This is ITsub. There was a constant demand for wireless keyboards. The most reasonable product is the one I am holding right now: Logitech’s K380. It is between 20000 and 30000 KRW From 2005. It is considered as the most … reasonable product, yet without significant substitutes, But Samsung introduced a competitor in the K380 market, so I bought it myself. I compared it with Logitech’s K380 for the review. My first impression of this product was that it seemed like a benchmark product of Logitech’s K380. It was that similar While K380 is round and cute Samsung is more about the edged design and gives that impression of being Samsung …. You know … Has that smell of Samsung from its design, Comparing to the left hand, side, the power button and the LED sign are identical And the back Where it stores the batteries. The overall layout is quite similar. The design of the arrows are different, Samsung’s, Home and End. The right and left keys were bigger than the rest. Logitech’S were the same as other computers, the small arrows. Personally, I prefer the big ones The weight was pretty close with K380, but slightly lighter. The interesting thing is that, while Logitech emphasized the Bluetooth pairing button, Samsung emphasized the direct to application and DeX buttons Had something special on durability. K380’S durability does not fall behind For a keyboard whose price range is around 20000 KRW. The durability was quite impressive, But I felt Samsung’s keyboard’s durability is better, Even though 1 on 1 comparison is tricky.

When I twist this, When I twist Samsung’s keyboard, It gets twisted, but it is still stiff Attention. Logitech is a bit different. It might be because I had it for a while. You can hear the squeaking sound Stiffness for Samsung For the functional aspect. As I keep using this, I had the impression that it was suitable for Android Galaxy When I connect this keyboard to Android. When I turn on the Bluetooth for the first time, just like connecting Galaxy buds pro, there comes a pop up and it pairs easily. Also, we can see the keys at the top When using with a Galaxy device. You can see the three direct to application buttons, And there is this button where you can use DeX right away. These three buttons can be only used in Galaxy over ONE UI 3.1. Only To show you briefly how to use this When you want to direct at 1, Open the internet And press this Samsung internet application has been registered And when you press 1, it will direct you to this application. Next, we have an application drawer, Multitasking and home key Like K380. It can be connected to 3 devices. At the same time, Number 1. I will connect Galaxy S21. Number. 2. Ipad Pro Number 3 laptop. Thus you can swiftly change between devices. It was also a strong advantage of Logitech’s keyboard to shift between 12 and 3 For Logitech here LED lights for the connected device, Whereas Samsung uses just a single LED and the light moves around with color.

A fact to note is about the FN key For Samsung. The FN key works as a default To type F1 to F12 Press FN and insert like this. However, I considered this as a problem, Even though it is okay for smartphones and tablet, PCs, Especially for PCs, The FN key works automatically. There might be preferences Because Logitech considered both PC and tablet PC and arranged the FN key quite reasonably, whereas Samsung neglected the use of PC. Another fun fact was: Media control is between 1 and 6. To use this button, you need to press FN beforehand, Thus the buttons on the top and the bottom is quite different. The advantages over Logitech, though Control of the brightness on the keyboard, This button is right here, which makes it more comfortable. Another interesting fact is that Logitech has an additional insert button Anyways on the functional aspect For Samsung. It is a pity that they don’t have FN Lock. Although Logitech doesn’t have FN Lock physically, it was possible to set on PC using the software. Additionally, mapping F47 with other functions. A function of one’s choice is possible for Logitech Next, one of the important things to consider buying a keyboard. The texture, when you type Samsung Smart Keyboard, Trio, 500, Microsoft, Designer Compact Keyboard, Logitech, K380, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360. The design are almost alike, But the texture was distinct. First, I compared the products based on this. To start off, The depth of the Samsung was better than K380.

