As I said before, hotel is probably the king of Diagnostics out there and I would highly recommend Hotel more than any of the other other diagnostic machines. So today I have received this and I am going to were a bit open and show you whats inside. So this is the moment of truth. I shall start ripping it and hopefully reveal what I have bought expensively top range and hopefully find out here we are guys I have taken it out, and this is the other thing that it comes with, as well as the real deal so were gon na rip. It up and uh opened up the digital inspection camera, and here we are its quite handy, probably a um size, a bit bigger, um camera does go on there. This is the end of the camera, as you can see from here, and it is a flexible wire which comes as part of the deal. You know when you buy it, uh thats that so well, leave that and then the moment of truth is this here, and here we are. This is what, with Pages guys, this is probably one of the biggest size Hotel you can buy. I think its 12.9 inch in terms of screen – and this is brand new – obviously never been used. The sticker still on there and if we just lift this is quite chunky and big Im. Not gon na lie its a beautiful machine, and this is how the back looks um and it does come with a stand.

So here it is there. We are lets just stand it up for a minute and we shall turn it on your on buttons here and youve got some stuff here as well. There we are, and then youve got some of the USB sections around the other side here as well. There we go so that is that um overall, its a nice hand size, should we say you can grab it its a decent sized screen. Here we go. This is the inside this. I think they used to call it the J2 534 and it is still called the same um its bigger than before. Im not gon na lie, because previously it was quite um a smaller size. However, now its a quite chunkier stuff should we say um, but this is what it looks like it used to be white and black. If I remember rightly now its this color, its quite nice Im, not gon na lie, so here it is same as before and thats that as well and looking into this, if youre going to tell me what this is obviously sure comes into something else, probably to Cover it up or charge it up, um and here s, the cable that we always pair Vehicles up with so youll have to connect this to this um and then that connected to the car and then its a wireless thing. You know Bluetooth, um connection between them, so that is that and then moving on to the stand here.

This is also a stand as well as a charger now I will rip it up later on at a later point, but this is the so you know what well rip it open since we have it in front of us, so here we go and there it Is it is a beautiful stand now, previous to this a few years ago? You could only you could only get this in the elite and the elite cost Im. Not gon na lie roughly about four or four grandish, which was a fair bit of amount. However, I will update you in terms of price. I will update you in terms of where you can get this and the guys who have um served me have been brilliant from beginning to end. I ordered it literally a day ago. I did two days ago. Should we say – and it is here now which was pretty damn quick um – I will tell you how you can save a lot of money, because this specific thing you cant pick up for you know I already they cost about three three and a half Grand even More, it depends what you get, but I got a good deal and I will put the guys Link in down below and you can certainly contact them and buy a buyer off then too, and they are trustworthy. Im not gon na, like some. I bought mine through PayPal and you can buy it through eBay as well and they have an ebay account which I will list below for you all, so you can contact them but um.

This is the machine, so lets get this out of the way for now and we shall move on and see what else there is. So. This is a car charger which I do use here and there, depending on when I do coding and stuff. This goes onto your battery and then that kind of plugs in to charge it up, and this is used, my friends to code in um, so that ends there. That goes into the to the uh machine here, and the other end goes into this here, which and then this one here, so I do get why I get why theyve sent this, because this is a European type. Now this is the main charger you can charge. Your machine up with kind of goes into this obviously were in the UK, and this is what it comes with that plugs into that, and then you just plug the wire in, but really if you have a safe and a good place to um, you know to Leave this stand and charge it up at all times, and I do recommend just leaving that somewhere, which is brilliant. In my case, there are things all over the place, so I cant really use that right now, but it would be handy to use this every now and again and second of all, I am going to start looking for a um screen protector or a cover, because The last one I had I had to you decided to go on EA Bay, and I could only find it on eBay and I would um searched a lot of things and I couldnt find it, and I did a lot of trial and error anyway, turns out That um a makeup, a makeup handbag was kind of good for him.

However, for this one, its a its 12.9 inch – if I remember rightly um so Ill – need to look on Google and see what there is um that we can cover this up with Im a bit disappointed that also dont sell the covers like something to protect it With which I think they should have done from the day, you know from the get go so, but we are here today. So this is where we are. I will sit and look for one. If I find one, I will let you guys know if I dont then Happy Days, it is what it is, but um yeah you get some manual books here as well um. I think once you turn this on which I will do on the next video um. You will get um kind of prompt screen sign up and then your two year starts because theres another thing as well. This is a two year free update and the year guarantee through Hotel. So, if theres any issue, you know it goes back to them, but um that is literally everything within this box. This is extra theyve, never really provided this uh prior before, however, it depends on what machine you get. Hence why the center, with this one, because its one of the top end machines and after this it does shoot up to another one and thats about four grand five grandish um and its a hell of a different ball game but yeah on the next video.