If you want to find out the latest price or offers or any other information on the products featuring in the video be sure to check out the links in description below the lenovo flex, 5 chromebook is easy on the pockets, but it doesn’t feel liquor act cheap. This chromebook may have flex in its name, but ironically, its solid metal chassis is stalwart with a premium feeling part aluminum body. At first glance, you may dismiss the lenovo flex 5 chromebook as another great clamshell laptop, but this shape shifting device can also transform into a tablet, thanks to a sturdy degree, hinge you’re going to love the flex 5 chromebooks keyboard it’s the laptop’s most standout feature. Next, to its build quality, this backlit island style keyboard has one of the clickiest bouncy skis the flex 5 chromebook is perfect for productivity work, because the keyboard will have you flying through any word processing tasks with rhythmic speedings. At first glance, the lenovo chromebook duet looks like an innocuous journal, but open that bad boy up and it’s, a small laptop with a colorful 10.1 inch display. But this device’s transformative capability isn’t its only alluring feature the lenovo chromebook. You have lasts around 13 hours, which beats the 10 hour average runtime for chromebooks. The price is another big selling point of the lenovo chromebook tour for 300. You can own a lightweight machine that can endure all your intensive web multitasking. The lenovo chromebook 2 exports a 10.

1 inch 1920 into 1200 display that’s impressively colorful. However, the tablet screen has chunky bezels. That might turn you off if you’re seeking a more modern look. But the duet is a budget friendly chromebook, so we can concede. The lack of slim bezels as a reasonable trade off microsoft surface go 2 is one of the best two in one laptops right now, as well as being an excellent laptop under 500 in general. It takes everything that was good about the original, its sleek design, its excellent, build quality, its go anywhere to anything versatility and makes it even better. The screen is bigger and has a higher resolution than before, and the specification has been improved for better performance. The bigger screen doesn’t mean a bigger device. The bezels around the display are smaller, so microsoft has been able to make the screen bigger without also making the surface go bigger. As with its predecessor, it looks and feels like a much more expensive machine, with a very respectable five hours of active use between charges. It’S good for on the go computing, but remember that the sticker price doesn’t include the type cover keyboard which you’ll need. If you’re going to be doing a lot of typing bell, inspired 3593 packs hold the latest set of hardware inside the design of the new inspiron series has been tweaked slightly to make it look fresh, but it still looks mostly the same and reminds of older chunky. Looking dell laptops, the whole body is finished in a black color, which gives it a professional look and feel the keyboard is great with ergonomic key placements, but it is not backlit enabled which might stop a few of you from buying this.

Apart from that, the dell inspired 3593 is a very feature rich in general. It provides all sorts of ports and slots that you will need to connect different peripheral devices. As far as performance is concerned, it runs windows 10 out of the box and it runs buttery smooth all thanks to newest 10th gen intel core i5 isolate processor and it’s 8 gp of ram for storage. This has a speedy 256 gp of ssd, which provides decent amount of space to store all your data overall. This is one of the best laptop under 500 to buy right now with newest and powerful hardware, professional, looking design and up to five hours of battery packing. The cerspire series of laptops, as always, are focused on providing better all around performance following the above maxim. The acer aspire. 5 is yet another entry level laptop which excels in almost all the segments. The laptop sports, a 15.6 inch full hd, led display with a resolution of 1920 into 1080 pixels. Now it is pretty clear that the laptop will provide cutting edge visuals along with bright vivid and a decent gamut of color reproduction. Moreover, it has a full backlit keyboard, which makes it hard to believe that it costs under 500.. It is powered by an amt risen 3 processor, coupled with 4gb of ram for multitasking storage. Department of the laptop is managed by 128 gp, solid state drive, which is small, but it helps to boot the laptop and open apps more quickly, besides that, this laptop also sports an integrated amt, radio and vaca graphics.

Although the laptop comes with an all plastic polycarbonate chassis, the laptop still manages to look premium by its standards. All in all the acer aspire. 5 is one of the best all around performing budget laptop. You can buy right now. It offers sturdy chassis, full hd, display a backlit keyboard and current generation hardware for the price, that’s, actually less than 500, which make it an excellent option for budget buyers. Thank you for sticking with us so far and we hope you enjoyed our video don’t forget to smash the subscribe button for more reviews.