This is a 4k 60 ips monitor with adapter sync and for an astonishingly low, just 250 pound price tag, but is it any good let’s find out now that price tag makes this one of the cheapest 4k monitors that you can buy ips or nods right now? They do have some strong competition from the likes of lg with their 27 ur600, but that’s a touch more, and this is clearly slightly more geared towards being a specifically gaming, monitor, that’s, clear from nothing other than the on screen menu. It has an entire tab dedicated to gaming options, specifically not only gamer profile modes, changing the colors and that sort of thing, but it has an option to enable low input, lag and three levels of overdrive to help speed up the panel’s response type and those options. Work with overdrive, disabled, i was seeing it take about seven milliseconds for the panel to go from black to white which, while not the absolute slowest, certainly isn’t the fastest, but when you enable overdrive that drops it down to just five, which is a healthy improvement. Now it is a little bit slower to go from a lighter color to darker as overdrive can’t help as much there, but it takes around about one frame at 60 hertz or about 17 milliseconds. For that that transition to happen now, it does have a bit of ghosting specifically about one and a half frames worth or about 23 milliseconds with overdrive off, and it does take that around seven milliseconds for uh, when the frame starts being drawn to when it actually Is nice and crisp and clear, but at 60 hertz each frame is being displayed every 16.

667 milliseconds. So you have that frame nice and crisp on screen for a fair, while, interestingly with overdrive, enabled it does improve the the time that it takes for from when the frame starts being drawn to you, seeing the ufo, nice and clearly that’s that’s good. However, it does seem to create what is literally a white ghost image on screen. You can see it slightly here, but let me swap over to a different clip that’s using the ufo test at 3840, pixels per second rather than 960, and you can see it much more clearly. As you can see, there is literally an entire copy of the ufo. All in white, except for what used to be the blue of the the alien shirt, is now a green blob instead. I’M, really, not sure why this is happening. I guess it’s some form of overshoot, but either way i would leave it on the medium setting. As that issue is less prevalent, but it still helps speed up the response time enough that that’s, where i’d call it nice and balanced, as for the low input, lag mode that also works well too, testing with my time sleuth over hdmi, it reported just 1.9 milliseconds Of latency at the top of the display which, while that’s not the fastest time i’ve ever seen, it’s far from the slowest, i also record the total system, uh latency click to photon latency as nvidia causes using nvidia’s ldap2 that’s in csgo.

I have a 1080i literally strapped to the bottom of this table that plays csgo even at 4k at well over 300 closing on 400 fps and interestingly, for this monitor the best average that i could get was around 71 milliseconds now that’s, nowhere near as bad as Trying to say play on google stadia but it’s very bad, compared to the standard type of monitor that i review here for 1080p and even 1440p. Although i should make it clear that i, because of the good times loose results, i’m more inclined to believe that this is an issue with the system or with the game running at 4k, rather than an inherent issue with the monitor itself, but either way the gaming Experience on this is pretty great, of course, being a 4k 60hz panel it’s, probably not the sort of monitor you’d pick up if playing fast, paced games like cs go or the so thing you want to do with it. I imagine this is better for the more social, sporting and story based games where the core fundamentals aren’t fast response times and rapid movement, but even still, i still had a good time playing on it. Of course, 60 hertz isn’t the best for this, but the the ghosting wasn’t, something that i actively noticed in game. I was still able to click on some heads when i needed to, and so i wouldn’t have trouble recommending this as a gaming monitor if you’re, considering picking this up to use with your playstation, 5 or xbox series x.

I think this would be a pretty good fit for the majority of games that you’d play on that the sorts of inputs you generally have to those consoles. I think you’d have a good time. Admittedly, i probably still wouldn’t game at 4k on a console just yet, but if that’s, what you’re after, i definitely wouldn’t say no to this. It also has two hdmi ports and a displayport, so you could in theory, hook up both consoles and a pc and play whatever wherever if content consumption is on the cards too, as i expect it would be, i think you have a pretty good time with this. The ips panel they use here is pretty nice offers 300 nits of peak brightness, which isn’t enough to even meet phase’s lowest end hdr 400 standard. So no hdr content for this thing, but 300 nits is plenty bright enough for sdr content is bright enough for any scenario you could throw at it. Besides, maybe direct sunlight, at which point i would recommend you move the monitor. Colors are pretty nice to the eye from the content consumption perspective, and if you want to do some more creative work on them like photo or video editing, or maybe some games, development or 3d modeling it’s, also not too bad either. The colors were reporting as just shy of 100 of srgb coverage, although the curve was slightly off, especially in the greens. It covered 81 of adobe rgb and 84 of dc ip3, and you can tune that and especially if you do have a calibration tool like the data color spider x.

I think this will work fine for you but it’s. Clearly, not its primary directive, plus the added christmas you get of having a 4k panel in such a relatively small size, does give just a little bit touch extra quality to your your viewing experience for me personally, i would argue that 28 inches is probably slightly too Small for me to really enjoy 4k on a regular basis. I think i would personally prefer 32 inch or maybe even larger for 4k is 1440p fills. This 27 inch 28 inch niche for me personally, just fine, but if that’s, what you’re after, i think, you’re gon na have a very good time with this monitor, especially at that incredibly low price tag. Sure the panel isn’t quite as fast as maybe i would like it to be, but i didn’t really notice that, while gaming, and so if you’re after a 4k60 gaming monitor, especially for that 250 pound price tag, i’d be pretty happy to recommend this. If your use case swings a little bit more towards content creation and consumption, then those lg options might be a touch better, but for gaming this is a great shout. There is one caveat, though. Pricing on this monitor seems to be incredibly inconsistent. Curry’S, pc road are selling this for 250 pounds as i’m sure that i’ve already showed you but box. The code uk are selling it for 280 and amazon has it listed for over 300 and at that price i think i’d probably go with the lg one, even regardless of my use case, because not only would it be cheaper but arguably it’d be a slightly nicer.

Possibly even slightly faster of the box panel, and that would be my preference if you can find this for 250, maybe even up to that 270, then this is still a great shout, but anything over that starts to get some pretty tough competition. With that said, those are my thoughts but i’d love to hear yours in the comments down below. What do you think of the u28? G2Ae is a monitor you pick up yourself, or would you go with the lg options instead or maybe something else entirely 1080p or 1440p instead do, let me know in those comments down below and if you want to check out this monitor or maybe pick one up Yourself, i’m, going to leave a link to it in the description down below that’s, an amazon affiliate link that will take you to your local amazon store. We can see pricing when and when you watch this because it can and does vary. There are also a whole load of other ways to both stay up to date on the videos like hitting subscribe, that subscribe button and the bell notification icon and supporting the channel like hitting the youtube join button right next to the subscribe button. Uh to get access to our money, main discord, chat, sponsor free videos and some cool emojis too there’s, also a link to patreon, if you’d prefer to support there instead or other affiliate links or places like overclock gk. If you’re buying from there there’s vpn options.

Humble bundle, streamlabs, obs and a whole load of stuff so feel free to check it out. Otherwise, i’ll leave some more videos on the end card to check out.