I have a screen 2k and shes less than 300. The tech last t 40 pro the new one. You will see now. So what we have in the box in the box, of course, we have our pc tab. We will have one usbc cable charger. We will have one charger, you can choose from your country and you can choose in option one cover for cover your tab. Not have a keyboard inside but just one card. When we start from the screen, we have 10.4 inch, 2k screen from b or factory. The resolution is 2000 by 1200 and they write tddi its not like a car, but you can have a good color, a good screen for c movie, for example in front of the pc table. You have one camera 8mp camera can make picture and can do hd. Video, of course you can make video hd video, just hd but acceptable or not, can make video in the left of the pc tab. You have button on off, you have a button plus and menus, and you have one connector for charge your pc tab or connect to your computer with usb type c on the right of the tab, nothing and in the top of the pc tab. You will have two speakers. You also have two speakers down, so you mean you will have four speaker. The sound is not amazing, but for listen, music and see. Video is very immersive and you will be very inside the music or inside the movie.

You also have slot for sim card. You can put two sim cards for 2g, 3g or 4g, or one sim card, plus one micro sd for extend your memory. Like you can see. The pc tab is all in aluminium is not so bad in the back of the pc tab. You have one 13 mp. Camera from sony can take picture of course and can do full hd video, but you can do video in full hd. So can it is not amazing? Oh you can zoom okay, okay, ah you can do its not like ipad for sure, but uh inside the pc tab. You have one 7000 mah battery. You can charge with 18 watt charger. Yes, its like a quick charge inside the pc tab you have one cpu is a t618 from unisock. Is a 12 nanometer cpu, not the best one but like you can see with antutu, we have 241k. That is not so bad and for use pc tab, like multimedia and office, its perfect. When we check for memory, we have 8 gb ram plus 1 on the way 28 gb rom, plus you can extend with micro sd in inside the pc tab. You use android android 11, nothing amazing its really like android stock. You can easy phone all your software, you can turn off. Turn on add is very easy and you have all google service inside its included and installed already. When we check the game, i was afraid to use the game and become very slow because its 2k screen and not amazing, cpu from unison but like you, can see its very clear.

Of course. We just use slow game like a real racing three, but for play all the game like that, you can see you can play easy im, not sure the game is in 2k, but you can see the cpu is not slow and the ip its okay inside the Pistol, you have a bluetooth. Five like you can see. We have wi fi 2.4 of 5g. Of course we not have nfc in this pc type, but we have a radio for the radio you you need to use earphone, but, like you can see on pista we not have jack earphones, so you need use usb type c. Earphone, like you, can see in a pc tab, we have one gps when we start the gps. The first fix is not amazing, but after we start again and we have 10 gps, we need free for found your position. That is very correct for this kind of products. What i can like on a pc tab, we have android auto inside thats, been you can connect to your car and put your tab in the middle of your car. Like a tesla, you have a 4 hp, its not amazing hp, but you have good sound for c video or netflix on internet or youtube video or my youtube. Video, for example. You have 2g, 3g and 4g, like that. You can call with your pc tab with your earphone, of course, and you can connect to internet to access to all your file or youtube.

What i will not like of the pc tab is not so bad, but will not have a jack in phone. I will really really like have this one here, but we not have so you need use usb type c, earphone or bluetooth. Earphone uh is not a big problem, but i will i have one: what about the price? If we check in aliexpress to ship in europe? That means maybe include tax. We have less than 214 euro. You have 218 euro with the cover, not bad. You can also buy in amazon. For me, i check in amazon, france, we pay, we pay 289 euros, so that means less than 300. I think its a good price for this kind of products, so for conclude about the pc tab, its not the most amazing pc tab, but its not the most expensive one. We have 2k screen. We have 2g 3g 4g. We have enough memory, we have a cpu work good. We have a 2k screen 7000 battery quick charge so for see, youtube video, see your email, see video and work little to check online or internet for your file or your excel or google sheet or word. This one is can be very enough for you useful. Thank you guys to see the video if you like this video, you can put thumbs up if you dont, like you, can put a thumb down. Of course, dont forget to subscribe, because now you will have one video every week.

Just for me, if you prepare the girl voice, put me in comments say we prefer your voice and maybe i will ask her to come back of course, but i try to make my best to see one video every week on this channel. Okay, thank you see.