It was more distinguishable And K380 that has more of a round key Had preferences because of this, Whereas Samsung’s full keys are squared and all big in size which makes it more convenient during typing, The smoothness differed as well. When you tilt the Logitech, you can see the slight dent in the middle of the keyboard and when your fingers on top it is comfortable Since it is dented towards the inside, the finger can rest more comfortably on the key. On the other hand, since Samsung has a flat keyboard, so in these aspects, Shall I put it more apt for the human body? Logitech was better in those ways. Also, when I type it, It is not common among products in this price range to have a reinforcing plate As K380 Samsung has a plate. So, as you type you can see, the keyboard stands still rather than being wobbly. She really, It is quite stiff when you type It did have some disappointing aspects regarding the key cap. It seems good with all that big size, keyboard and whatnot, but it is designed more slippery compared to Logitech. So when you type Logitech does not slip that much and it goes like: tak, tak, tak, tak! Tak, when you type But Samsung’s were rather slippery. That touch was a bit disappointing. Also, when you type It can differ based on preference For Samsung like Pro 360, It has that stickiness, but it needed more power than Logitech when you press, Of course, this is very minor, Therefore, For those who prefers Logitech The smoothness, while pressing the keys, The less Power needed So when you have to type for a long hour, Would be merit to a lot of people to chose Logitech K380, Those textures.

So it is difficult to conclude, which one is better than the other. I think it will be based on personal taste Next for compatibility. I thought this was also worth mentioning, because I found some problems in compatibility with Samsung’s keyboard. It even lags on connecting to the Bluetooth for the first time And when you connect this to a different device. Besides Galaxy, There were several cases where it has trouble in paring, So it stuck well with the iPad, but with Mac Mini no matter hard. I try the Bluetooth was impossible to connect to Devices such as Chromecast …. It was a bit … strange with the compatibility There were cases when the Bluetooth didn’t work For this one, starting with Windows, iOS and even macOS. It considered all that devices. Thus, when you look carefully at the buttons here Here, Whether you are on Windows or Android, or on mac or iOS, you can alter by this button. So when you connect the Samsung keyboard to the iPad, Since the CMD is located next to the space bar for Apple K380, changes automatically depending on the connected device. On the contrary, Samsung has placed the CMD next to Alt. It felt uncomfortable when using this with an iPad Based on the connected devices, Windows, Android or iOS, the arrangements of the button change, In contrast, Samsung, has the same arrangements, no matter what I found it problematic with this part. In addition, When you see the arrangements for the keys on the upper side, If it were not the case of Android or Window, the 4 FN keys, the orange keys here are useless.

If it had a button for mapping, it would have been better. It was disappointing to allocate these keys into basic keys Personally Samsung’s Smart Keyboard Trio. 500. Is a nice benchmark product of Logitech’s K380, So I ended up questioning myself quot. Should we still buy Logitech’s K380quot with one more option, The lowest price for K380? The genuine product is 32000 KRW. Samsung’S price is at the tip of the end of 30000 KRW For the price aspect. Logitech K380 is slightly cheaper, In fact …. I don’t think this is a huge difference, So my overall impression after using it If you are using with a Galaxy or Galaxy tab, I strongly recommend using Samsung’s. Smart Keyboard Trio. 500, If you have an iPhone, but still a user of the Galaxy tab, Or vice versa, If you are looking for compatibility with different devices from different manufacturers, I recommend K380 Observing the market these days, Samsung or Apple. It is rather connected Because the Magic Keyboard is expensive When you are using it for Tablet PC. I recommend you to buy a cheap cover that can hold the tablet and buy these Bluetooth keyboards. I think it will be more satisfactory price wise Anyway. This is it for today, A lot of you requested the review of the newly launched Bluetooth keyboard from Samsung. I bought it right away. I was busy with all the iPads and stuff, so I was just using the product And finally came with the review For someone who used Logitech’s product for a long time.

I compared two products. I hope my video will be much of a help for people. I am not saying the magic keyboard is bad, But when comparing the price You can buy more than 10 of these products. When you think of this, the Magic keyboard itself is nice, but ….