Through extensive research and testing. I have put together a list of options that will meet the needs of different types of buyers, so, whether it’s price performance or its particular use. We got you covered for more information of the product. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices, like the video comment and don’t forget to subscribe at number one. We have valve index cameras. The valve index. Hmd includes stereo global shutter rgb cameras made for computer vision, enabling applications like high quality, stereo passthrough. We are excited to see what the computer vision community creates. Tech specs displays dual 1440 x, 1600 lcds full rgb per pixel, ultra low persistence, global backlight, illumination frame rate 80, 90, 120, 144, hertz optics double element, canted lens design, field of view, optimized eye relief adjustment allows a typical user experience, 20 more than the htc vive Low latency finger tracking fosters deeper immersion and a wide range of gestures and expressions every hand is different, so the controller constantly recalibrates itself to match your hand, size and changing skin capacitance. Laser tracking valve index based stations further improve the industry leading steam, vr tracking technology, fixed lasers, sweep 100 times a second to track photonic sensors on the headset and controllers. This ensures the highest resolution experiences across all postures and actions without fear of occlusion natural interactions. High fidelity hand, presence and long term comfort, steam and steam vr steam is always hardware agnostic.

Any vr title you purchase on steam is playable on all steam. Vr compatible vr headsets. At number two. We have oculus rift s, ocular rift s, most advanced pc, powered gaming, headset oculus rift, sbc powered vr gaming step into our best vr games, improved optics, improved optics, deliver bright vivid, colors and reduced screen door effect, ergonomic ergonomic design, the halo headband is redesigned with speed And comfort in mind controllers, oculus touch controllers, your slashes throws and grabs appear in vr with intuitive, realistic precision, pc powered vr, gam, ing top vr gaming library.blast, slash and soar your way through hundreds of our best vr games and exclusives already available in the oculus store. With so much more to come, improved optics, stare down the generation lenses and a sharper display deliver bright vivid, colors and reduced screen door effect. The advanced hardware works with a powered vr gaming, top vr gaming library, blast, slash and sore your way through. Hundreds of our best vr games and exclusives already available in the oculus store with so much more to come, improved optics, stare down the competition next generation lenses and a sharper display deliver bright vivid, colors and a reduced screen door effect. The advanced hardware works with oculus software innovations to render smooth gameplay on a wide range of pcs. Ergonomic design. Keep your head in the game thanks to a halo, headband redesigned with speed in mind, rift s, stays securely and comfortably in place with a quick twist of the fit wheel, so it can take or double take your fastest reactions, oculus inside tracking, a step forwards in Vr oculus insight translates your movements into vr, no matter which way you’re facing and provides room scale tracking without external sensors, look around duck for cover and turn the tide of the battle from anywhere in your playing space.

Two touch controllers arm yourself with oculus touch controllers. You can transport your hands and gestures directly into the game. Your slashes throws and grabs appear in vr with intuitive, realistic precision Music at number three. We have playstation vr, put yourself at the center of an extraordinary gaming universe with psvr exclusive games, all powered by your playstation registered trademark console for the best psvr experience on ps5. We recommend using a dual shock registered trademark for wireless controller. Selected games may require playstation, registered trademark move motion controllers or be compatible with the playstation registered trademark. Vr aim controller. The new hd camera for ps5 is not compatible with psvr. The psvr headset ps camera dualshock. 4 wireless controller, ps, move controllers and psvr aim controller are all sold separately from ps5 360 degree vision watch as a living breathing game world comes alive all around you with a seamless field of view. Wherever you turn stunning visuals experience, new realities with a custom oled screen and smooth 120fps visuals to create complete immersion in your games, 3d audio discover a new dimension in sound as 3d audio technology lets. You pinpoint the direction and distance of sounds coming from all around you, built in mic, chat to your online friends, discuss in game tactics and strengthen your immersion in the virtual world, with the headset’s integrated microphone with dual lenses and 3d depth: sensors, the playstation camera tracks, The position of the headset playstation move controller and dual shock 4 wireless controller from every angle.

Nine leds, positioned on the front back and sides of the psvr headset, are tracked by the playstation camera, ensuring pinpoint accuracy within the game world wherever you are in the room. The ps4 precision control you, love takes on a new dimension with psvr. Every game is compatible with the dual shock: 4 wireless controller. While the light bar is constantly tracked to further enhance in game movement. At number 4, we have htc, vive cosmos elite enter a new dimension of pc gaming with the vive cosmos elite, vr headset from htc. This headset is your portal to experiencing virtual reality. In the comfort of your home, the primary system includes the cosmos elite. Headset two vive controllers and 2v base station 1.0 sensors. These external sensors, along with steam vr tracking built into the headset, are engineered to precisely track your every movement within vr. Even when your hands are behind your head, the vive cosmos elite is a great headset may be one of the best it’s. The top tier offering from htc base station 1.0 generates accurate, external tracking, slash, punch and spin with precision enjoy the highest v visual resolution and minimized screen door effects, see detail, packed worlds. The way they’re meant to be seen, go easily between reality and virtual reality. With the flip up design, all without disrupting your vr journey, steamvr trademark, tracking and advanced controllers enable precision and freedom of movements swing a racket behind your head crisscross. Your sword’s moves at all angles are quick and smooth base.

Station 1.0 provides up to 1 5 m2 asterisk of exciting space for those that demand the best nvr gaming see the virtual world through 2880 x, 1700 combined pixel resolution and 88 increase over the original vive. All new lcd panels reduce the distance between pixels minimizing the screen door effect. Rich stereo audio is integrated into on ear form, fitting headphones experience. Great sound during extended vr adventures, minimize disruptions to your vr sessions, switch back and forth freely from reality and game world with a one of a kind flip up, headset design, a crown fit, makes pudding on the headset, quick and easy suits. A wide range of face. Shapes vision, types and even fits over glasses, made with easy to clean materials to simplify headset upkeep at number 5. We have oculus quest 2., explore awe inspiring games and experiences with unparalleled freedom here in all directions with built in speakers that deliver cinematic 3d positional audio bring friends along into vr worlds when you cast directly to a compatible tv or in the oculus mobile app next Level hardware make every move count with a blazing fast processor and our highest resolution display all in one gaming with backward compatibility. You can explore new titles and old favorites in the quest library, immersive entertainment get the best seat in the house to live concerts, groundbreaking films, exclusive events and more easy setup. Just open the box set up with a smartphone app and jump into vr, no pc or console needed premium display catch every detail with a stunning display that features 50 more pixels than the original quest ultimate control.

Redesigned oculus touch controllers transport. Your movements directly into vr with intuitive controls. Pcv are compatible step into incredible oculus rift titles by connecting an oculus link cable to a compatible gaming. Pc 3d cinematic sound here in all directions with built in speakers that deliver cinematic 3d positional audio Music thanks for watching. I hope you liked the video, if you found it helpful, please remember to leave a like and subscribe my channel to see more videos like this.