Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Review – Good but..

The second generation of samsungs vision for what an all in one laptop should be, and what id call a very interesting alternative to most conventional notebooks see, i think the biggest problem with windows. Computers today is that the market is just flooded with ordinary products, some differences here and there, but then very […]

iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S8 – Student Review!

This is the tab – s8 versus ipad pro. I love tablets for school. I love reading and writing on them and writing papers and watching youtube, but this is kind of the battle of the best of android versus the best of apple now: im, not comparing the big size, the pluses and the […]

I tried using this as my "laptop replacement"

I thought its uh, something that i want to share with you guys, since many companies advertise their tablets as laptop replacements. So i just want to share my experience with you and the feasibility of that idea, so ive been using this samsung galaxy type s8 ultra as my laptop replacement for the past […]

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (2022) – What to Expect from Fire OS 8!

. We knew we were getting a new one, this year, thats kind of been the upgrade cycle for the amazon fire tablet, but the cool thing – and i think the big major upgrade with the fire 7 this year – is the inclusion. The first tablet for amazon to get fire os 8, […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2022) Review – Best Business 2-in-1 Laptop?

It looks like the previous one a very attractive laptop, but the one thing that i was truly hoping for was the same design treatment that the yoga 9i got. If you guys dont remember in that review, they changed the design to round out the edges. Not only did this physically look better, but […]

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Gen 7 Review (2022)

So its a minor update of the legion 5i line. Okay, what does 5i mean? It means intel, but dont, stop watching and say: oh man, im all about ryzen were still right waiting for the new ryzen 6000 series cpus to come out in the meantime, intel has done a pretty good job with […]


However, theres some painful missions that logitech has done here, and i think you absolutely need to know what they are before you go ahead and buy this keyboard. Music ive been looking for a good wireless keyboard that could connect to multiple devices and was consistent throughout, not that it would connect and drop […]

M2 Macbook Air — DON’T BUY M1 AIR IN 2022

Wwdc is just around the corner less than two weeks to be exact and what would be better than seeing apple revealing the m2 chip, maybe the m1 for the iphone 14. But okay, okay, lets keep jokes aside and get more specific. Now we have a few more reasons to wait for the m2 […]

Asus Flow Z13 Gaming Tablet Unboxing

Its around 8pm right now so im going to just show you guys here the rog seaflo 13. You know thats quite a mouthful and actually i only got one hand here, so i have to make do with how i open it so right here you can see its 1.1 kg, so it doesnt […]

Tablet That Can REPLACE Your PC || ASUS ROG Flow Z13

Take a look at this very nifty two in one gaming tablet from asus its rog flow z13. It looks pretty cool lets, see what its capable of also, if youre new to this channel, please consider subscribing Music back in 2018. I picked up microsoft surface pro and, to this day is my go […]

This $99 Chromebook is a Great Deal – Acer 11" Chromebook 311 Review – CB311-9H-C1JW

This is the chromebook 311.. This is an 11 inch chromebook from acer basic transportation here, but it actually performs pretty well, and i was impressed with the value proposition on this. One were going to take a closer look at this and what its all about in just a second – but i do […]

Surface Laptop Studio im Test | Review nach 1 Monat | Tech like Vera

All das was microsoft in diesen jahren, gelernt hat jetzt gebndelt ist in einem, neuen convertible nmlich dem surface laptop studio und ich finde dieses, neue, gert ist mehr; convertible als, alle anderen gerte die microsoft, vorher in seinem, sortiment, hatte, denn, das, ist jetzt wirklich ein konvertierbare des Gerts nmlich von einem, laptop zu […]