There is a huge shortage of professionals, as many people dont have the expertise in drive that is needed for the media industry. So here is the park where teleprompters come to the rescue. Teleprompters are equipment that can display the script that is to be watched by a person directly from another device so that he she can easily see and read so lets know more about them starting number one. Glidegear TMP 100 teleprompter. This teleprompter is also a bestseller on Amazon in the category of media equipment. This teleprompter can support several devices like iPads tablets, smartphones, Etc, which is one of the reasons why it is used by many people. It is a very well designed product, as it weighs only five. Pounds requires zero assemblies and can be transported from one place to another without breaking a sweat devices that have Dimensions up to 10.5 by 7.5. Inches can be used for this teleprompter as it consists of a premium quality split glass with 70 30ths, visible light transmission. It produces a text display with extreme Clarity and zero Blair, which can be read from a distance of up to 10 feet. The main reason behind its durability is the 6061 grade, aluminum out of which it is made of. This alloy is mainly known for protection from various kinds of damage, causing factors at number. Two pro aim Universal teleprompter. To be specific, this teleprompter is compatible with iPads tablets. Smartphones dslrs and also Elementary sized camcorders.

It is one of the few teleprompters which are both professional as well as affordable, making it the ideal buy for media companies that are still in the developing slash establishment State, as they will not have access to much capital. This teleprompter consists of a 60 40 Bean splitter and, as it contains a complete glass screen, it provides a distinct reflection of the text. The unit weighs only around seven pounds, so it is great for taking it anywhere and shooting wherever you would like to, and in addition to being lightweight, it comes with a hard case to prevent any damage to the unit. The hood is attached to the display using a magnetic strip, so it is not at all hard to dismantle the Hood from the screen at number three. I can Elite Universal teleprompter, as mentioned in the name itself. This is a universal teleprompter, which means that it can be used to display content from several devices like iPads, Androids, windows, tablets, Etc. It consists of a 15 millimeters rod for good handling and can be adapted to different functions as well and another great thing about this. Teleprompter is that is lightweight and extremely durable for creating the best user experience the icon Elite teleprompter can support devices which are of Dimensions between 5×7.5 inches to 8 by 10.5 inches, with the presence of the American made scientific grade 70 30 teleprompter glass. The display of the text, in addition to being blur free, is crystal clear and can be viewed even from a decent distance from the equipment.

This teleprompter has an adjustable frame, which means that the user can adjust the angle at which the text is being displayed for his her self comfort at number 4 desk, ut2 teleprompter. Now here is a unique teleprompter on our list. Today, the desk ut2, unlike the other teleprompters that weve read about earlier this one, also provides lens adapter rings, which are used for supporting cameras of differently shaped lenses which are not usually supported by the teleprompter initially, so it reduces the tension of buying a new camera Lens for the sole reason of it being supported by a teleprompter the desk view, T2 supports smartphones tablets and DSLR cameras, which is one of the reasons that it is widely used around the world by YouTubers lecturers, video Studios, Etc. At number 5 padcaster parrot teleprompter. Now, last certainly not least, we have the padcaster parrot, which is currently the most portable and affordable teleprompter in the market. This teleprompter is compatible with all types of smartphones, cameras and iPads, which gives it a huge range of usability. It consists of a 30 70t beam. Splitter screen, which is probably the best type of teleprompter of this size, can offer the padcaster parrot is particularly famous for its lightweight yet professional body, which is why it is one of the best recommendations for an on the go usage. There is a Bluetooth remote that comes with the unit while buying it.