This here is currently the world’s fastest rc car at 202 mile an hour, but he he had around about half a mile of runway, but in this video we’ve got half a mile runway. Two and we’ve also got three times the amount of horsepower this car has round about 12 horsepower. We have about three times that about 36 horsepower, this dude’s strategy has been years of testing and development. My strategy is more power, and hopefully that is gon na give us the world record and if not, it’s, probably gon na, be an epic failure and you guys can come along on the journey to watch me. A complete novice haven’t got a clue. What i’m doing see if i can win the world record with just more power, but anyway, in the last video in that short little bit of runway, that we had this car ran absolutely perfectly straight. It was so stable and it accelerated so fast and you get so much speed in shots. A small amount of space was actually quite amazing, so i don’t want to change too much on this setup. I just want to go over. It all make sure the nuts and bolts are tight. I want to show you a little bit of this carbon fiber off the rear wing off, because i think the tyre was actually rubbing on it. I’Ve got a brand new set of upgraded scorched parts. Heavy duty, diff lockers it’s – got some scorched, lift lockers in there already, but these ones are the new revised versions that are a lot stronger suspension wise.

It was slightly rubbing a little bit on the runway, so i’ve just turned these springs down a little bit, also a little bit on the rear just to keep it balanced. So hopefully, this isn’t going to bottom out and rub on the floor. But i don’t really want to change too much because it ran so well. And if i start messing about with it, i might make it worse and we’ve also got some different tyres to have a little bit of a play with so let’s do a little bit of wrenching, less waffling and then we’re going to go back up to the Runway and see how fast we can get it to go. You don’t want to be breathing this stuff in guys, so here i’m just sanding off some of the carbon fiber, so that’s, given us a little bit more clearance there. We still got a bit of plastic in the way, though, so i think we best off trim a little bit of that off too. Normally on these cars, the rear wheels they face in slightly, which is good for going around bends, but not really very good. On the straight line with foam, so i made the back wheel straight, but by doing that he got it closer to all this lot here and next we need to take the rear end apart, so we can get to the rear differential. So here we’ve got the new diff lock and if we have a little look, we can see that this one’s got two grub screws holding it on, and this one’s only got one and this used to come a little bit loose.

Also, the newer one’s got stronger, drive caps, but guys check out the quality of that machining i’m gon na put a link down below where you can get these from, and also all the other parts on. This build for speed, runs locked up, diffs make the car so much more stable, so here i’m, using some green stud lock just to make sure that nothing comes loose and with the amount of power that we’re running it’s super important that we shim the diffs for Maximum durability check it out guys that looks amazing. Now i probably did go a little bit overkill with a lot tight, but i do not want this coming loose and if you apply heat you’re going to get it off anyway, but this stud lock stuff, i think, that’s about as strong as you can get and If you look at the front, it’s actually come loose. Hopefully these new designs will stay tight for longer. So now, with the differential installed, we can go ahead and put it all back together. Music, look at that! We’Ve got much more clearance here now you got ta. Remember guys, when we get a lot of speed up on these tyres, they can’t expand a little bit and if it starts hitting this, it could blow them out. So we’ve got a new differential in there. Look, we still got ta, do the front one we’re gon na do that one off camera exactly the same as doing the rear.

So next we’re gon na prepare a brand new set of tyres and then we’re gon na take it out and let it rip. So. First of all, we need to balance them because unbalanced, wheels and tires mean less speed, so i’ve just been watching mike craddock’s rc master class, where he teaches us how to do it. I’M. Gon na put a link to this down below. I don’t have a tyre balancer, so i made my own i’ve ordered one, but it hasn’t come yet so i’ve got to make do. Basically, we just want to make sure that it’s perfectly balanced if it’s got a heavy spot, the heavy spot will go to the bottom. Then we go add pate uh to balance it, but this actually seems pretty good at the packet. So these come a little bit too big for my car out of the packet, so next we’ve got to make them smaller, and that also makes them perfectly round, and for that we got this tyre lathe Music. Now so next we’ll chuck it back on the balancer, make sure that it’s still balanced and then we’re good to go, and that looks about perfect. So now let’s get your restroom done and then we’ll go rip. Yes, we are on location and check it out guys. We’Ve got all the way from over there all the way to over there. We got andy and andy’s advantage point guys. We’Re gon na get some speed, we’re, not really sure which way to go, because this is actually quite a rough surface.

