000, 10, Full HD, 4G, sim 13, 77, 450, 7280, microSD type c, IPS, 101, Full HD, Plus 60, 16, 10, 10, 8, MediaTek helio, g85, cortex, 75, 6, cortex, a55, 2, mali, g52, 1, 15, 6, lpddr4x, 10, 128, AnTuTu, ta, 13, 256, g85. Call of Duty 8, 13, Full HD, 30, Full HD, […]

jiobook Laptop Review 🔥 🤑 | MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY | JioBook Worlds Cheapest Laptop by Reliance

799 rupees sounds amazing right, but wait whats. The Trap lets get into the whole picture. Clearly, what purpose can this laptop solve? Is the price cheap or the laptop? Should you really buy it? For this price? Point lets start key features: your education, companion, field, companion, Cloud companion, good GEOS, highly optimized in […]

2022 iPad Pro M2 11-inch (4th Generation) Silver Unboxing

The one that I picked up is the 128 gigabyte configuration in the silver color looks, like apple has opted out for a very simple packaging with two sticker tabs and once those are removed, we can gently lift the actual Packaging foreign. Here we have the actual iPad Pro picked this up in the […]

Cuma 3 JUTA Lebih Worth Dari Pixel 4! | Google Pixel 4a 4G Unboxing Dan First Impresi (2022)

145 versi yang bisa charging sampai 18 watt Oke Mari kita, langsung bukanya ini, seperti, biasa, gua, belinya, tuh Di distor ya di store, Bandung gue, udah, beli beberapa, HP di distor, dari, iPhone 10s LG Wings, sama pixel 5 mungkin, salah satu video populer gue, yaitu, semua Belinya di pistol, dan selama gue, beli […]

Ipad 10 Vs Ipad 9 Speed Test Comparison

This just came out yesterday and as Im making this video here again, this is just going to be a speed test, not a in depth. Comparison Ill probably make a video on that at a later Point here, uh so again, speed test. So these are both on the same Wi Fi, uh yeah. […]

Đánh giá Redmi Pad: nhìn tưởng ngon nhưng thực tế thì…. | Genz Viet

I vi Oppo base th cht lng hin, th v, mu, sc, cha c tt, lm vy, cn khng c tn s qut cao na Cn i vi mn ca, redmi bath em ny li c y cc, yu t b, thiu hai con 8 led trn, cha k, T l 169 nn phn ln […]

People Are Still Making NES Games! Twin Dragons Review – A NEW Retro Platformer!

The NES was magical to me. It still holds up for me to this day, not saying all games are great for it or have aged well, but many of the ones I loved from the 80s and 90s are still fun when I want to play them now. So its awesome when Indie devs […]

Procreate T-Shirt Mockup Tutorial

So these are the flat lay t, shirt mock up templates. You can see these are layered files. You can change the background. Color. You can change the fabric color. You can do all kinds of things you can add in your own graphic, your own neck labels, your own sleeve Graphics. You could even […]

The Most Stable OLED Display I've Measured in HDR Mode – 500 Nits at 50% Window Size!

I could simply carry it out from my studio across my garden and into another room for preliminary calibration and measurement. Now, when you measure any consumer OLED television, the HDR Peak brightness, would gradually creep up over time due to the OLED panel heating up. However, when I measured the Asus Pro art pa32dc […]

Microsoft REVEALS Huge Changes | Xbox Series X Continues To Grow In a BIG Way | Xbox & PS5 News

We have Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft at gaming, talking about this growth on not just console but PC and cloud and mobile theres a lot of information here, and it really shows and paints a different picture of what people should be looking at when it comes To Game Pass lets get into […]


000 sampai 1 jutaan dibandingkan bulan lalu laptop ini, sudah, menggunakan, Intel gen12 dan merupakan, satu satunya laptop di video ini yang ram nya udah ddr5 dengan layar yang udah 300hz serta satu satunya yang dibekali, dengan, sertifikasi, militer, Selain, itu tgp, Rtx 3070 laptop ini, adalah, salah satu yang full power, dengan 140 watt, […]

An X86 SBC With An RTX 4090! This Is Now The Fastest Odroid Ever!

To do this, you can see that weve got some pretty gnarly stuff here on the table and basically in order to get this up and running. What were using here is the all new o Droid H3, plus its got a quad core 3.3 gigahertz Intel CPU and Ive connected a brand new liquid […]