13 CRAZY Camping Gadgets You Have Never Seen Before ! | phaltoide | review

Well, one cannot deny it is in the culture among campers to sacrifice convenience for the ruggedness that comes with survival. This allows for the use and creative invention of various makeshift tools and gadgets that would be necessary during camping. However, as camping has become more and more popular, the gadgets used have gotten […]

Top 5 Best Thin Laptops 2022

The Dell XPS 17 2021 may be pricey, but it has the kind of power that smaller Ultrabooks just cant deliver with specs of up to an Intel Core I9 CPU 64 gigabytes of RAM and an Nvidia RTX GeForce 3060. You can even dabble in 4K video editing, especially if you Splurge, for that […]

Chromecast with Google TV HD vs. Chromecast 4K: What's the difference?!

The Chromecast with Google TV HD, both it and the Chromecast of 2020, look identical and share a lot of the same features. So what are the main differences? Well, lets find out and help you decide, which is right for you. Thanks for watching 95 Google here on YouTube, remember to Thumbs Up, Hit, […]

Best Intel 12th Gen Ultrabooks for Professionals & Students 2023

In this video, I am going to show you 5 amazing Ultrabooks powered by powerful Intels 12th generation CPUs that you can consider to buy so do watch the video till the end and do let me know in the comment section Which laptop did you like the most? Please hit that like button, do […]

Creating To Many Enemy's, Mic'd Up CEPL Ref's, Ep #4 #Paintball

My name is Evan Fernandez. If youre watching this on your mobile device, tablet or PC make sure to like And subscribe to Mafia Productions on YouTube. Well, go ahead and get this started uh from myself and the rest of the cprfs enjoy from the sidelines me and my boy AK right here. You […]

Review of Wireless Mouse, Rechargeable Computer Mouse Mice with Colorful LED 3325 Optical Sensor RGB

This is the perfect item to use. If you like to do any gaming and whats really cool about this, is that its completely rechargeable and it has RGB functions so Im gon na go ahead and open this up and show you guys what this looks like as you guys can see. It comes […]

⚡️ Best Drawing Tablets on Amazon in 2022 (Top 5)

Some people swear by Wacom tablets, While others prefer other brands in this post were going to take a look at top 5 best drawing tablets and help you decide which one is best for you, whether youre a beginner or an experienced artist. Theres. Definitely a tablet out there for you to find out […]

New & Improved from Wacom: The Cintiq Pro 27” Creative Display

Well take a look at the new Wacom cintiq Pro 27.. This new entry to the cintiq pro lineup Builds on previous features such as improved pen, performance and multi touch performance, but also brings favorable updates to the creative pen display, most notably a 120 hertz refresh rate 10 bit color 98 coverage in […]

The state of PS4 Emulation and more…

Well, kick things off here with a quick update about the status of PlayStation 4 emulation, and I get asked this one a heck of a lot currently PlayStation formulation is an extremely early stages of development. I wouldnt expect to be playing your favorite PlayStation 4 games via emulator anytime soon. Now there are […]

The Best MacBook Just Got WAY BETTER. But How?

Yes, even better than the M1 and M2 MacBook airs and cutting right to the chase, its the late 2021 Apple silicon, MacBook, Pros and Ive held off on making this video for a while, mainly because, although it is a great laptop, the price was just too high For most people, but then Apple […]

Mouse Gaming Murah Terbaik dari Rexus ! | Unboxing & Review Arka II RX-107

000, Kalau nggak, salah untuk rilisnya nanti, nggak, nyampe, 3000 untuk mouse gaming, kayak gini yang unik, dari, sini, ya, yang kita, Tahu Arka 1 juga boxnya, kayak, gini ya, Jadi kita pakai lunch box, gitu untuk dapat di paket, pembeliannya sampainya, tuh, enggak, pakai, kardus, ya, langsung, kayak, gini, aja, gitu, ada Bubble, wrap, […]

✅Best Laptop for Graphic Design 2022 | Best 10 Laptop for Graphic Design in 2022 – Laptops Review

We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One MacBook Pro 2021 MacBook Pro 2021 is considered one of the best, a top tier graphic design, Behemoth that has a legacy of creative applications that artists trust […]