This surface over here is smoother, but we’ve got joins. I don’t know how that’s going to respond when you’re going fast, but i guess we’ll see in a minute the 12s lipo on this side for that motor. Another 12s on this side for that motor 24 cells. In total, all right, so how do we start this thing good to go so here’s the moment of truth issues and we hit a lump on the floor. What the wheel arches come out now the wheel i’ve just come out well, how did that come out? Don’T hit a stone – probably oh man, it’s too rough in it it’s a new bedding. Now i might just go for it anyway. Here we go for the second attempt. What happened so we hit the droid in the runway. Air got under it and gave him over Music a little bump and it was just the belly’s done. Oh no, no, that tire gun what’s. So next we attempt to get a thumbnail laughing game over rc. There you go, give yourself a shout out there. You go check them out on their youtube. They set this up for me, which is a plain receiver to that, and that should give you how much range about 3 500 meters yeah, and that was probably about 400 wouldn’t, it yeah, and this cut out. This is supposed to be 600 and it cut out on 400. Music. So we learned a valuable lesson that fast rc cars and uneven grounds, don’t mix, so i’ve just got it on my editor and we can actually look at it frame by frame to see what happens here.

We go we’re going across to relatively smooth bit of runway, and here we can actually see the car is already squatting a little bit on the back, which is not really what we want. We want the rear to be higher than the front the minute the rear gets lower than the front the air can get under it, it can flip up, and then you know you saw what happened so anyway. We come up to a bump here and as we get to there, you can see the whole suspension of the whole car compresses and then off here it’s like a little step, and now we can see the whole car is actually in the air so forward. A few more frames, it’s airborne, the rear, end comes down, and now the front is higher, and that is the moment of no return. The air gets underneath and it’s game over bomb that’s it about 138 mile an hour at this point completely game over and now as the car lifts up at this angle, the air gets under it underneath the body, shell and folds the sides up in a minute Guys we can have a look at all the damage and detail and then at this point here the revs go through the roof, the foam tyres explode. Look you see little bits of foam everywhere. Then we go around to one back flip two back flips a roll, a corkscrew! God knows what else: bang there it lands on the floor, scrapes its way down the concrete and comes to a rest.

So let’s see that again on the second camera angle. So here we can see the suspension compresses. It goes over the bump and boom we’re gone air gets under it gone there. We can see the body folded back again. Look so looking back at that footage. We could clearly see that the car hit the joint in the runway hit the bump it made it uneasy. It lifted the front up and as soon as the air got under there, it was game over and just check out the damage on it guys it’s. All tarmac grazed, it everywhere it’s, actually shaved this wing down it used to be bigger up here. I think it’s still going to be good to go again, but i should really get a new one on there round down the axles ground down the esc cable. Luckily, the most expensive components these mgm esc’s around about a thousand dollars. Each has two of them. They survived. The motor survived. Most of the car survived it’s, not that bad but it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, because all this sort of time time consuming homemade stuff that’s. What i’ve got to make again? You know it’s a lot easier. If you break parts you can just buy it put them back on when you’ve made parts custom made parts, it always hurts a little bit more just trash. This little custom made belly that i made ripped my inner arches off, even though i did this on the first one, where i hit a bump in the road, oh more scraping on here, we’ve got steering, link broken off.

All things considered, it’s, not too bad. We did learn a few things. I think. Definitely we got ta find a smoother runway. Look at that. I think what happened there guys was when, when it really the revs went up. I wasn’t quick enough to react because before i knew that what was happened, the thing was upside down. I think what happened was it went into a wheelie, the revs went through the roof and it blew the foam off of the tires. They’Ve done it to this. One here and this front one here look that’s even worse, radio wise the radio link was running out of range. I had to hold it up to try and get a little bit extra range out of it. So the next video we’re going to be fitting. This fly sky, no ball with an airplane receiver. So we’re going to get this thing. Rebuilt we’re gon na find a more suitable runway, give it another run and still go after that goal of 103 mile an hour to get the world record.