The fifth product on our list is the microsoft surface go 2.. This is our best budget windows tablet. If youre looking for an inexpensive windows tablet, the microsoft surface go to is a more than capable budget tablet with plenty to offer at an affordable price retailing. At around 400, the surface go to has a nice big 10 and a half inch screen thin bezels, fast cpu and even comes future proofed with wi fi six, its ideal for the whole family, including students and professionals that now study or work from home, add on The optional keyboard, which you can get for around 100 and youve, got an affordable tablet, giving you laptop like conveniences, while still being extremely portable, especially weighing only 1.2 pounds. It also supports the surface pen and surface mobile mouse, giving you added conveniences in productivity. If you want to add the versatility of a two in one stay tuned for the microsoft surface, pro 7 coming up next, with a nice performance bump, you get full hd front and rear facing cameras, so you can make crisp clear calls to friends and family take And share great photos and its good for online classes or zoom conference calls the 1920 by 2080 hi res touchscreen pixelsense display, is responsive and is great for browsing email using office or general productivity, apps and streaming your favorite content. It comes with a pentium gold, processor and intel hd, graphics, 615 and 4 gigabytes of ram and 16 gigabytes of emmc storage, or you can upgrade to 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes for storage, theres.

Also, a micro sd card slot, usb c port and a headphone jack youll get about 10 hours of mixed use, so it should easily get you through your workday. If youre looking for a budget windows tablet for school work or for casual family use, the microsoft surface go 2 is a great option with a large 10 and a half inch screen and delivers, capable performance and support for various microsoft surface accessories to further boost your Productivity and user experience at an affordable price, the fourth product on our list is the microsoft surface pro 7.. This is our best windows tablet for the money. The surface pro 7 is an ultra light and versatile two in one tablet that adapts to the ways you work at the office at home or during your commute. The surface pro 7 delivers more power than ever with a laptop class intel, i3 processor and all day battery, and is one of the best windows tablets for the money priced at 640 dollars. The surface pro 7 is impressively slender, considering all the hardware packed inside your selection of ports is still limited, but you do get some new c usb action and a full size, usb port for hooking up peripherals and, as usual, you get a microsd memory card slot. Tucked away to expand the 128 gigs to one terabyte of storage, to make the experience complete, you should consider getting the optional service type cover keyboard that serves a dual purpose.

It protects your display when its stowed and when in use turns the surface pro 7 into a laptop when set up with the keyboard. You can use the kickstand to prop up the display its perfectly engineered, so you can open it to almost any angle and it has just the right level of stiffness to effortlessly support the display. While you type away the surface pro 7 comes packing. An intel i3 processor, but can be upgraded to either an i5 or i7 if youve got room in your budget and backed by 4 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Battery life will give you about 6 hours of mixed use from a full charge. If youre, looking for the versatility of a 2 in 1 on a windows tablet the microsoft surface, pro 7 lets you work in laptop tablet or portable studio mode and, like the surface go 2, it supports the surface pen and even the surface arc mouse and the Service type cover making it the best windows tablet for the money. The third product on our list is the microsoft surface pro x. This is our best overall windows tablet. The microsoft surface pro x is a beautiful two in one laptop thats, highly portable and lets you type touch, draw, write, work and play more, naturally, its priced at around 830 dollars and is one of the best windows tablets available. The surface pro x stands out for its looks on the outside and the power thats packed inside the processor isnt, a regular intel or amd cpu, its an arm chip or, more specifically, a microsoft sq1 chip, which is similar to what you might find in your smartphone And tends to be a bit more efficient and often offer a better battery life than traditional laptop processors.

