Work and play can happen all on one desk. The detachable monitor shelves can customize your setup. The way you want our durable surface is tough on spills and can handle anything more room means more fun. Mr ironstone Music, so Music, the eureka z1s gaming desk, is simple to assemble. It can be done in about 20 minutes unbox your desk and arrange your parts neatly for easy access. Music next we’ll assemble the frame making sure to have the side. With the majority of the holes facing up now position your legs securing the shortest end to the top of the frame with the six included frame, screws, screwing them down snug, but not tight. Once the legs are attached screw in all four feet, that will be adjusted later to level your desk next locate, the red leg supports and using the built in nut attach the support to the leg with the included hardware, making sure the tab is facing forward screw Them down snug, but not tight using the large cardboard cover included in your packaging place your desktop upside down to align and secure your frame with the eight threaded holes screw down your frame snug, but not tight. Now you can install the gear hook and cup holder. The gear hook attaches to the front of your desk, with the tab facing out now attach the cup holder screwing it down snug, but not tight Music before you flip your desk over with a partner to install the moldings, firmly tighten down all of the screws installed In the previous steps, now that we have the desk flipped over, we will attach the foot moldings to the desk, firmly screwing them into place.

Once you have completed the foot moldings, it is time to install the lighting and desktop moldings, now align your side moldings with the lighting, so that the wire fits into the notches on the desk and secure it into place. Next, we will secure the corner, moldings screwing them into place firmly. We can now assemble and install the rear, baffle align the tab inside the molding with the holes on the desk and snap it into place secure the baffle by aligning it with the two tabs on the molding and snap. The cover into place firmly next we’ll snap. The wiring harnesses together for each molding, as shown running our wires under the desk, with our wiring harnesses, snapped into place. We can secure our wires to the desk using the included cable management ties. Now that we have our wires secure. We can apply the molding support wedge by removing the adhesive cover and sticking it into place with the wedge facing forward. Lastly, we can apply the decal simply remove the screw cutout and align it over the screw head as you’re removing the decal watch, the edges so that you do not tear it and gently place. The decal on the leg Music now attach your desk with the included usb connector to your computer or laptop, and you are ready to start gaming on your new eureka: z1s gaming desk Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, so two Music, my Music Applause, Music.