How do you make the stickers in your projects? How do I make my videos? How do I edit my video? What tools do I use? What tool is this and how do I hang my toilet paper and its time for some answers, so these are the noteworthy tools that make all my YouTube videos and projects possible. Of course everything will be linked in the description below, but you know how I love. Customizing my tools, so just keep that in mind because most of the tools I show you are going to look a bit different Ill, be going through what I use for YouTube and filmmaking. First then, the productivity and desk setup stuff and then the main tools I use for my Art and Design projects and please keep in mind my first few YouTube. Videos were all just filmed from my iPhone, so you definitely do not need all these tools, its all about what you make and how you choose to tell that story. Thats, the important stuff. Okay lets start with the YouTube filmmaking type gear. So everything about my filmmaking setup is built around quality and speed. I have a nine to five job, so I only get time after work to make these videos. So when Im ready to film everything needs to be ready to go, they may not be the best. Nor have the most features but theyre the fastest that Ive been able to find for doing what I need them to do.

So. For starters, I use this quick release plate on everything, any device that will ever go on a tripod at any point. Well, have this installed its fast and just strong enough and thats good enough for me now the main camera Im using right now is the Sony a7c. I use it for all the serious stuff for casual stuff. I use a zv1, its a nice lightweight point and shoot with a flippy screen and then for spontaneous stuff Im currently using the iPhone 12 Pro, because I absolutely love magsafe its so great for attaching battery Banks and other accessories. I had a few of these magsafe magnets left from another project, so I made this foreign mount. They do sell these, of course, but I like to design my own stuff whenever I can now for tripods for the main stuff. I have this big sturdy one, and then I got this medium expandable, one that I can use on my desk and floor next. I really like this tiny one. This gorilla pod, it can wrap around stuff, and it has these really strong magnets in the feet that allow them to basically be mounted on anything metallic. The magnets are just strong enough to also hold my zv1, so it can stand almost anywhere making them the perfect duel. I really like using it like this, but this is technically over the tripods weight limit a bit. So do this at your own risk now for very spontaneous stuff.

I love this thing. You just twist push and drop yeah its that quick. Of course, this is going to be a bit shaky. It was mostly designed for small area lights, but the hinge on this is also just strong enough to support my iPhone or even the point and shoot so its perfect for setting up quick shots. Some other accessories I rely on is this: the rode Wireless go mics. They can magnetically attach to your clothing, theyre great and Ive used them in almost every one of my videos. Next we got this motorized slider, its honestly, not great its a little shaky and it glitches all the time. But the reason I love it. So much is how quickly it is to set up you dont have to use their phone app. You can actually just set a start position, an end position and youre good to go all the Panic shots for. My videos are made using this slider. But lastly, the thing I use the most for filmmaking is actually this rig now, as you can see its made up of a lot of different products, so Ill just link everything below, but the main reason I use it. So much is because of this heavy duty. Microphone arm on it, thats actually strong enough to hold my main camera yeah its amazing, and this way it only takes me a few seconds to set up any kind of shots, even an overhead shot, isnt that fun.

This is basically my camera guy. I should probably name it help me come up with a name for this thing: thats pretty much all the studio stuff, but when Im away from the studio, I actually only carry a few devices. I carry the quick tripod, GorillaPod zv1 iPhone and a few mounts, because even though I dont travel often when I do, I usually have to carry a lot of other devices with me and a lot of devices mean a lot of power bricks. And if I forget, one of these is game over and so thats. Why Im so grateful for the sponsor today ugreen they sent me the ugreen 65 watt indigenous Cube, which now replaces all of these, whether its gallium nitride 3 chip. It can bring fast charging to multiple devices at once. It has three AC Outlets, multiple USB and USB C ports, so it can really power up to 70 voices at once, while keeping my desk organized, I also started using their seven in one USBC adapter. It has an Ethernet port SD card reader, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and USB C 4K video output on top of a 100 watt power delivery, USBC ports. So I can charge my devices while using all the features on this tiny Hub. Lastly, their desktop tablet stand. I can now draw my iPad comfortably in multiple positions need to draw standing up boom. New green has huge black Friday discounts, so check out their product links Below in the videos, description and huge.

Thank you to ugreen for sponsoring this portion of the video and since were here at my desk lets talk about the desk setup and productivity stuff. The first thing thats super important for my productivity. Is this thing its a visual timer that I love using for timing? Focus tasks and breaks. I can always easily see how much time I have left and when time is up it doesnt have a very loud annoying alarm. It just has a simple foreign ly got into mechanical keyboards and even though Im pretty new at it, Im really liking this keychron, one that can switch between three devices via Bluetooth, also very satisfying to type on and another tool that I use a lot. Are these cards theyre? Basically, these blank Hotel cards that I got on eBay that I use as little whiteboards. I write my to do lists on them and stick them into the back of my keyboard. Super easy to just keep adding stuff onto them and erase them as they get completed so theyre, basically, reusable sticky notes and theyre, also great for brainstorming and storyboarding projects too, and so reusable Ive been using these for almost three years now. Next, we have the Spotify card thing. It allows me to control my Spotify music without Spotify running on my computer, taking up around or without me needing to reach for my phone, which is always a dangerous distraction. I can take cause on it and it also has voice control.

