I know a lot of you being screaming out where the tablet reviews and well sadly, they're just not releasing so many models. However, all do cube, they have come out with this one, which is called the Neo X. Now the Neo X is the successor to the X, as has the same screen to a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED panel from Samsung. So is this tablet just all about a great screen having really a premium screen and a budget tablet it's selling for about two hundred and twenty nine US dollars that's just the tablet itself. You can also get the optional keyboard, which I will show you in this review. So this is what you'll find at the box. We'Ve got a Qualcomm quick charge, three charger, so we'll take it just over two hours to fully charge it I'll. Let you know the exact time later on in the review got a type c, two USB cable, SIM tray tool, so it does take two nano Sims, dual SIM or micro SD card and nano SIM, and there is a user guide, and I also wanted to point Out the tablet does come with a pre applied screen protector. The new X is eight millimeters thin, which is not bad at all, so there's a thin tablet. Now the rear housing is an alloy unibody. The top here is plastic, so we do have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack side playing Allowance, bigger on both the sides, but here on the left.

We'Ve got the type c, so there is no video output with this one sim tray slot down the bottom there's our Pogo port pin connectors. That is for the keyboard, which I will show you shortly there's a couple of holes there for the two stays and this back here with the audio cube littering there in Chinese alloy and a very good weight. This says only 495 grams or Lum. So you've got some serial numbers and other ticks here, which is a little bit ugly. I wish they didn't have this on here and also wish they didn't label the type C port and the SIM tray and where the headphone jack is I'm, pretty sure most people know that so this camera right here this is 5 megapixels, and then they went up The front here this one is there's an ambient light sensor right here and I'll move on to the display, but first to show you yes, we've got rather large, bezels top and bottom. There is a bit of a black line around here too. So it's not like the white, goes right up to the complete X or edge of this white bezel, which is slightly annoying and plastic frame around the outside here. So overall, the build quality is good. I'Ll just get that screen protector off and we'll. Take a look at that screen in detail: you can also get the optional keyboard for it that they do sell on the website.

Banggood is where I got this particular one, so here's a magnetic latch here there are the three different parts we need to fold back when we set it up on the other side here that is the same material. So this is just a fake leather like synthetic material, it doesn't feel too bad it's an a grayish kind of color, and when I just open this up, I'll demonstrate what it is like to sit up. So this you just fold it back like so and is magnets that keep it up, and then you put the tablet up like so. Okay, it might take a few goes to get it right, especially when you're recording it on camera. So the keyboard itself, the layout isn't too bad, considering that we've only got a 10.5 inch screen and they've done a reasonably good job with it, with the shift keys, the size, spacebar key and overall, it does actually work well. So when you need to type a lot on this, if you're going to be typing a lot, that is on your tablet, I do recommend going for the keyboard versus say using bluetooth or you could buy yourself one of those Logitech Bluetooth, keyboards designed for tablets there's. Another alternative which would be higher quality than this, but overall it is good. Now I've noticed that it does sort of lift up a little bit in the middle. So when you're typing on it, you get a little bit of bounce and a little bit of movement.

There, but again it's better than just using the on screen keyboard for typing and using this one I find is good. The palm rest is a little small, no there's, no touchpad but of course, it's a touchscreen. So we don't need a touchpad right here. There'S one area of concern, though, and that is that when you close it down, although we have the four rubber feet, you can see there's two there in two there and there's, nothing really propping it up in the middle. So I've noticed that if you look at it side on when you've got it all down and all together like in this case mode that, if you're putting it in together with a bag with some books and things that it's going to apply pressure – and I do Believe those keys will touch the screen and scratch the screen protector so definitely put a cloth or something in between the screen of the tablet, and then the keyboard too, of course stop that, so is this going to offer you any protection as well? Not really maybe a little tiny if you were to drop it, I brought if you're gon na be typing a lot get the keyboard. If you don't plan to type a lot with your tablet, then I wouldn't bother getting the keyboard just get yourself a good carry case for it. So let's take a look at the star of this tablet and that is definitely its 10.

