing it one by one or i can uninstall them all at the same time now, let me show you what i’m talking about real, quick, so i’m gon na go into my app drawer and what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na.

Do the same thing: here: i’m gon na press and hold i’m gon na tap on select i’m gon na select five applications. Okay, so look at that now. I have five applications. I can press and hold they get bundled in under my finger and then i can drag it to the home screen. Let me just move it over here and dump it to the top. So within seconds i was able to take five applications and just dump them from the app drawer to the home screen a quick word from our sponsor pdf element pro by wondershare. This is the easiest all in one tool to fill edit and annotate documents on your ipad iphone or ipod. Alright, so let me show you some of the powerful features of the pdf element pro, so let me just bring up the application. Okay. I’M, going to open up a document, so, as you can see, i can easily highlight underline or strike through any part of the document by using the powerful built in tools in pdf element pro tap on strikethrough and that has been stricken through. I have a side panel here i can access all the pages. I can go through the pages like this. If i want to – and i can access, bookmarks comments or search within the actual pdf document, no problem and of course the pdf element pro fully supports the apple pencil. If i tap on this button right here, i can go right over here pick the color that i want to use, and i can start writing on the document.

As you can see. Additionally, what i can do is i can use sticky notes to take notes on the actual document. So if i tap on the sticky note section here again, i can choose the color that i want and then anywhere i want to take a note. I can just tap and it’s going to allow me to create a sticky note and that’s going to just stick to that area right there. When you want to access you just tap on it and you can see the notes right away and of course, if the document can also be filled out, as you can see, i can fill the document no problem and, of course, if i tap over here, i Do have a bunch of settings for my pdf document i can print from here. I can save a copy email. The document upload. The document share the document, whatever that you need to do so. The links to the pdf element pro are going to be down below it, works on the ipad, iphone or the ipod touch and, of course, pc and mac and dump it to the top. So within seconds i was able to take five applications and just dump them from the app drawer to the home screen, and on top of that again, if i press and hold tap on, select and select all five of these guys, what i can do is, i Can tap on create a folder okay and that puts them all in a folder.

I can give it a name let’s just say x, for now and look at what i have. I have a folder that was created instantly with all the apps i want inside it now. The good news is these tricks work on the home screen and also they work in the app drawer. So if i were to press and hold and select one two, three four five, i can do the same, create folder situation right here now i have a folder in my app drawer with those five applications selected and of course i can do this for any application. Now let’s go back to the home screen. Let me just grab the settings. Application put it back over here, okay, so let’s go back over here, so let’s say i want to remove these applications from the folder all at once. Again, press and hold tap on select grab what you need, okay and then you can grab all these guys put it outside and just dump it right here. The folder itself disappears and the apps are now free. One more thing: that’s very important. If you want to remove a bunch of applications that you don’t want on the home screen again with other phones, it takes forever with samsung phones with the one ui you just select. What you want you tap on, remove and boom they’re gone now, they’re just removed, and you can also uninstall them if you so desire. In fact, if i press and hold over here and tap on select – and if i tap on uninstall it’s going to ask me to uninstall each application i’m just going to cancel, you can see what’s happening, okay, so those four applications i chose not to uninstall.

But i could have one by one now, one more feature that i truly love is: if you pinch the screen and if you tap on the settings uh, we take a lot of time to create our home screens. So sometimes accidentally, you press a button. You move stuff around and just mess up your home screen, so what you can do you can pinch the screen tap on settings and you can see lock the home screen layout. Okay. So when you enable this, when you go outside now, if i press and hold, i don’t have the option to select anything okay. I cannot take this and move it anywhere, it’s locked in place, which i think is actually great for some people. I myself have messed up my home screen several times in the past all right, so the next thing i want to talk about has to do with this little number here. On top of the message, it says: 51 it’s a red dot. As you can see now i can actually customize the way that looks so again. You pinch the screen. You go into the settings all right and then over here we have something known as the app icon badges. Now, when you disable this that stuff just disappears. You don’t see how many messages you have. You don’t see a notification icon on the top, so you don’t know what’s going on with the applications. But again i like to enable these so let’s just enable that.

But when you tap on it you do have two options: you have the dot or the number option for the batch style so with the batch style at number. You will see the actual number of notifications for that particular app. But when i go inside, which actually is my preference, i like to go with this cleaner? Look, the dot look now when i go outside it’s, simply going to be a tiny little dot, telling me that there’s a notification in that application. If i tap here same thing with the gmail tiny dot on the top right showing me, i have a notification. And finally, if i go inside here, okay go to the settings tap on this again. You can also enable this notifications on app icons. So if i tap on this one, if i were to go in here and press and hold it actually shows me the actual notification, as you can see, it doesn’t show me everything, because sometimes you don’t have enough room, but it does show me the last three Messages are from sake, number two, okay, and if i were to go to my gmail application here, press and hold again, it shows you here what that email is from so that’s just the upper part. This is the notification area right there, okay, another thing to be aware of all right, so that brings us to the end of this video. If you have any questions, comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know for now guys have a fantastic day.