That was a core i3 model. It did have support for dual channel RAM, which was great, but it lacked a little bit in terms of performance with only two cores. So I have with me now a bare bones mini PC that I got from and this one has 4 cores it's. Another whisky like you, but it has the core i7, the 85 65 you it does support up to 2 displays. I thought it might support up to 3, but standing my testing it's, just 2 displays the other model looked at was 3 bit overall. This is a very decent mini PC, as you'll find out in this in depth review. So if you are new to my channel or a frequent viewer – and you haven't done so already – please subscribe check the Bell icon to enable notifications. This way you don't miss out on any new videos from me. So this is what you'll find in the box. There is no visa mount for some reason with my unit. I believe it is missing and should be included. So we get a user manual, HDMI, cable, a cable. This is set a three this one right here with a connector for the motherboard and our power supply Delta electronics. This is a known brand and it's 45 watts, and then we get a? U cable. This particular model here and some rubber feet is well so these rubber feet and some screws that we need to install a 2.

5 inch hard drive now looking at the back of it first here we have a 2 4 K outs here, so this is 4 K. 60 Hertz from the HDMI to port and the display port. Now this type C port, I was hoping – could run a third monitor, but sadly, with my unit here at least I'm getting no video output. Out of this we have 2 USB 3 ports, a Gigabit LAN, and then that is our input there for power, and there are two screws currently missing. Those screws hold the lid in place. Then, on the side you will find some plastic here. So these plastic strips are where the wireless antennas are located. This particular side here has the exit vent, so air comes in and cool from the bottom and the other side that looks just like this and then Vince right out here and yes fan noise. Is there and I'll give you a sample of it later on this video it's, probably the biggest con of this particular unit and then the front of this MIDI PC? We have our power on to status, LEDs 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack with Mike support, but there's. Actually, no Mike within this, so this little hole here, not just one status LED, but two of them it actually is not a Mike, which would have been good for Windows, Cortana, support, 2, USB 2 ports and then 2 USB 3 ports and then the bottom.

You can see where the mounting bracket would go if it was included that visa bracket, that I am messing with my particular package and intake along here. So this is where the cool is really sucked in so that's. Why it's important, which I don't have on at the moment, is to put those 4 rubber feet on just to raise it up to give it a bit of ventilation a bit of a gap underneath otherwise it's only going to be sucking in the cool air from The side, so this is a bare bones PC, and that means it does not include RAM storage operating system. Now you can install a 2.5 inch drive onto the inside of our alloy lid, so it's all made out of metal all of us. It does have a very good build. Quality can see, we don't have a lot of room in here, but they managed to squeeze in the two slots. Odom slots there for RAM now for RAM I'm going with hyper X here. This is ddr4 now and see. If I can put this in with my tripod in the way, so just simply push it forward a little bit and then push it down, you'll hear a clip and clip it in place, and that means it's secured then put the other one in here. So this is 16 gigabytes. Each one of these sticks complete overkill. I know this is probably a thing almost more than the price of this mini PC, but I couldn't find my 8 gigabytes so that's.

Why I'm gon na run with 32 gigabytes, and also just to show you that it will run it now for the SSD? I have a say, brunch rocket right here, so this one is full PCIe a force pick which the slot should support, which I'll be benchmarking. This drive to make sure it is running at maximum speeds. I don't see why not now below it there's a replaceable wireless card. It comes with the Intel AC 3165 pre installed, and that is not exactly a fast wireless card because the speeds of it max out at about 400 megabits per second, so without dropping this screw, hopefully, and with my tripod in everything in the way let's see. If I can try and screw this drive in this is way harder than it looks when you've got there, we go anyway, I'm gon na screw that in place, and not put you through the misery of me trying to do that I'll. Do it off camera, the tripod and all my gear and the way and get Windows 10 installed so first up the BIOS. Now it is unlocked to us and we've got a lot of things that we can tweak and adjust, but they don't have any seating here. For the power limits, but don't worry, we can use Intel's Xtreme tuning utility. You can use that to adjust power limits. If you wanted to do so, you could also use throttle. Stop to is another option.

Now there is a sitting in here that if it detects the power off state, then when it pounds back on, you can set it up that it will automatically power itself on you're able to configure that, which is great. So if you wanted to use this as a server – and you want to put it on a remote switch or you wanted it just to power up when it loses power, of course, then that is all possible you've got. Then your boot options, of course, and just a few other settings that we can tweak, but nothing major, no graphics, this one, you can give it a little bit more RAM, which I have actually done here now. I know I'm running a crazy amount of RAM for this 32 gigabytes of RAM that's, probably going to cost more than the actual system itself and the SSD but it's just to show you that it is possible that you can run that 32 gigabytes. If you wanted to do solar, so let's get ourselves into Windows now, so I installed Windows 10 Pro are you do happen to have a CD key of that one so that's why I went with that particular version, and it was very fast to install it now When you go into Windows, Update and just run everything to try and get all the drivers for this particular unit here, it will pull through everything. Ok, including that wireless AC, 30 165 that's on board.

