It has a versatile form factor with the processing power and comfort of traditional clamshell laptops. The sharp design of the asus transformer 3 pro will fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle. The diamond cut alloy used is as durable as it is beautiful, while the all metal frame provides sturdiness for the long haul. The integrated stepless kickstand provides a full range of viewing comfort. The included asus transformer cover keyboard clicks on magnetically and empowers you to handle daily tasks from pounding out emails to browsing the web 1.4 millimeter key travel distance means you dont have to sacrifice comfort for mobility. The touchscreen measures 12.6 inches plenty of room for work and play on the software side. True to life, video monitors every pixel of your show and adjusts for optimal sharpness and contrast between the extra wide color gamut and the razer sharp pixel density. You can enjoy media. The way it was meant to be seen the special front facing camera, uses infrared technology to quickly and easily recognize faces in front of it. This lets you log in painlessly thanks to windows. Hello lets not forget about cortana the asus transformer 3 pros array. Microphone can pick up voice commands accurately, while blocking out background noise, whether you need to take notes in meetings build flowcharts for your next project or take some time to doodle. The asus pen is available for the asus transformer 3 pro. This affords precision and comfort when bringing your ideas to life under the hood is some serious horsepower for really getting things done.

Quick charging is perfect for those living with forward momentum, get a 60 charge in 60 minutes flat, despite its portable size, the asus transformer 3. Pro can be your daily driver thanks to an array of inputs and unique accessories. The usbc plug offers fast data transfer speeds thanks to thunderbolt 3 technology and a standard hdmi slot means you dont have to deal with adapters. The optional universal dock plugs into everything. In your home or office with a single cable to really kick things up a notch, the asus transformer 3 pro can plug into the rog xg station 2.. This empowers your pc with desktop grade gaming power, including 4k resolution and vr support, theres plenty more to the asus transformer 3 pro visit to learn more hi, im ben – and this is google pixel slate, a device designed for the way you live today. One of the first things youll notice is the device feels really great in your hands, thanks to the rounded edge profile, two and a half d curved glass and an evenly balanced center of gravity, and you cant have a great experience without a great screen. The display takes up nearly 80 percent of the front of the device, so were giving people more of what matters most its a 12.3 inch molecular display and its the sharpest in its product class. When combined with the dual front, firing speakers that are tuned to perfection. It delivers an amazing entertainment experience since pixel slate is powered by chrome, os youll get the speed and simplicity.

You love now reimagined for this new type of device, its a chrome, os experience, thats meant to be held in your hands, chrome os. You never have to worry. This product gets automatic updates that happen in the background and with the pixel imprint fingerprint reader, unlocking is just a tap pixel slates battery lasts up to 12 hours with typical mixed usage, so you can use it for work or class and then have enough power to Still watch movies when you get home and with smart accessories like the pixelbook pen or the pixel slate keyboard, you can get more done. The pixelbook pen now available in midnight blue feels like pen writing on paper. It has virtually no lag and has both pressure and tilt sensitivity and pixel slate. Even converts your handwriting into text and connecting to the pixel slate keyboard is just a quick snap. The pixel slate keyboard has beautiful round keys, theyre, backlit and theyre ultra quiet to type on, so you can be discreet, no matter where youre working it has an extra large track pad with full multi touch, gesture support and theres. Even a dedicated assistant button remind me to pick up my groceries tonight. All right ill, remind you at 6 pm my favorite feature about the pixel slate keyboard. Is the adjustability set the device to any angle you want, naturally, and if you want a full workstation setup, just connect a compatible keyboard mouse or monitor and youre good to go so thats, google pixel slate, the thoughtfully designed device for how you work and play to Learn more visit, the google store introducing the next generation fire hd engineered by amazon, incredibly thin and wonderfully light.

This is the best fire hd. Yet the new fire hd comes in two sleek sizes, an eight inch model with four vibrant colors to choose from, and a 10 inch model that comes in black or white fire hd is built to handle all the bumps drops and tumbles that life throws at it. Over 38 million songs, apps games, books, movies and tv episodes and more are at your fingertips. Prime members also get unlimited streaming of over 1 million songs, thousands of movies and tv episodes and can borrow a kindle book a month at no additional cost from over 1 million titles and the fun doesnt stop there with amazons new one of a kind, app store Experience youll have access to thousands of premium apps in app items and games that are 100 free with endless lives, unlocked levels and no time restrictions. The fire hd is one sweet gaming machine with a powerful quad core processor dolby digital stereo, sound, a widescreen hd display and up to eight hours of mixed use, battery life. The fire hd brings all your entertainment to life, say goodbye to buffering no more waiting for your movies and shows to buffer advanced streaming and prediction learns. What amazon, movies and tv episodes youll want to watch and buffers them for playback before you hit play, get unlimited cloud. Photo storage for photos taken with your fire tablet, use the expandable micro sd slot for up to 128 gigabytes of additional storage and with fires, hd front camera and 5 megapixel rear camera.

Youll be glad you dont have to worry about, storing all the beautiful photos you take with second screen. You can fling content to your tv, so you can keep using your tablet for surfing the web. Email or x, ray powered by imdb x ray, can identify actors and songs in the current scene, explore actor, bios and character. Backstories, see related trivia and even jump to your favorite scene or skip opening credits. Fire hd brings your tablet. Reading experience to the next level, with incredible features like whispersync, which lets you save and synchronize your last page, red bookmarks and annotations across all of your devices and kindle apps.