The model of this one is the CF 0, 15 C. So what it is, is a 4k 15.6 inch monitor. It does not support touch, unlike that other monitor that I had a look there. Their portable one had at least the touch support, but unfortunately not here, but what the screen does have. It is probably going to interest a lot of professionals out there that need to do image work and have an accurate monitor, as we have very good color gamut on this one and good coverage, it has a slim build. That is only about six point: two millimeters the screen itself weighs 700 grams and with the case on it, you can see I've got to prop it up. The total travel weight, then, is about 1 kilo. Now the downside to this one it's, just the single port on here so type C input only there's, no type C power pass through anything like that, so it will run off. For example, my HP spectra 360 thunderbolt into the type C or other laptops that have type C out with the required power, but even iPads as well, will work the newer ones with the type C port or what won't work is, for example, my by phone. So Samsung Dix wise desktop mode, unfortunately wrong not to run on this without an external power source. You have to use like a powered type C hub for that. So inside the box you will find the screen, but they pre applied screen protector to protect it from damage in the box.

We have a case for it, so this covers it, but it also acts as a stand and then a Type C cable that's it. So the screen weighs 703 grams and it's just six point two millimeters thick and with the protective case, stand that you really need. That brings the total weight up to then one kilo, so the material of the case here it's fabric, on the back of it. It is very thin. There are some small magnets that help hold this onto the screen here and then all you need to do is just open it up and then pull it forward and you can select. Then the angle you want the screen to be facing you, for example, just like that and get a little bit more upright as well. There are some little rubber feet here at the bottom. Now the bezel is very thin, as you can see, and we do have this plastic frame on the front, but the rear of it is made out of metal, so the frame of it and the rear. This is all made out of an alloy painted with a matte black and, as you can see, it's already starting to pick up fingerprints, and these are the little rubber feet they have they're. Just when you prop it up. Of course, you can see just how thin this is it's very thin. The build quality overall it's, not too bad it's, not exactly super high end premium.

Now we do have this little kind of joystick. That is, on the right hand, side down the bottom, so very basic controls. There is no onscreen control, there's, no contrast. Now I just made that it is just brightness. So does this you push it up and hold it to increase the brightness push down to decrease the brightness, that is it so very basic and then on the Left. We just have these single type C input, so that is it there's no pass through there's. Nothing like that, so type C pass through would have been great, so you need to have a laptop that has display out Type C. For example the me notebook pro that I reviewed it will run this display as a 4k display. My HP spectra that's got Thunderbolt 3 I'm going to demonstrate how it works with that one, so that's it. So if you want to use Samsung dix it's not going to work, you need a hub for that. So you need a powered hub and then to plug it in because it just won't simply have enough power like most mobile phones that have that desktop mode, that don't output enough, so getting started, it's very easy. All I need to do is just plug it in and you can see it's up and running and in those brightness controls. That'S all we've got there and you can also set it up as an extended display, so it doesn't just mirror you set up through the windows settings.

Of course you just go through display and then you can run it as an independent second monitor. So it is a 15.6 inch screen, as mentioned the IPS panel, made by sharp, I measured the brightness, so the maximum is 240 lux that's, okay, being a matte anti glare screen, iPhone that's alright, so there is no touch input. Sadly, I would have really loved to have had touch on this, so they claim it has an Adobe RGB coverage of 100, which seems really far fetched to me. So using my spider 5 Pro here, let's just have a look at exactly what kind of color gamut we can expect. Looking at the factory calibration. This is the uncalibrated view and to me here in person, it's got a little bit of a green tint to it, and now this, of course, is the calibrated view which looks good it's, not too far off it's, just that kind of green tint. It has so really not a lot, so let's take a look now at the actual gamut. So here, okay, I did not expect this 100 okay, but this is srgb. So what do you think here? We go Adobe RGB, 80 percent, okay, not the 100 – that they claim, I think, they're confusing the srgb with the Adobe RGB, but still 80 percent. This is really good, so great and the NTSC is 74 percent for those that wanted to know all right. Wrapping up here guys, so we have good color coverage on this as you've seen so 80 percent Adobe RGB.

I don't think it's bad at all that it's very good in fact it's better than the screen that is in my HP spectra, quite an expensive laptop that one. There 100 us in srgb coverage and I think it was 74 in tier C. So that is good. Brightness tops out about 240, the nits it's, not a super bright panel, but even with my two super powerful studio lights on at the moment, I've got the screen running at about 60, but there's no on screen display. So I can't tell exactly where it is it's. Very basic the controls on this, so the brightness is good. It'S, anti glare, it's, portable it's, light the cases; okay, the build quality to it. I think it's going to offer a reasonable amount of protection and, of course, you can prop it up at various different angles, which is great there too. So the downfall of this monitor would be perhaps the lack of touch. Now. A lot of people probably don't need it to be touched, but I would like it to have touch as well. I mean I've got to touch screen at least on this screen, but whether it would be nice to have it also on on this too. The main thing is it's, just the single port, so there is no USB power pass through anything like that, so it needs your devices to. They need to have enough power output to run the screen just on its own, so a Thunderbolt 3 that has the mate to be Spector has here, run the screen, fine type c ports on, for example, this Xiaomi me notebook Pro we'll run it again.

Finally, because they output enough power, the new iPad will also run it. Fine Nintendo's switch Samsung Galaxy mobiles were dicks the desktop mode and Huawei ones. No, not with just the type cd' type c cable. You will need, then an external powered type C hub to then run the screen, which is a little bit of a hassle there, so that is the ultimate real, the downfall of the screen, otherwise great color gamut, that it has an accurate, monitor, light bleed. It shows nothing like that. I don't see any flick it either so it's good for that. So for those who want a practical screen to set up, as I have now a second portable monitor, I believe it is I'll duel for that and, of course, at very sharp 4k resolution – 15.6 inches. It does look really good. Thank you so much for watching this review and I do have to catch you back in the channel.