This Tiny Windows 11 4K PC Is Pretty Quick! Mini iT8 Hands-On Review

It definitely resembles an intel noc, and this is actually powered by an intel cpu. As you can see, weve got a very small form factor here. Usb 3.0 on the front weve got some more usb 3.0 on the rear. It also has two usb type c ports, and you can get this with […]

HUAWEI MateBook E 2-in-1 Windows Tablet Review: A Tablet truly works as a PC

We will talk about why we think the matebook e is one of the best two in one tablet on the market. Two in one tablets is a computer form that generally emphasizes portability and compatibility for productivity. We have reviewed quite a lot of tablets that claims their compatibility with a keyboard kit as […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Review (Proper Tablet Value)

I know ive been mentioning the galaxy tab s8 plus in my previous review. A lot and im excited to show it to you here. The newly released the oxy oxytab s8 plus is samsungs middle of the road device released alongside the new flagship, the sa ultra and its smaller twin, the galaxy tab. […]

What's New In SURFACE GO 3: Surface Go 3 REVIEW

Microsoft might probably answer with the service. Go 3.. Accept it as a question one. We want to review microsofts answer on join us in that journey. Will you design? First of all, let us talk about aesthetics. The design is similar to go to the tablet. One weighs just 544 grams, which is pretty […]

Apply copper pad on CHUWI Minibook, lower temperature and increase CPU performance!

This is my second video forget to include box 20 itu. Previously we see the temperature of CPU Rich about xtx Degrees celsius and the performance of cinebench adventure is very low. So in this video I will show you how to disassemble this joint ebooks and reducing the CPU temperature Hai Start by opening […]

KUU LEBOOK Pro Review: Great Alternative for Surface Pro!

Well, i wouldnt say its a tablet so much because its powerful and practical enough to be laptop ive been with it for some weeks and heres. My in depth review. Should you get it lets? Take a closer look well, the first thing you will notice about the labor pro is its a minimalistic […]

HP Spectre X360 Review | HP Spectre X360 15 | HP Spectre 15 | HP Spectre X360 15 Unboxing

Blog live youtube channel. The hp spectre x360 14 is the pinnacle of ultra thin convertible laptops. This device features top tier hardware that provides great performance for both works and plays, but this laptops, impressive power and gorgeous design come at a high price. The spectre x360 is available in three colors, like silver, […]

M1 iPad Air 5 One Month Later! Essentially a Perfect Tablet?!

First up, i have to say the overall look of this years model is incredible. I really really like the new paint job given to the ipads vice that weird, just bland look from the generation 4.. This blue might no kidding be my absolute favorite tech. Finish of all time, i know thats a […]

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Review: the ultimate 2-in-1 combo?

It offers an amoled display a fast processor, a 360 degree rotating touchscreen, and it comes with an s pen. This feature rich package does not come cheap, but is this the best laptop for both productivity and entertainment? Before i answer that question, if you like, our reviews do subscribe to our channel, so […]

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions!

Smart monitor this monitor is on sale at the time of this video so ill have some links down in the description. If you want to check it out, for yourself, retail price is 700. I ordered this back on march 29th and it just came here today, april 25th. So definitely expect a wait […]

ASUS BR1100C: Best Windows Laptop Under 25K?

The first word that comes to your mind, slow, well asus, launched this new br 1100 series of budget laptops and these laptops aim to fix the windows. 11 experience in the whole budget laptop segment, the two laptops, the br 1100c, which is priced into piece 24 triple nine, and this is what ill […]

1L with a GPU! Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny

Today were gon na. Take a look at this thing right here, which is the lenovo think station p340, tiny Music, and the reason that this thing is super cool is because this is a project, tiny mini micro node. That is a 1 liter pc, and this thing also has a gpu in it: […]