Now I did put the 8 X 200 in there, so I didn't have a driver for it and I just had to connect up to another wireless card in order to get that and download and get the drivers, but you shouldn't have any problems now, if you Install the Linux or the next it's going to run on this thing, absolutely fine, no problems in faint. It really flies on this. It is very, very quick with that which is good to see now under the process. Of course, you'll see that it shows up eight times because we have eight threads here. The maximum turbo is 4.6. This is a tweak of the core i7, the 85 50 or this whiskey, like you from the KB Lake, are so they just boosted up the clock. Speeds really now, when you have a look at the temperatures, I've been doing some stress testing a little bit here that it normally is actually quite good. So won't go over about the highest I've seen it get up to is about 86 degrees, but there was a little bit of fan. Noise there'll be a sample later on, but that's just the trade off there that the thermals are good. In fact, when you touch it as well, it doesn't get that heart, but a bit of fan noise. The good thing is, though, when it is idle or not doing anything too demanding the fan turns off completely. If it can, that is now you're able to adjust.

If you wanted to here to give it a bit of a tweak in Parliament, because you see this is probably flashing right here – that's the power limits trotting on and off and current limit throttling. So if you increase this one here to 45 I've noticed it will still run well and of course, you can undervolt a little bit there. If you wanted to do so. In fact, I do recommend it. It does a boost, a performance increasing the turbo speeds just a little to help there so a couple of benchmarks that they did run here. We'Ve got Geekbench 5 and you can see that's, actually not a bad score. There I'm just going to test out that say Brent 2 terabyte drive here as well in the background, so does get that benchmarking away, have a look on the speeds there, and here is Geekbench 4, so that's very good score. It'S, not bad at all. This is so much quicker than the previous whiskey lake view that I looked at that had their core i3 in it and that, of course, only had two cores and four threads in total. So this one multi core score: there is not actually bad at all, so it's really no slouch when it comes to just your general computing. This thing is very fast, apart from gaming, which you'll see later on it's, not really good at because of the integrated GPU that this has. Of course, we need like dedicated one, so in your spreadsheets and things like that.

It'S just super quick, even a really large one like this, that says 859 pages this one just so quick, no problems at all for it. This is not gon na stress out the CPU spreadsheets as well. This is libreoffice that i'm using no problems, even this one with 700 entries in here that's, not any problem. I don't really need to show this kind of thing here, but oh well, I won't show you Chrome performance because again it is really really quick and because I've got a lot around there, I can have huge amounts of tabs open in the background. So what about a video performance we'll take a look at that too, as well under some demo Clips of God here then, if you're gon na be running Kodi, what you happen to have that it plays everything floor. They really good. We'Ve got that native decoding of vp9 codecs and 80 UVC see here is a very demanding hundred and forty megabit per second for Kate. In bit, clip run this and you'll see that it takes a little while to show up once it gets going. It is very smooth: okay, so there's a few little seconds, there were little lag and then it's now smooth, that's, running fine, okay and if you use cody cody will play it even better super smooth there. So this is an overkill for a media playback machine. You connect up to a TV great for 4k because we do have 4k 60.

The Albert I have tested no problems so 4k, 60 from the DisplayPort 4k, 60 from the HDMI 2.0, a port and look at this. This is a 60 frames per second file. 4K. No issues with this really really good, not a problem, so it is, as mentioned, just an overkill really for those kind of files and playback. So let's have a look at our drive speeds. Okay, so that's got just a little while to go there. So that is definitely running at the full PCIe times for this segment drive here, the slot at least and really good, as you can see there so far, but we'll take a look at what the write speeds are. Okay, so let's just finished up. You can see over 3000 megabytes per second, therefore, the sequential writes that is really really quick and very good. Random 4k reads and writes there as well, and I also did run Cinebench if you're interested in the score. So almost 700 CB is not bad at all, but this was with me under vaulting a little bit and just tweaking up that power limit, okay. Otherwise, the school will be quite a bit lower about a hundred C, be less than this one and then OpenGL score 54 frames per second, not that that really matters here, but let's have a look. Also, at 22 r 20 will get almost 1600 points there again, not actually a bad score for this particular CPU.

Now on to 4k video so I'm, just about to test this right here. My connection, speed at home is only 4 G that I am using, but it should be able to keep up with, as you can see right in there connection speed seems to be ok network activity, but the buffer helpers a little low now it's starting to build Up, okay, so I'm, just gon na hit full screen on this one little bit of lag down and for some reason that's. Oh, I haven't had to play so that helps. If you hit play there, we go so 4k streaming via YouTube. Here is smooth. This can handle this particular CPU, this kind of task with absolute ease, even if you've only got to four gigabytes or eight gigabytes of RAM installed in it and then a more demanding task, which is editing 4k video. So this is one of my old reviews that I've got some sample files here that I like to test out. So when you scrub ahead, the preview window right here this is set to full by the way, is keeping up just fine, now other clips. All that I've got in here and we've got about 10 minutes, so it's like a 10 minute review playback as well for this review. That is fine there's! No, not a simple link here. Now, of course, the quantity of a ram that I've got here is definitely going to be helping or if this, especially if you've, got large it's because Adobe Premiere Pro this one likes to eat Ram, but we'll take a look now at the export speeds.