5 inch Super AMOLED panel. The resolution is 2560 by 1600. Now there is a bit of a flaw with this and it's, not a hardware floor. This panel does look very good on my unit. I am not seeing any hardware problems at all. It does not seem like a second that has been rejected from Samsung that didn't go into one of it tab 6s. The Galaxy Tab is six happens to use this exact same Super AMOLED panel, now I'm measuring maximum brightness. With this one, I am seeing about 400 nits close to 400 nits, and it is a very nice screen, deep blacks being the AMOLED touch. Rips response, for me is good I'm, not having any issues with it. You can see there how deep those blacks are I'm. Trying to capture it here as best as I can, you may see a little bit of like crossing cross hatching on the screen that is happening and that's just on camera there. Now I do notice that at lower brightness settings it will actually flicker now I've got a filter on at the moment. You can see that terrible flicker there pulse width, modulation, flicker. I don't see it with my eyes, but others may now these options here, of course, for eyeshield mode that just turns off the blue light or dims it down to more of a yellow reading modes of black and white. So all of that is in there and the lowest brightness setting is also very good, so that's all great, but just missing.

The white balance is an error, so I have to use because in the settings there's just nothing there under display nothing at all for white balance, tweaking our color real disappointment that they've done this for a second time around cube. So I have to use a third party app for that, and that is called this one right here. It is screen balance as a way to get around this issue, so you can use this and then correct, really the color of it. So it won't be such a warm white. You can make it more of a neutral white or cooler weight toward whatever. Is your personal preference so a very decent screen? Yes, the bezels top and bottom are big they're massive for year 2020 standards. Now I want to talk a little bit about this ROM there's, a few annoyances, whether I showed you the display setting, annoyance and the other one. Is this right here. So it is running stock, Android, Android, nine, and we cannot get rid of the Google search bar that they have put into the lower portion here and forced it upon us. So you're normally you've got all your icons set up here. You can have your widgets in there, which is fine, but this area doesn't change and to me it's excessively tall and having this there is really annoying. You can't seem to get rid of it. The Google search widget there is it's so annoying that it's there.

Now any of the icons that you decide you want to move down to this portion, you'll notice, how it gets cut off, just the very bottom of it, which is another annoyance, so this is very poorly done using the stock launcher I wouldn't actually use. I recommend highly recommend installing nova launcher to fix this issue and then you've got their launcher on it. It actually seems to perform a little bit better as well I've just recently uninstalled it, because I want to keep it stock here for this review. So that means that the performance – yes, I think, because it's stock Android it does make it reasonably good it's, not bad at all and the snapdragon. Even though it's this these 660, it does perform reasonably well with 4 gigabytes of ram it's. I speed beam as you see later, on with benchmarks and everything else that i will also show you now that'll get onto now. I haven't seen any other bugs it's. Just that bug there, with the lack of our display settings and in the bug with the the widget there that you fix just use nova launcher for your launcher. So it does have a wide vine level. 3 cert, unfortunately – and i was expecting this because the last model had it too so that means Netflix Amazon, Prime video and anything else that streaming video is going to be stuck and standard definition slightly annoying you get just over 50 gigabytes free on the storage.

With this and when you first use it, you are going to see just a couple of bloatware applications. As mentioned it's stock Android 9 they've got their own little icon up here, but it's actually just a shortcut to their website, so it's not really blow but that's. A shortcut that shouldn't be there at least, and then you could say well ES File, Explorer shouldn't be on there as well. But you can really. You can put up with all that, because it's very very light in terms of roms, because you see most manufacturers will be just putting up so much bloat into other rubbishy apps on there that some of them, you can't, even remove so in that regard, it is Actually, quite good, so I'll get onto some of the benchmarks and performance figures. First up the wireless speed, so this one can achieve over just over 400 megabits per second, when you're close to the router, which is fine. Now my furthest position away, which I always test with the phones and tablets that I review in the channel. It does okay in terms of signal strength, but the speed is only about 60 megabits per second and I like to see at least over 100. So when you're quite far away from your router, you will notice that the speeds significantly drop off and it does become a little bit slow downloading. Now, GPS is onboard this so hardware, gps, which is great, but it doesn't have a hardware compass on board.

