Christmas Vlog 🎉unboxing xp-pen artist 12 (2nd gen), review, bread shopping, decorating cookies

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MG 4 | Netflix and More | TechWizard | £10 Discount Code

I have been using to watch Netflix and YouTube whilst Im waiting um. You know, whilst Im charging my car um a couple of weeks ago, I was stuck in a static traffic for uh hour and 20 minutes. So literally we had to turn the cars off. There was, unfortunately, a very um serious […]

Top IPTV for 2023

It can be confusing if youre not familiar with the term. Iptv can also become a bit of a Minefield when you factor in the legality of some services, and in this video we will look at the different types of IPTV. You can get and the pros and cons of each lets go and […]

Using my Android Tablet as a second screen/monitor for Linux! (Using HDMI Dummy Plug)

, The first app I used was spacedesk. It was fairly easy to setup it supported touch, but it used a wireless connection and to no surprise it was laggy.. Its still a good app, though, and I do recommend it to Windows users.. The second app I used is super display.. I tried it […]

Why I Keep Going Back to Logitech MX Keys – 1 Year Review

I have to start by saying that I have never used this multi functionality tool. So you can use it for more than one computer at a time. Ive never used that, and I have never used Bluetooth because I really dont like Bluetooth and one of the main reasons that I bought this keyboard […]

Unboxing iPad Pro M2! 💥

Con questa volta di Apple sticker, poi abbiamo, il Power, Brick questo qua ancora incluso nella confezione e poi abbiamo questo, bellissimo, cavetto, bridato, USB C USB C login della mela Eccolo, Hello per prima cosa basta. I 120 Hertz si sentono su io non ho letteralmente provato mai un display 120 Hertz tranne su […]

Best 50$ MSFS Hardware Upgrade? – 7" Touch Display

This upgrade is definitely for you lets get started. Our hardware for this build is a 7 inch touch display from wave share, which you can find Linked In the description below when buying a used. 7 inch wave share tablet. It is important that the back looks exactly like the one I show here, […]

Review TV Portable PSV1401

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Its Also An Emulation And Game Console! The New 2022 Apple TV 4K

Now before we get started, I do want to mention that this was a gift for Christmas from my wife now she knows. I do a lot of reviews. I get my hands on a lot of products, but she knew that I havent ever kind of taken a look at an Apple TV and […]

Kobo will release a new e-note in early 2023

com Kobo, is going to be releasing a brand new e reader, slash digital note, taking device or e note sometime in early 2023, the company has just submitted an FCC application, which is the last step that a company has to make In order to actually sell a product in the United States, Kobo […]

Best Tablet under 15000 in india | best tablet under 15000 in india 2023

7, 4GB, 64GB, 8, 11, 600, 18, 6, 16, 15000, establot, 10000, 13000, 15000, 2023, consotra, 15000, 3GB, 32GB, 10.4, 1080p, g80, establot, 8, 8, 15000, establot, 13000, 13000, 17000, 3GB, 32GB, 10.5, 8, 7000, 15, t6, 180, 15000, 16000, 15000, 15000: 15000, 2, 15000, T20, 15000, 10.4, 2K, 8, 610, 2K, 8200, 320, 3GP, […]

Is this the BEST MacBook Docking Station? | Tobenone UDS-025 Review

This is a power docking station for MacBooks. Looking at the specs, this has a ton of different ports and if youre, someone looking for a dock Im 99 positive, this will have everything you are looking for. Looking at the Box, this has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack that can be used for audio […]