What's in My School Tech Backpack EDC 2022

We have backpacks of tech here. This is so exciting. Today we are kind of doing like the ultimate tech unboxing for going back to school, its a mixture of stuff that i use every day. So, a little bit of every day, tech carry new sony, headphones, theyre, amazing, but also with the help […]

IPAD PRO 12.9 2021 and IPAD MINI 6 REVIEW (Magic Keyboard, iPad os 16, macOS Ventura)

9 inches ipad pro. So this box comes in and i will just look at basically things that come in the box. Nothing much just your leaflets how to set the top and the wrapper so were going to take that off right away and lets get down to the ipads themselves. So now were […]


I was skeptical of the rog strix g15 advantage edition when i first got my test unit from amd. While the frame rates the radeon rx 680m delivered were respectable, it wasnt decisively outperforming comparable systems with intel and nvidia parts. I assumed that this gaming laptop would be fairly middle of the road without […]

Flying The MINI 737 (i crashed it) – $35 PMDG 737-600 Review

What the what the hell today, we are on board everybody, the baby 737, the 737 600 that just came out for the microsoft flight, simulator 2020 from pmdg and as you can see, you know, pmdg theyre, always looking out for quality. Even though whatever is going on here with this hangar here, jesus […]

Nuevo Windows EliteOS 22H2 / ¿VOLARA TU PC? / Buen RENDIMIENTO

Lady optimizados que han salido y es que si merece la pena hacer vdeo de cada uno de ellos y ponerlos, a prueba ya que muchos de ellos han mejorado y nos han sorprendido bastante tanto su adr, light y knicks pero espera un poco nos falta, brow voy. A lanzar una, nueva versin quieres […]

MW2 MP BETA LEAKED! Industry Insider Reveals Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Beta Details

This information is going to be coming in from tom henderson, who is a renowned industry, insider and leaker for the call of duty franchise, pretty much everything tom says comes true, and he posted a new article over on his website here, claiming that modern warfare 2s multiplayer Is not going to be revealed […]


Lo vimos en el que pona todos eran realmente. No me ha gustado 2 cambia todas sus sol todas las que salga el con su cara a show los azules as tenemos somos distintos con esto est. Bastante bien para cargar, ah es una, buena, batera de es una persona, bastante buena la barra, azul […]

8 IN1 Multiport USB HDMI Adapter Multiport Type C Adapter Hub

You can get the 15 off. I think they sent me a coupon. I need to check my email to see if i can get a coupon for you guys, but this has everything you need to have in there and guys this works really cool and you can see some of the specs on […]


We focus the 7000 brand of inspiron on high innovation, its a premium product, but we always bring at least one hero. Innovation feature to the product: this generation were focusing on the pin experience we actually created an innovative hinge feature where this full sized active pin is garaged in the product at all […]

Chrome OS Flex | Turn An Old Laptop Or Desktop Into A Chromebook Or Box!

This has been made really easy from google itself. This is an official operating system that were going to be running known as chrome os flags. This was just officially released by google to the public and its been in beta and alpha for a little while, but ive tested it on three different devices. […]

Balikai bassyan sali 😜 // Bassya bhal hummb adan 😡 // @Ningu Nidagundi Team

com Surgery and Ronggo yang digunakan salam redaksi, hebat namanya sistem monopoli, pedang yang mampu, mencegah, terjadinya, jadi, wakil, rakyat, Senang taruh sini mohon ini, dia, itu enggak, ada huruf, iyanya, perjalanan, suaranya, beda, mengikuti, Manhaj, katanya, nggak, boleh, bilang review tablet, PC Android s60 sore nanti orang pembohong uji ML putarkan, Margonda Roro Cilegon […]

The MrBeast MEGA-STUDIO Tour!

Warehouse well actually were currently inside of it, and i want to show you guys around. So he can get views were going to show you where his videos are filmed, how his videos are edited and then finally, how much a ridiculous setup like this actually costs and im a little scared, because ive […]