Now, if you havent heard the big buzz around the industry, logitech has discontinued their harmony line of remotes. The worlds most renowned remotes are no longer being made. First, we had oppo drop out of the industry in the blu ray industry, and now we have a logitech leaving us its going crazy, but i decided to put together five different remotes that will replace logic harmony. If youre looking for one, i have to give credit to my subscriber taz for recommending this as a topic, its a great idea, didnt. Think of it. So, thank you so much taz for the video idea, all right so with logitech being out of the running of universal remotes, there has to be some kind of replacement. A lot of guys are looking for universal remotes for their home theaters and for their media centers and im going to list you five different universal remotes that i think will do just fine now these arent in any particular order, but i will go through and number Them five down to one just to keep everything organized the first one i want to mention is sofa baton u1. Now i actually own this remote and a few of their other ones. Ive done a review on this ill leave that down below in the description box. As well as the links to all the other remotes in this video ive used the sofa baton and demonstrated it, and it does, it does very good.

I even put it head to head against my logitech harmony elite home remote and give it a run for its money for sure its a great remote feels good. Has a nice oled screen, so you can see at night. It does very well with communicating with all sorts of devices it connects through bluetooth or ir. However, you want to connect it, it can do no wrong and it has its own app. So setting it up is super easy and quick, its actually easier to set this up than it is the logitech harmony remote, so thats pretty surprising um. So i really like this remote its about 49 or 59 bucks, depending on where you find it. You can find it pretty easily on amazon feels good in the hand its a long remote, because it has all the buttons for all the features in your av rack. So youre going to have no problem getting to know this remote and its just its a really good buy. I absolutely love it again. 49. 59. Its a hard bargain to pass up and, like i said, ive owned one for a while. I think they come in a couple colors, but ive seen black, maybe another color im, not sure dont quote me on that, but it does come in black. So its stealthy looks good feels good, not bad, on the build quality as well. So its definitely something to take a look at all right coming in number four: is the kevo smart, remote slash home feeder hub now? This is really cool its not like your typical universal remote.

This is, it has its own, like tv, cable box. In a sense, this allows you to one control all your devices, but two voice control your whole home theater, so it has voice control built in now. This is different than all the remotes on this list. Like i said this has its own, like tv box, which you plug into all your electronics. Actually you plug all your electronics to it, and then you can control everything from that single remote. So if you have 80 receiver or television xbox at apple tv, whatever you have you plug it all into the same device and then you can control them all with one remote or with your voice, so that separates it from a lot of these other remotes out There that are just simple simplistic, remotes, this ones really cool, has its own little tv interface, easy to use easy to hook up, not bad at all, itll end up being one of the more expensive choices on this list, but ill link it down below. In the description, so you guys can take a look all right next on this list is the one for all uc 7880 universal remote coming in at number three, this ones a really nice remote too no screen on it, but it is easy and simple to use. Not hard to learn again, another solid remote that will replace allows that harmony with no problem it can it pairs with your electronics with like ir.

So if you have like a av receiver or tv things that use infrared, this will do no wrong as well. The price tag is not too bad. Again. Description down below will have the links to all these products. You guys can take a look at them more in depth. Really good remote feels good in the hand buttons are laid out and right where you expect them to be right around that thumb area and again its a solid choice to replace any of the remotes. You have sitting in your home right now. Itll feel at home. Has all the necessary buttons be able to play pause fast forward. Stop you can control a blu ray player with this tv with this, whatever you want to do so again, check that link in description and see what you think all right, number two is the intercept four and run ir universal remote. Now this ones nice, because its smaller than a lot of the other ones you can find right now and the price tag is not bad at all. This one has back lighting, which is, i think, is its mind blowing to me how many companies do not put backlighting in the remotes. I think its a must. Most people who have universal remotes have a home theater or some kind of media room where theyre controlling a lot of things, and typically you watch a lot of things at night. I think this is a no brainer to put backlight in your remote.

This one has it its a really nice remote, its smaller than a lot of them. So if you have small hands or you dont want to reach from top of the remote to the bottom all the time, this one will feel a little more comfortable, no more strain on the thumbs again really easy to use layout is perfect and all the main Buttons you want are there, so you wont have any problems controlling multiple devices and the menus within them with this run remote. So this will be a good replacement for your four or five stacks remote that you have right now, just get one. This one would be just fine again: it comes in black, just simplistic plastic couple: batteries youre good to go so that you dont have to spend a lot of money on this one at all, but itll get the job done all right. The last remote that i have for you, you guys probably havent yet guessed, which one im gon na pick, but this one is your phone. Your phone has so many tools on it, its a smartphone for a reason. Most of us have an ios store. We can go to or a google play store we can go to and you can type in universal remote and itll pop up a billion apps, where you can control a lot of your devices from your phone from your tablet from your pc from your your laptop Theres a lot of ways right now, right now for you to control your devices personally, ive, never done it on my phone, because i have a universal remote already, but ive gone through google play store and kind of looked through some and a lot of these have 4.

5. 4.6. 4.8 stars, so they seem to be pretty good. Now, if you dont want to do that kind of remote app, you have most likely. If you have an av receiver, you probably have an app. I know. Yamaha has an app marantz has an app anthem. Has an app denim has an app pioneer, has an app just about everybody out. There has an app for your av receiver that allows you to control a lot of things now. If you have a av receiver and you have it plugged to a television or projector, then you have what we call cec, which allows the cross communication between tv device and the av receiver. So you can control your every receiver with the av app and you can control your tv since they you know crosstalk, they communicate with each other. So you have the power to have a universal remote right here from your phone and just about all of them that i saw are free so right now you can go into your ios store if you have an iphone or if you have an android and you Go to your play, store type in universal, remote and youre, going to see a plethora of options for you, its fair to go through and kind of see what you like check a couple out and do some demos and then keep the one you like the most And now you have a free, app right there from your smart device, so dont skip out on the phones in the laptops and the tablets thats the best way to go all right, guys thats going to do it for this video.

I just wanted to throw out a couple ideas as far as universal remotes and what you can do if youre looking for one again. Thank you so much to tash for giving me this video idea. Great idea. I cant believe i havent thought about it, but great minds. Think i like i like it. I like it so guys hit that link down below check out the description box ill have all of these different remotes in the description box. You guys can check them out for yourself. None of these are terribly expensive. Most of these are about 50 or 60 bucks or less so theyre a good, buy and theyll control. All your devices, remember you have your phone as well. So leave me a comment down below and let me know some of your favorite remotes, even if its logitech, let me know some of your favorite universal remote, underneath the comment section down below and hit the like button subscribe.