We have selected the top five best tablets, so this video helps you to find the best tablet on your budget. Welcome the review gateway channel let’s start the video number five ulda cube. I play 40 brand ulda cube. Ulda q by play 40 has a 10.4 inch 2000 by 1200 resolution 2k. Full view screen wide angle view and gorgeous high definition. Delivering picture perfect visuals eight millimeters, narrow bezel design allows for a higher screen to display ratio high end in cell full lamination technology is absolutely incredible at immersing you in, moreover, it brings a fast touch response experience. Making every touch pleasurable ulda q by play 40, is equipped with a powerful octa core fast processing soak from unisock tiger d618 manufactured in 12. Nanometers includes two arm: cortex a75 processors capable of reaching 2.0 gigahertz six arm, cortex a55 processors with a maximum speed of 1.8 gigahertz. It also supports android, neural network api number, four global firmware, lenovo shouse and pad pro brand lenovo high intensity aviation grade aluminum body, the entire cnc body shape thin to 5.8 millimeters back cover mini diamond sand, spraying color matching effect of the unique aesthetic feeling for jbl Speaker authentication, each with 1.5 w high power and 2.5 cc large cavity, more dolby, atmos dolby sounds all the certification dot for building a tablet with high quality, sound experience regardless of high and low each note, is sweet front. Double camera system can realize the distance detection, video, intelligent, fuzzy distance watch health test could have many uses front.

Double perturbation, plus toth can realize the face unlock cooperate with the power key fingerprint unlock, double unlock, more convenient number three lenovo tablet: m10 plus brand lenovo, the 13 million rear auto focus camera. Whether it is online, video or recording the good life. All can be perfectly satisfied: 10.3 inch, fa, hd, screen wide range of vision, narrow border design, bring excellent screen proportion. Dddi screen supports 10 point touch more sensitive operation. Any work can be easily handled dual side. Speakers with dolby panoramic sound and sound effects. Let you enjoy the perfect sound. The pogo pin interface supports intelligent bass, extensions built in gravity, sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, hull sensor, vibration, motor gyroscope and other sensors, android p operating system, optimized system efficiency, more lasting battery life. The unique ui design of the student mode is more suitable for children. Number two xiaomi tablet: brand xiaomi, snapdragon 668 processor, 8. Core high performance, smooth game is a high performance series processor of qualcomm, snapdragon 660 adopts 14 nanometers process technology and has a maximum frequency of 2.2 gigahertz. Simply speaking, it can be easily dealt with by popular apps or large scale. 3D games. Smart game, acceleration to avoid stalls, dropped, frames smooth running 6000mah long life, one full power, easy to use one day: amazing: 6000 ml of superpower with excellent endurance. How long can i use it? Watch 15 episodes in a row number one chewy ipad plus brand chewy. An 11 inch four to three full screen display has more than 90 screen to body ratio.

State of the art, comprehensive screen design features a 4.9 millimeters equidistant micro frame, 2kqhd high resolution display 2176 by 1 600 resolution and 245 ppi for clean and sharp visuals approximate 100 srgb color gamut keeps details crisp in the light and deep in the dark for images That always stay true to life, weighing less than 18 ounces and a light and gracefully thin body means the high pad plus is easy to hold and carry while an integral body design and a full cnc machining process keeps things pure and simple. Thank you for watching the video. If you think this video is useful, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our channel for future update.