So it's, okay for navigation it's, just the compass does aid when you turn corners and things, and it just makes it work a little bit better there. It doesn't see a huge amount of satellites, but overall it is working. Fine. The accuracy will be at 3 meters. So these storage speeds of this one here we've got EMC 4.5 spec. I believe and it's not super quick as you can see, but this is not going to be bottlenecking the system at all with these, even though that random right is quite low. So, yes, installing apps may be maybe a little bit slower than your typical phone or tablet, but it shouldn't bottleneck it. This is probably some of the areas where it does feel a little bit slower, running and tutu's benchmark. You can see from this score getting under 200000 that, yes, this is low end it's, a dated chip here so it's great that, yes, all did cube swapped over to using Qualcomm, but I feel they should have gone with something like the 730 or the 720 Snapdragon. Would have been, I think, better, but that would have pushed the price up. Possibly them to Geekbench. 5 score also reflects how low end this particular chip is nowadays whether it's for cause or a cause in total, but it is yeah old dated charging time. So the charging time will be, you can see him marked right here, 125 minutes to fully charge these 7700 am our battery and I'm getting some flicker on screen here, but trust me that, as only with the camera that's happening at the moment I'm seeing this this Is a very hard screen amyloids to capture on camera really could now the battery life.

I am able to get here. This was 7 hours and 23 minutes when it got right down to three percent, and that was a good five and a half hours of gaming. Okay, so I'm, seeing better life gaming about that six hours. Maybe gaming non stop mixed kind of use, eight hours more light use like ebooks web internet or video streaming, and things like that up to, I would say about ten hours, so the better life is actually okay on this particular model onto audio, but also to point Out that with YouTube that you can set it to 1440p, that, of course the screen is going to support so it's the maximum quality, and it looks good it doesn't stutter doesn't lag either. It is fully playable with this chipset, even though it is dated so audio quality is a little bit mixed here, it's, not so great. The speakers, as you hear from the sample I'll play you shortly. They'Re, not amazing, but I'm, also noticing like a little bit of constant static through those speakers when they're on at lower volumes. You will just hear this a little bit of a hiss going all the time and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on my unit here does have a tiny little bit of that static. That white noise hits that I can just hear ever so slightly always there so it's, not super clean audio. I find the audio quality is disappointing differently from the Neo X here, but here's that sample of those two side firing loudspeakers and 100 volume now ebooks on this particular screen.

Do look very good because well, we've got that resolution 2560 by 1600 means it is sharp it's an quality AMOLED panel that's in this as well – and I do like the look of reading on this – is not a problem, certain landscape. What does it look like? In a portrait flip it around just as good and because it's only about 500 grams it's, not bad at all, holding this particular tablet for long periods. Reading your favorite ebooks, so large PDF files are. They do look good on this screen and you can see how it was just zoomed in before now when you do scroll ahead quite quickly like that, it can sometimes take a little bit to catch up if it is a very large PDF file. So I'm, just gon na zoom into that text. Again, as you can see, it looks very good, and here the touch response is fine, but one thing: I've noticed that when you're in different applications it is very hard to swipe down our toggles. So if you wanted that reading mode, I mean look at this come on swiping, I want the reading mode. I don't want the amps built in reading on. I want it from the ROM. I mean this is ridiculous. There we go. I can finally bring that down. I can go along here now hit reading mode and I want the ice yield mode, so that's removing the blue light. But that was an effort to just get that triggered that gesture just swipe down and see that there we go again.