I'M. Going to export this one at the YouTube, 4k preset and we'll see how long one minute of footage I will take. So I have one minute and 24 seconds or milliseconds they're actually off footage, and you can see, I do have it set to YouTube the 4k Ultra HD preset and we do have hardware encoding. So this means it's going to be a lot faster, so I'm gon na hit play right here and then export will see how long it takes all right so it's just about to finish as soon as that disappears the box, because normally there we go so one Minute and 18 seconds for one minute of footage that is probably actually one of the fastest times I have seen, especially for this whiskey Lake, you processor, so that's, very good. Now, if you do really complex edits, when you start adding a lot of different 4k files effects transitions, it will start to slow down a little bit if you happen to edit a very large video I'm talking over ten minutes like 20 minutes that's, when you do Really actually need a dedicated GPU for this one. I feel so. This is Grand Theft. Auto 5 probably needs no introduction. Most people should know what this game is unless you've been living under a rock, so this is 720p. 1080P is just too choppy it's a thirty lower to mid twenty kind of frames per second, but here it is playable, which is good.

Now I did apply a bit of an under vault, which is 0.75 volts and that's. What I've under bolted on the CPU and also on the GPU as well – and this, I think, has helped just increase the clock rate a little bit, but the CPU is not really being stressed too much here. You can see it's only at about 36, so just good to see that a multi mining game like this one is going to have at least what I would call kind of playable frame rate here, just well scraping just then over 30 frames per second. But most of the time it is in the 40s, sometimes up in the 60s as well, which to me is still playable. Here I mean in a perfect world, it would be a solid 60 frames per second, of course, but this hard we just cannot do 720p. 60, solid 60, so csgo here is normally over about 60 frames per second, but when you get into the smoke, as you can see it dips down to about 45 a little bit lower there I'm just going to see if I can grab someone's gun and Soekarno Gun here and whoops – probably won't last too long here now, I don't need to inspect my weapon. Ah there you go, he would have got me. The main thing is, though the frame rate is actually pretty steady. Apart from this smoke, you will get the occasional little dip, but it is very smooth for integrated data's at 1080p, so the biggest con of this particular mini PC is the fan.

Noise it's now an 100 because I'm, stressing it out running Cinebench at 20. Here so here's a sample of what you can expect at one hunt percent low that's, full rpm on that little tiny fan that's inside there now I did set the power limit to 45 watts up from 25 watts, and it will get up to this right here. 90 degrees C, then, which is actually not too bad, considering we're, adding 20 more watts to the power consumption that it can actually use up. However, it does trigger this right here. You can see so more throttling did take place, and that will happen once once. It goes over about 86 degrees. It will thermal throttle here just to keep those temperatures from exceeding 90 that I got and, of course it does lower the clocks down a little bit okay. So let me recap here so the size of this thing. I think it does pack quite a bit of performance. We'Ve got the quad cores eight threads in total and then is a very good there with other m vm e drive support and also supports at a three so it's a combo slot there m2. Now we don't certainly have three monitor support with this one. Now I thought the type C port might support video out to 4k 30 Hertz or 60 Hertz, but no not there at all. I would have preferred to have a course Thunderbolt 3 on this, but that really would have pushed the price up speaking of price where the coupon this comes out to be 299 US dollars, but you need to factor in that.

This is a bare bones system, so you need to add your RAM. Your operating system and an SSD 2.5 inch drive support, as shown it is good to have in this, and really it does pack a lot. What does impress me the temperatures? Okay, so thermals are good and touching it. It will begin running days on end I've, had it running for a couple of days non stop and it will just be nice and cool to the touch and when it's idle, the fan goes off completely. So it doesn't just stay in a low setting sucking up that's. It stops completely no sucking up dust then, when it's not on at least but when it is under load that's. Probably this the only really con with this machine really about from not having Thunderbolt 3 is that it does have a bit of fan noise when pushed quite hard, so that's, just one thing there. If you're really sensitive to fan noise, you don't like an annoying kind of fan. It'S not super annoying, I mean it's bearable, but you were definitely hear is audible defense in here and yes to your aim, the guys in the comments, I know, you're, probably saying rise in seven four thousand series: where are you reviews of those models? Well, I haven't seen it yet and when I can review one I will actually. I have plans I'm in discussions with a couple of hopefully some brands and send out a review unit to me on a couple of aim.

The POW mini pc. So they will be coming in the channel. Don'T worry I'm, not just Intel. Only. I mean I don't care about the Intel AMD battles whatever, because that rose in seven four thousand does look super promising, but this is actually really quite a good Intel powered mini PC.