Blue monitor, is a perfect companion for designers. Coders gamers, Music, remote workers, streamers, Music, photographers blue, monitor, takes productivity to new levels at the office and on the go, enhance your workstation instantly and maximize productivity, or connect blue monitor to your phone to turn it into a 4k workstation anytime anywhere. Take notes, design edit and publish on lu monitor’s, ultra responsive touch, screen switch to vertical mode to code and edit with ease blue monitor, is universally compatible with all the devices and operating systems that your team use, including apple android windows and linux, and thanks to its Built in battery you can unplug pass share and compare with plug and play. Simplicity. Blue monitor requires zero setup and no software, and it responds to any device instantly making it the most versatile, dependable and simplest device in the office presenting to the boss or your clients. In 15, inch 4k is guaranteed to leave an impression supremely portable blue monitor, is as thin and light as a tablet. Thanks to its whole supports you can leave your adapters. Dongles chargers and cables behind bluemonitor will even charge your devices connect to your digital media player and lumonitor becomes a standalone 4k. The monitor’s built in power source lets you connect via hdmi. Without a computer or power outlet, blue monitor’s powerful battery completely liberates you from wires and bulky devices, and it will ensure your settings are saved when loo monitor powers down when it’s time to relax blue monitor knows how to have fun Music watch.

Your favorite shows from netflix hulu amazon and youtube in brilliant 4k, with no power source needed, enjoy hifi audio with dynamic stereo speakers and game in 4k glory with one or more loo, monitor screens. You’Ll, wonder why you ever played on that tiny phone screen, lu monitor’s. True, led backlighting is twice as bright as other monitors, so you can work or play in any environment, and its anti glare screen looks great at any angle. Low flicker and low blue light protect your eyes from fatigue, even after long term. Use say goodbye to cluttered desks and bursting bags work hard and play hard with lu, monitor the widescreen 4k portable monitor Music, thanks for watching hope. You enjoyed this video if so, click on like button and share this video with your friends, don’t forget to subscribe and press that bell icon.