Tab S8 plus Review, Meet the Productivity on Next Level and a Tablet Alternative to Ipad #tabs8plus

Today we are going to review every feature of samsung galaxy tab, s8 plus and at the end we will recommend it for different types of users. So lets start now. It simply said: samsung tablets are now better options than ipads for samsung phone users, that specifically thanks to samsungs efforts to make its […]

A Powerful 13 Inch Tablet That Also Works As A Portable HDMI Monitor! Yoga 13 Hands On

13 inch android tablet that ive been wanting to get my hands on for a while and one of the big reasons i never picked it up until now was the price point. But recently this was on sale over at best buy for 379, and whenever i come across a deal like this, i […]

Galaxy Book2 PRO 360 – 48HR REVIEW! (WOW)

Pro 360 graphite version is my new go to laptop well for on the go of course, and yes before you ask me, you will see fingerprints after using it. It is what it is, but what really stood out to me from get go from the beginning right away was the performance. We are […]

Asus Vivobook Slate 13 OLED Review : Best Budget windows tablet

3 inch oled, detachable, laptop running on windows operating system. Currently, there are limited number of options available in the market when it comes to windows, tablets and those available are quite expensive for an average buyer. The company is filling the space of affordable windows tablets with the vivobook 13 slate oled. That is […]

Asus ROG Flow Z13 2022 Laptop Review | GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti GPU & Intel i9 Processor

Today we have with us this 2022, a zeus flow z13 laptop taking the idea of a portable computer system to a whole other level. The rog flow z13 is so versatile that you can manipulate it to work with any task. You set your mind to as a much lighter version of the x13 […]

Nokia T20 Tablet: OMG. My FIRST Nokia Device in 15 Years! 😱

Now i havent talked about this brand for a very, very long time now, in fact, i think the last time ive heard about nokia was you know a couple of years ago, maybe many many years ago, when i actually used a nokia smartphone, but today uh nokia, Actually reached out to me and […]

Yeni Huawei Matebook E Tablet PC Çok Farklı

99 milimetre, ve, 709 gram, arlnda hafif, bir tablet, gzel yani, giri, klar, orada, ok, nemli, burada, bir, tane, thunderbold, 4, gryorsunuz tavsiyem, atandr, bu, drt, Bu, ne demek, Arkadalar bu, cihaz, 40, ile Bitti bir balanty destekleyen 60 nazik iki tane 4K koca mudur balayabilirsin ya da bir, tane 8 kamunun tr kocaman bir […]

Top 5 : Best Cheapest Tablets Reviews – You Can Buy On Amazon

The thickness is only 4.05 millimeters. When you unfold it and the weights is only 690 grams. The screen can be turned around 360 degrees, Music. The 2048 pressure levels with real pen re digitize, your paper notes and gives you the realist experience. If you are a true artist, whether in career or life. […]

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go review: Yikes.

I have to confess, before checking out this samsung chromebook go ive, never really used a chromebook other than in the repair job that i do. I repair laptops and desktops and chromebooks come in fairly often so, when vodafone offered to send out the chromebook go, i kind of jumped at the chance because […]

I bought the THINNEST Tech in the world.

Okay, i mean how thin do cameras get well its? Definitely not. You wait a paper camera. What this is gon na be saucy. Okay, uh thinnest tablet in the world the remarkable two, its only 299. okay ‘9, when you dont get their subscription. No, i just said i didnt want the subscription. Yes, […]

The Best PC Gaming Monitor. PERIOD.

I think it is the best pc gaming monitor on the market right now, thanks to a unique combination of seven factors. Factor number one is obviously its true blacks, because every pixel on an oled display can be turned on and off independently of each other bright elements. Can coexist beside inky, blacks, delivering […]

Review Illustrator – Advan Sketsa 2

Dan sudah support Forge kita bisa masukkan, SIM di tablet, ini lalu, sudah, wi, fi 802.11 disini saya akan ngebahas tentang performa gaming, ataupun menjadi, takut ini, saya, kalimbas, Apakah tablet, ini untuk, Oke, untuk, gambar, atau, tidak, sebagai, gambaran, saya, adalah, frilled newsletter yang biasa, bekerja, dengan, efek. Pro M1 laptop dan wacom pen […]