But what exactly is the remarkable and who is it for remarkable? That is maybe the most fitting product name in history. It is the thinnest tech product i ever held barely thicker than its usbc port and because of that very light, but it does not feel cheap in hand. The opposite is the case, thanks to the aluminium frame and both sided matte glass, its sturdy and premium 4.7. Millimeter that is so thin that it needs rubber feet on its back and because of them it wont, move on a table, and it is easy to pick up. It is truly remarkable that that little space contains a display, processor storage ram and a 3 000 milliamp hour battery and that battery lasts forever about 2 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less its really uplifting, not to think about battery life. But what is the remarkable two? Is it a tablet? Is it a drawing board? Is it an e book reader? Well, it does not fit in any of these categories very well, but it does fit in every one of them a little bit, and yet it is something totally different. The biggest difference to a regular tablet is the display. It is based on e ink tech, in this particular case, its a black and white one without backlight, but that has its benefits for one. You can read the screen in bright sunlight while sitting next to a pool. It is just like regular paper and therefore has no blue light and no stress on the eyes and when showing static content e ink does not contain battery in any form.

Only when you are flipping the page and that flipping well, it is really strange, looking it flickers and it stutters totally different to an ipad, and the resolution is better than the 226 ppi may. Let you think because there are no real pixels and more of like an organic material, hi, im, teemo motion and graphic designer based in berlin. I used the remarkable 2 for over a month now, and i have to say i liked it very much. I used it mainly to scribble out ideas and just to sketch a little bit, the display is, with its 10.2 inches comparable to the ipad. There are two pencils one with a eraser at the end and one without none of them contain a battery. You only have to change the tip once in a while, even though its not as fast as the ipad, i would still prefer it every day. I really like working with the remarkable because theres, nothing that can distract me. It cant show videos, theres, no internet browser, and there are no pop up emails. Tech can enable more than ever before, but that doesnt guarantee that i do more with it. We are all just human and the software on our devices is perfected to distract us with colorful and bright buttons. Sometimes that can make learning just harder and learning is already hard enough people that earn their money with their words or drawings. They need to get in their zone.

They cant have distractions. The limited yet focused feature set can be a benefit if a product is capable of doing more, but i end up doing less. Is it really capable of doing more time to show the software? It is kind of a file manager system? You can create folders and notebooks and there are countless templates for music drawing storyboards checklists week planners and so much more. That is really awesome. There are eight believable different pen types and you can choose the transparency and thickness. There are, of course, no colors, but sometimes i wanted them. You can cut drawings and move them around. Handwritten text can be translated into letters and sent by mail because of wifi. It can connect to the smartphone or pc app. That app is just like a mirror of the remarkable contents and its really easy to move files around. You can even connect onedrive, dropbox or the google drive, because there is no browser or apps that is really handy. No apps, sadly, means no calendar and that i have to buy ebooks in the epub format, and then i have to drag them manually, and let me tell you guys: the remarkable 2 is the most premium best ebook reader. I ever had in front of my eyes its the first one. I would prefer over a real book light, thin and so big that i dont have to turn pages all the time now lets talk about value, and i have to mention the new subscription service.

It is called connect and contains the following features: unlimited cloud, storage, handwriting conversion screen, share third party cloud integration and an extended warranty in the past. All of these features were free and for existing customers. Like me, they still are. Connect is 8 bucks a month and when you sign it just when you buy the remarkable it is 100 bucks cheaper, so 299 you dont have to use connect and you still can cancel it every month. But still it is kind of strange and i think 2 bucks a month would have been enough. So all things considered, the remarkable 2 with pencil and case is just below 500 bucks comparable to the cheapest ipad with apple pencil, and that thing is technically capable of replacing a pc and the remarkable is clearly not capable of doing that, but it doesnt want to It is tech that doesnt feel like tech and for few people is just the right thing i really like to have one.