The high resolution 13 inch screen is bright and colorful with a 3×2 aspect ratio. The extra height compared to most laptops or tablets makes it feel less constrained for working in browsing and, like the surface pro 7 theres, an optional keyboard you can purchase that gives the pro x the conveniences of a laptop. If you want an actual two in one laptop with a detachable display to use as a standalone tablet, then stick around for the versatile microsoft surface book 3 coming up next. Another impressive feature of the pro x is the cameras theres a front facing 5 megapixel camera that can shoot 1080p at 30 frames per second video and on the back side, a 10 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 4k video, which is not something you find Very often battery life is an area where the pro x excels and youre likely to get around 9 hours, which is great and will see you through an entire workday audio is also punchier than you might expect, and is particularly noticeable at higher volumes. But if you want to use headphones, theres, no three and a half millimeter jack, so youll have to go with bluetooth headphones or go through the usb c port. If youre, looking for one of the best windows tablets around the microsoft surface, pro x comes with beautiful, visuals, great sound battery life, a rear camera that can shoot 4k video and is packed with powerful performance all in one great package.

The second product on our list is the microsoft surface book 3.. This is our best detachable windows tablet. Rather than adding a keyboard to be more versatile. Like the surface pro x, the microsoft surface, book 3 is a two in one laptop with a detachable screen. Giving you maximum productivity as a laptop with the conveniences of a tablet. The versatility doesnt come cheap, though, and the surface book 3 rings in at around 1700. It has a 13 and a half inch display with a 3000 by 2000 resolution, and the connectivity options are pretty decent. You get two full sized usb ports and a usb type c, so connecting up your devices should be trouble free. There are also two microsoft connect power, ports, one for the base and one for the screen when used as a tablet. Unfortunately, you dont get an hdmi or display port, which would have been nice, but you do get an sd card slot for expanding your storage or quickly swapping out media files. The chiclet keyboard is comfortable, even though the spacing is a bit narrow, its easy to get used to and theres a good amount of travel on the keys plus the triple stage. Backlighting is in place to suit any lighting condition youre working in theres also full windows. Hello support as well, which means you can log into the surface book 3, using just the webcam, eliminating the need for passwords or pins. The surface book 3 is also one of the most powerful laptops that microsoft has ever made packing in an intel.

I7 chipset backed up by 16 gigabytes of ram and while you only get integrated graphics on some laptops, the surface book 3 has a dedicated nvidia, gtx, geforce, gpu and 256 gigabytes of internal storage. The microsoft surface book 3 is a great choice for professionals that need a powerful windows tablet to run enterprise software or creatives that want the versatility of a two in one laptop, with the added benefit of having a removable display to use as a standalone tablet. The first product on our list is the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold. This is our best splurge windows tablet. If youre looking for a unique windows tablet experience the lenovo, thinkpad x1 fold comes with a large folding display, and maybe one of the coolest tablets youve ever used. Making it ideal for early adopters looking for the latest and greatest at around 2500, its definitely not for everyone, but if youre looking for a splurge option, then the thinkpad x1 fold is going to turn some heads when you use it. The design is quite revolutionary. Considering companies are still grappling with the foldable phone, its sleek stylish and the built in leather cover, with an integrated kickstand just rounds off the fantastic build quality while most tablet displays are 12 inches or less youre. Getting a 13.3 inch display to easily consume feature rich websites, edit spreadsheets, and view content plus with the fold design. You can use it like a mini clamshell laptop. The bottom half can display a virtual touch keyboard, while the top part displays your content.

You can even get the optional wireless keyboard companion that features inductive charging and delivers a laptop experience like no other using the built in kickstand. It sets up like a 13.3 inch easel with the keyboard detached on your desk. It can then fold up into the footprint of a hardcover novel when you need to stow it away. System configurations have some variants, but most have a beautiful 13 inch, 1536 by 2048 2k oled display with 300 nits of brightness an intel i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of ram, a 256 512 or 1tb ssd integrated intel, uhd, graphics, infrared and 5 megapixel hd cameras and wi Fi 6 and bluetooth 5.1. When you compare the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold to the top windows tablets that are available, it doesnt offer the same level of performance or battery life, but theres, no denying the ultimate cool factor which is generally hard to put a price on. But in this case, itll cost you about 2 500 for the splurge thanks for watching and thats all for this video. If this video helped you out in any way, please give the video a like and hit that subscribe. Button.