I can do it and it shouldn't be like that it's just the way the ROM is, which is a slight annoyance, so now I'm, not actually playing Diablo 2. Here this game is an Emer and the gaming performance from the tablet, even though okay it's Snapdragon 650 it's a little bit dated it's, not really too bad. I feel that these older titles, well, this actually isn't an old title, but lighter engine titles. It plays just fine and I don't get any serious lag or anything that is going to kill me now. If you are a big Diablo fan by the way. I wanted to mention that this game is surprisingly good. It is probably the best Diablo clone that you can get right now, it's called anima. Now, when you look at other games that do ok demand a little bit more from the GPU. You notice that the performance is a little bit more sluggish. At times you can get a little bit of lag and frame dips, Shadowgun legends by the way so run this one on the lost settings and it is still playable. So it can play all the games out there. Just you really do have to lower those settings to get what I would call a more playable smooth and fluid framerate. Here is a sample of the front webcam. So if I stop talking, you can hear this constant hissing noise or maybe it's the speakers on the tablet itself.

I can hear like a hiss coming through now the framerate here this is 1080p. It doesn't seem to be 30 frames per second it's more like 20 or something and overall I think this quality is its average it's gon na be right for sake, what's, app or Skype. And yes, you can use whatsapp with this one because it doesn't have a SIM tray in there, so you can use it like a mobile phone mobile phone apps as well, so for your voice, chat, voice, call apps, it's, okay, average quality. So this is definitely not a perfect tablet. I mean I could have almost reviewed this tablet with my eyes closed, because I have reviewed so many of them from China and they don't really seem to improve in certain areas. The speakers poor speakers there's a little bit of static and hiss over it. Then we have okay, no wide vine level one set. I definitely expected that to be there to be present it's good, that we've got Android 9 we're, not still stuck on Android 8, but Android 9. It is kind of old. Now we should have Android 10 with this particular model. Now the screen is fantastic. It has a very good screen in my unit right here. I have heard from someone else on Twitter that they do have like a bit of a bulge in the middle of there. They'Ve got a slight defect, but the screen in mine I can confirm 100 – is not a second.

I can't see anything wrong with it. Even on the lower brightness settings I'm, not seeing any funny different patches and things that some people were complaining about, we'll say the Galaxy s5. The tab is 5e or the tab is 6 I'm, not seeing it at all with this panel. So it is a very, very good screen, then ok, the ROM itself there's, that kind of annoyance with the widget there in the middle. So I definitely recommend if you want to get the best out of this tablet, if you're going to be buying one, that you do install Nova Launcher, and you do add that one called that application. I showed you called screen balance to stuff the top of my head. It could be wrong put it down in the comments if I was screen balanced to correct the white bone, so no display settings is kind of it's mind boggling. Why would Cube do this? A second time around audio cube the first model. They give us a brilliant fantastic premium, AMOLED display, but then they don't give us any controls in the ROM to adjust the color of it, it's, just crazy, it's silly. Luckily, we have those third party apps that can get around that particular problem. Now the performance is yeah dated chip it's, not amazing. Now I think it's overall, pretty snappy and quick it's great having 4G support. Dual SIM that can place voice calls that's good, and I have done a voice call test with us and it's like a phone.

If you answer a call, it will be on speakerphone until you plug in a headset and that's just the way. It is with a tablet, of course, and the keyboard is actually alright to type on. Do I recommend getting it only if you're gon na be typing a lot and you really do want to have the keyboard, because overall I mean it's it's, a nice decent package when you fold it all up, and it just adds to the value of it, but Really, if you're not gon na be typing a lot, I would just invest in maybe a flip case for it. If there are ones out there or get yourself just a decent pouch to put the tablet, and so overall the audio cube, neo X here fantastic screen and then real quality is OK, better life 10 hours it's just there are those things that I pointed out so Make sure you're fully aware, if you're skipping to the end of my video here, to see the pros and cons, please go back and check on some of the other things before you pull the trigger. You know the full story about this particular one here and hopefully I will be reviewing more tablets in the channel. I really do want to see now a tablet from Auto Cube if they're watching this or one out, maybe tick. Last one of the other manufacturers with the media tech, demesne, 'ti, 820, chipset – that in a tablet with this screen and then fixing the Widevine level suit and the other things that give us better speakers, they could really make a fantastic tablet for the money.