Hey Spotify play my liked music. In terms of software, I like to use Adobe Premiere Pro for all my editing after effects for the special effects and then Fusion 360 for all of Duty, modeling thats about it. So, lastly, lets talk about the art and design tools I cant live without, of course, with 3D printers Im, mostly using the modified M3 Pro and sometimes the Ender Theory. S1 Pro. You know these Flush Cutters that they come with theyre, pretty great for cutting filament and wires, but theyre massive. I founded these much smaller ones that work just as well, and I like these a lot because they dont take up as much room in the drawer. Another 3D printing essential tool is this deburring tool. These are great for adding chamfers to the edges of prints or taking care of the occasional elephants feet so lets dive back to more basic tools, starting with knives. Knives are fun, but also very dangerous, so please use them responsibly. My main knife is this Leatherman Multi Tool. I try to have this accessible at all times, just because of all its features. The pliers scissors screwdriver and my favorite is, of course, the fact that you can open the knife with one hand. Nothing beats that, but this is a big tool, so its not really my daily carry for that. I have the micro multi tool that I keep on my keychain. It doesnt have as many tools, obviously, but the two that I rely on heavily is the scissors and the small knife, its a great little mini multi tool.

Now most knives are quick to get out, but its slow to put away and thats not good knives can be very dangerous. You want them to be put away when youre not using them. You may have even noticed a few close calls in my past videos when Im using knives so for cutting boxes. Now I now use this little guy, its the first knife that I found thats easy to bring out with just one hand, but even quicker to put away because the blade is on a spring. So just the light tap of this orange button, and is that amazing? So well designed and when you need to change the blade you just push it to the end and hold it and voila. Definitely one of my favorite knives ever now for the stickers I use across all my projects and customizations. I mainly use two machines for these kind of labels with the small words I print them on this label maker from brother, then for the larger stickers with letters cut out or stencils, I make I use this plotter tool from Cricut. I type out the designs in illustrator and then use their tool to send it over to the plotter once cut out. I remove the access, vinyl and use transfer tape to get it onto wherever I need it. There are a lot more detailed, tutorials online for this stuff if youre interested but thats pretty much the whole process. Alright, next weve got the Ryobi tools.

You guys have seen these before theres, not a whole lot to say about them, but I do need to show some love to the glue gun because having a battery powered glue gun is such a game changer its not too heavy or anything. But the battery is just heavy enough to make it stand all on its own, and so you never have to worry about it falling over and making a mess or anything. It doesnt seem like a big deal, but I love this thing so much. I will never go back to a dollar store, glue, gun again all right. Next, we got the motorized screwdrivers a lot of you guys asked about these, and I cannot believe I didnt get into these sooner. If you Tinker with 3D printers and stuff, often like I do, these will change your life. I got this big one with a sweet light on it and this little one for precision bits and they have just made assembling 3D printers so much quicker and enjoyable. I actually in enjoy putting things together now, because of how satisfying these are to use the company that made this large. One here also made this its just the tape measure, but out of hundreds of years before this one is my favorite for two reasons: one it auto locks, which doesnt seem like a big deal, but it actually makes reaching the ruler across a far distance. So much easier and when youre done you just click the button and second it has a satin finish, so you can easily mark it with a pencil while on regular glossy ones you actually cant.

Now, when it comes to soldering, I hate soldering, I dont even have a good soldering iron. I can recommend you guys if you guys have any. Let me know please, but I got ta say I found these magnetic helping hand things, and I really like them. When working on my 3D printer, I can just stick them on metal parts and Im good to go, or I can just stick them to whatever metal object. I have lying around if you havent noticed. Yet I really like magnetic things theyre, just so fun and convenient to use anyway. I know its probably pretty surprising that this is the second video I put out this month. There was no three month Gap. This is honestly hugely thanks to the sponsors. Ive met. They really allow me to continue providing quality content for you guys, while also experimenting with other video formats, like this one Im, so grateful for the opportunity to even be sponsored. I honestly didnt think that I would ever make it this far with this channel. Its all. Quite weird, but also super exciting right. So thanks for being on this journey with me, and of course this all wouldnt have been possible also without my very supportive family huge thank you to my dad and my brother for helping me with a bunch of the super complex shots. They were so much fun to shoot and also my mom, who prepared so many snacks for us, and you know whats the wildest thing you see these gingerbread cookies.

They only have Smiles on one side, which means I think my mom had physically placed every cookie into this glass jar, one by one to ensure that they were all facing outwards. Yeah thats the level of attention to detail. We have on this crew anyway. Let me know what you guys think of this video format. If you guys like it, I might do some something like this every year or every once in a while, when I discover cool new tools and if I missed anything, let me know – and I can still add it to the videos description if you guys have recommendations For even better tools, definitely let me know too, because I am pretty new at all this still and so Im constantly looking for new ways to do things more efficiently, so thats it for this one Ive already started working on the Ender 3 upgrades q and a Video, so keep those questions coming and Ill see you guys in that one thanks for watching.