This is where i’ve been my workstation, where i’ve been doing all my uh youtube videos from and uh. I wanted to do a quick review on this it’s a surface pro 7 by microsoft, um i’m, not getting paid to advertise or anything at all. I just think it’s cool um. It comes with this keyboard here. Let me show you guys it it’s magnetic and it pops right off, and then it just pops right back on and it has this uh has this uh kickstand right here in the back in the rear, and you can also move the kickstand all the way down And go into tablet mode, it’s, also a tablet, and you take the keyboard off, but yeah so you’ve got that and you can set it anywhere because of it has the kickstand and it goes into it. You can put it in tablet mode and on the settings. It has this pin that is magnetic also it goes on the side and when you double click, it goes to the jaw where you draw and when you um click this it goes to notepad, so it has two buttons on there it’s made by microsoft. This was like a lot of money for just that: pin uh you don’t have to have just that. You can get a cheaper one for under 10 right there and they work pretty good and they’re not near as expensive as these um. This is my hard drive.

I can’t remember how big how large of a capacity it is, but i do know it’s at least two tetrabytes. I can’t, remember that’s, my box. I keep all my boxes. This is a usb adapter. Now the this has a usbc and a usb uh and a charging uh plug in, but it does not have a memory card reader, so you might have to buy this at one of these uh. They come in different brands. This is that brand, and it is awesome. I i just love the way it feels it’s made so well it’s, so heavy this little accessory is awesome. Um and this little um hard drive is awesome too. You just plug it. In with this yeah, you don’t need any kind of hardware or anything it comes pre loaded with the hardware. Even this is my dvd r slash dvd drive, so i can play dvds in our core dvds and cds and such and but yeah. This is uh like i said, the keyboard is so thin and it’s magnetic i’ll show you how thin it is really cool. This is a suede or a italian leather material. I got this sent to me uh for a better deal because uh they shipped it late. So i got a better, so they uh or they shipped the wrong one or something. So i ended up getting a better uh keyboard. I got this one, which is really nice uh, but yeah really really and they’re.

Really nice really really nice. I really advise them. I keep all my uh spare accessories in this bag right here um.