We have included links in the description for each product mentioned so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budget range Music starting at number. Five lenovo ideapad, l340 lenovos ideapad. L 340 is an exceptional laptop that also offers gaming and productivity perks for under 800. lenovo packs enough firepower for most high end tasks focused on creative usage, accounting, excel sheet management and more under the hood lenovo stacks in a moderately powered intel core i5 9300h processor. This chipset courtesy of the quad core architecture and turbo clock speed of up to 4.1 gigahertz allows you to handle gaming logic and professional graphic intensive applications such as autocad blender, revit and cinema 4d, with considerable ease, the gtx 1650 gpu featuring the turing architecture and a 128 bit data bus. These attributes ensure that the ideapad l340 is capable of managing creative tasks such as photo or video editing without breaking a sweat. Then again, the featured graphics card is a powerful gaming resource, courtesy of the texture, intensive four gigabytes vram at number. Four dell: g315 3500. We have a great, affordable gaming laptop here from one of the most preferred brands. The dell g315 3500 has been engineered by keeping every gamer in mind. That is looking for a well priced model. You will get the 10th genie. 5. 10. 300. H processor, in this laptop, which gives a responsive and high performance, while you are gaming watching movies or do any other intensive tasks.

This dell laptop runs on 8 gigabytes ram, which you can upgrade to 32 gigabytes if needed. However, the storage capacity is 512 gigabytes, ssd, which you can use to store your games, documents and projects offline. The fast ssd drives give a massive boost to the boot up speed of the system. You will experience an increase in performance and better reliability at number. Three acer aspire: 7.. We have always been slightly biased towards acer when the value for money and laptop productivity is concerned, and the acer aspire. 7 does not disappoint. We particularly like the high end, processor, brilliant display and battery life in this aspire. 7. You will find the 9th gen intel core i5 9300h processor. The chipset is a reliable source for mid level, gaming, video, editing, etc. Besides, the single core clock, speed of up to 4.1 gigahertz qualifies aspire 7 as a decent business notebook. If you are a cpa or work with numbers and spreadsheet a lot, you will enjoy the numeric keypad. Furthermore, acer persists with the gtx 1650 graphics card, which is one of the best mid range units in the retail arena. This gpu integrated with four gigabytes of video ram, is a good enough computing resource for 3d, modeling, graphic design, video editing and other gpu intensive processes. The turing architecture associated with the gpu makes it good enough for basic machine learning processes at number. Two dell inspiring 15 5505. The dell inspiron 15 5505, is an excellent laptop for work from home setup built by one of the most popular brands.

This is a great option for small businesses or remote workers looking for an affordable laptop that can give them a superb experience. It is powered by the amd ryzen 7 4700u. With a base speed of 2 gigahertz. The cpu is fast and highly responsive for zoom calls working on spreadsheets, as well as accounting on software, like quickbooks, with an option to give it a turbo boost of 3.6 gigahertz for maximum output. On the storage front, it has 512 gigabytes ssd capacity where all your files and games can be stored easily. Moreover, the 8 gigabyte ram is excellent for your gaming needs and can be upgraded to at the most 32 gigabytes, enjoy the power of multitasking, with this powerful machine at number one microsoft surface pro 7, the microsoft surface, pro 7 is a laptop that has been very Popular since the time of its launch, the surface notebooks are loved by users all over the world. In fact, we also loved the entire design structure, features and a lot more about this. Convertible tablet laptop the price is perfect, especially if you are into smaller systems that can be taken around with ease. It is powered by the intel core i5 processor that keeps the system always in top notch power. I was really impressed by how thin and lightweight this table laptop. Is it rivals with even the latest ipad in these specs? It may sound unbelievable, but it weighs only 7 ounces. Also, the screen size is only 12.

3 inches. The smallest of all we have mentioned in this list. What i dont like is that you have to buy the keyboard separately, but once you get it, you can use it in laptop mode tablet, mode and studio mode.