FAST CHARGING my Asus Vivobook Pro 14 OLED with UGREEN 100W GaN Charger! Asus is LYING!

Dont worry this device can do it all just for you, but the question is: how long will it take to fully charge? My acv pro 14 oled well well find out in this video, hey guys james here your attack buddy, and this is tech mno. In this video, we will have a charging […]


Pro tablet: yang dibanderol, sekitar 27 jutaan ini, merupakan tablet, murah yang mempunyai, spek cukup tinggi di kelas, harganya karena telah menggunakan chipset Yuni shock Tiger T6, 18 yang mampu menghasilkan Antutu vc9, mencapai 240.000 and yang baru, kan ROM besar berkapasitas enam, GB 128 GB yang masih, bisa Ditambah slot micro, SD, hingga 512 […]

TVA Security Selection Planning 😂 | GTA 5 | TVA | TKRP | GTA Roleplay Funnymoment

dll terjelek, f, secure, diseleksi, dengan ekor different tetap lalai DG episode Dan lalai udah tidurnya Regita, Hahaha, lagi Samudra, Oh kata, kata, Sagita, Wedus, karaoke Bodoh, betul, oke, kalau, nex, 6, secure dinaikkan power plus Eighteen Plus allende Combination: Allah, combox grill Herbert ah vimmune Katy Perry, Awad kita, akhirnya, rezeki, yang bernama, detik […]

In Sound Mind – First Person Psychohorror Spiel – JoFe [Deutsch] [Gameplay / Let's Play] [Folge 34]

What do was denn noch alles was denn noch alles exotisch Musik ja, Musik, alter schlssel erinnert mich, an einen meiner alten schlssel Musik dafr hatte, ich auch verzichten bz herr bringen ja, ich wollte mich rgern wollte mich rgern und schlssel, fr schssel den schlssel, fr eine tr. An tr zu tr und vielleicht […]

STOP! Don't buy Apple's 14"/16" MacBook Pro! (right now)

Yes, three nanometer, not five nanometer, like a lot of people, are expecting and im gon na prove it to you in this video. Now it all starts with mark german, who is by far the most reliable apple leaker out there. He has a ton of leaks and an 86.5 accuracy rating for those […]

MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R White Review / Post Build Thoughts

So what im really going to be doing this video is its not so much the build itself, but its a little quirks and discoveries that i make along the way so ill be covering that once i get the build underway and the build itself will be having A 6600 xt, b550 silverstone, ar12 […]


com gua, koin, gua, Froyo dan ini, versi, perangkat, lunaknya, pakai, tahun, 2010, ya, untuk, penyimpanannya yang tersedia, cuma, sekitar, 110, MB Sedangkan ram nya setelah saya bersihin, itu tersedia, sekitar 80 MB untuk aplikasi, bawaan ini, terhitung, cukup, banyak, anda, beberapa, bloquer, aplikasi, pendukung, maupun, bawahan, Googlenya, dan ini, enggak, bisa, dihapus, ya, Nah, […]

Akan Ada Iklan di iPhone? Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, Mediatek Pentonic 700 | Tech News 54

What sayang banget ya Smartphone Ini, hanya, untuk, pasar, Cina dan tidak dijual di Indonesia, atau negara lainnya aku, berencana, memasukkan, lebih, banyak, iklan, ke, perangkat, iPhone mereka, ikan, ini, nantinya, akan, disematkan di beberapa, aplikasi, bawaan, seperti Maps, books, podcast, dan lain, lain Apple, sendiri, sudah, menerapkan, iklan Di Appstore newsen stocks, dan juga […]

PC Pathfinder, My Best Starter in Years!

In todays video, starting with the first one, was poisonous concoction pathfinder, a good league start. Yes, in fact, it wasnt, just a good league start, its the best league starter ive had in years so good that it also kind of answers. The second question im not going to be switching to scourge arrow, […]

✳️ Best Laptop Amazon In 2022 ✅ Top 5 Tested & Reviewed

Here we are going to give you an impartial review to find the best from a plenty of irrelevant products for more information and updated. Pricing of the products mentioned in the video make sure to check the links in the description below so lets get started number one. Our best pick for the money […]

Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED review: The laptop for serious ‘creators’

All of these questions likely depends on the kind of work you do every day. If you are someone whose work involves a lot of photoshop video, editing and other resource intensive tasks, venesis is hoping its latest zenbook pro 14 duo alert will cater to your needs, but is it the right laptop and […]

Galaxy Z Fold 4 – First Impressions After 24 Hours!!!

As i said in my ice tech talk, weekly live stream uh, the last one. Actually, i think i might have preemptively judged the fall for a bit too much. My main complaints with the fold three was cameras and battery life and it seems like samsung, has made some strides on both of those […]