This one is the Zenbook Flip S OLED, And why is it called the FLIP? S Is because it can flip its ‘S’ All the way around … Like this, So you can use this thing in 3. Different positions number 1 …. So this is good when youre watching videos And …. Finally, if you fold it all the way down, You can use it as a tablet and they have included the ASUS PEN. So this is GREAT. First of all, this is an INTEL EVO, CERTIFIED LAPTOP, which means that it meets a certain amount of requirements that have been set by Intel. So what you can expect? Okay now lets talk about the exterior. This is the Jade Black finish and it has a Copper Red logo as well as accents on the edge AND …. If you look closely, you can see that it has the ASUS Zenbook, family’s signature concentric circle, design. As for size, this is only 1.’cm thick and it only weighs 1.2kg. So this is super lightweight and ultra portable and I can even fit it into my handbag Kay it’s abit long but … you get the idea aahh. As for the hinge, it feels quite solid. It’S, a nice balance between smooth operation and resistance, so that you can place it in whatever position you want, and it will stay that way. If you worry about durability, ASUS has rated this for 20 thousand open and close cycles. The Ergolift hinge is back, but, as you can see, It’s pretty narrow this time, so you only get slightly better ergonomics and a little bit of better ventilation.

As for the power button, it’s located not on the keyboard deck, but on the side where the SD card reader used to be Personally, I feel it’s a little bit small and mushy. So you cant really feel it and sometimes you’re, not even sure whether you’ve pressed it or not. One of the key selling points of this laptop is the 4K OLED display and some people may ask …. Why do I want a 4K resolution on a 13.3quot display? Well, the answer is … CAUSE I CAN And because this is an OLED panel, It turns off pixels to achieve the true black. So you also save battery in the long run and thats. Why this thing, ships with Dark Mode out of the box and the screen? Also, a touch screen Tap, So you can use the pen and this thing doesn’t come with a dedicated hole to poke into. So what you have to do is to stick it magnetically to the top of the screen. You can put it inside or you can put it … outside It, not really secure. So if you gon na travel alot, you better put this into your bag. As for audio, this thing sounds surprisingly good for a laptop, I mean sure, it’s a little bit soft, But then it’s actually pretty rich and has some bass as well. Unfortunately, this thing has NO HEADPHONE JACK AGAIN. Well, some of you may say quotAhh. Nowadays we all use true wireless earbuds maquot.

I mean that is fine for music, but then, if you want to watch movies, there’s always that slight latency, which means the mouth of the actor on the screen and the things that you hear are not synced and yeah. Asus does provide a dongle in the box, but then, if you forget to bring this out or if you lose it, Then you are poop poop out of luck and dont forget this will take up one precious, USB C slot and you only have 2 On the Top you find an IR camera that supports facial recognition, so you can get the sub one second login time As for its use as a webcam it’s, pretty meh it’s only 720p, but it should serve you well for all. Those online conference calls that you undoubtedly have to go through these days. As for the keyboard, It’s, mostly the same as the previous ZenBooks, but it’s slightly less tactile. But then its still pretty good to type on The keyboard is backlit with white light and there is no number pad definitely not at this size. But then you get the ASUS Numpad 2.0. So, as you can see, it’s located on the touchpad and on the top right, if you press the icon is to turn it on and off and on the top left, you can adjust the brightness and if you swipe the top left button, you can open the Calculator app The glass touchpad surface is super nice to swipe on and it can accurately differentiate between tapping and swiping, so you can still browse with the ASUS Numpad activated As for ports, if you can ignore the missing headphone jack, the others are pretty good On the Left you get a full sized HDMI port as well as two USB C ports with Thunderbolt 4.

0 support. Where else on the right, you just get one USB A port. If you’re used to the previous ZenBooks the power button on the Flip, S has replaced the SD card reader. But if you not really use it much then you’re not really missing out. It has great SSD speeds, which means it boots up. Super quickly and programmes load fast as well Either way performance is really smooth and snappy, and the Iris, Xe graphics can actually tahan Genshin Impact on low settings. In my experience, battery life lasted about 8 9 hours on 4K resolution, and it will definitely last longer on FHD, which means you’ll get to spend a good amount of time away from the wall. And now before we end this review, … the most important part BUY OR NO BUY. On one hand it has a beautiful 4K OLED screen and you know what they say … once you go true black, you never go back. Secondly, it’s also versatile, so you kinda get a laptop and a tablet in ONE. Thirdly, … you get a bundled ASUS Pen, which is great for productivity. Finally, this thing is lightweight and super portable, so you can bring it wherever you want to go. On the other hand, it does not have a headphone jack, So you have to bring your own ear buds out or you have to use the dongle that ASUS has included in the package, But then I think overall, this is a great laptop, especially for creators with The 4K OLED display, As well as the included ASUS Pen, Its priced at RM 6799, which is still cheaper than a convertible car, and you kind of get two products in ONE A tablet and a laptop.