Huawei Super Device: MateBook X Pro 2022 + MatePad 11 + MateView + P50 Pro

It is huaweis newest edition in its flagship laptop line, and there are some subtle improvements. You have a 14.2 inch 3.1 k display, and one of the biggest upgrades to a lot of people is that the selfie camera the webcam its now no longer hidden in the keyboard, instead its back up at […]

Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad D330-10IGL UNBOXING 2 EN 1 TABLET PC | Español

Lo que viene siendo el teclado que ya viene incluido en esa misma caja pues se convierte en lo que ir siendo una lacto vale pero, an al acto muy pequea entonces la estaremos considerando como mini el acto por el simple hecho de que su pantalla es de 101 pulgadas pero la verdad que […]

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard Review — Almost A Must-Have If You Get The Ultra

So this is the galaxy tap essay ultra ive been testing this. For the past five or six days now now, youve probably seen some kind of flickering on the screen. Thats just my cameras frame rate in real life. You do not see this uh flicker so anyway, if you watch my first hands […]

The Ultimate Emulation Tablet! The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Can Emulate Everything!

So ive already created one video on the tab: s8 ultra. If youre interested in checking that out ill leave a link in the description we tested out, a bunch of stuff ran some benchmarks native android games and a little bit of emulation. But one of the big reasons i love these samsung tablets […]

Tablet paling gila yang pernah saya coba – Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA!

999 juta, alias 20 juta Fuh Kedengaran, berlebihan, nggak, sih, Tablet, 20 juta Sama Liat, aja, bentuknya., Gede, banget, beratnya, 723gram, dan Layarnya punya, ukuran, 14.6 inci. Saya, serasa, abis, nyabut, layar, laptop aja, Ya: Yah dengan kombinasi, harga dan ukuran yang nggak, wajar tablet, ini juga, harus, kita, pake, dengan, nggak, wajar, juga, ya, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+: A Laptop User’s Perspective

It has a 14.6 inch super amoled display and at first glance i was really excited, but i got a little hands on time with it, and i came to the conclusion. It was just too big for my type of workflow. I want to be able to take it with me on the go. […]

Galaxy Tab S8 PLUS (2022) – Unboxing and First Impressions!

S8 plus current pricing on this is 899 bucks. So if you pay full price yeah, this ones gon na be expensive. Actually i probably wouldnt buy this if i was paying full price. Luckily, i was able to trade in a tablet on this one im, not sure if theyre gon na still have […]

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! iPad Pro vs Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

9 Tech Gear, Talk. Tab S8, Ultra 14.6, 12.9 iPad, Pro Tab, S8, Ultra iPad, Pro 12.9 Tab; S8 Ultra Tab, S8, Ultra iPad, Pro Tab; S8 Ultra iPad, Pro. iPad, Pro Ultra Tab; S8; Ultra iPad, Pro., Samsung, Tab S8, Ultra USB C. Tab S8 Ultra 3.2 Thunderbolt USB4 Tab S8 Ultra microSD iPad, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra First Look Review – * Wowsers *

The new hp spectre 16. – these just came out a few days ago and ive – been using one as a daily driver. 16 inch i7. But i cant record this review right now, either and im going to tell you why. So let me put this over here and that is a fingerprint […]

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: A Monster Tablet!

This is the best android tablet out right now, and it looks like its from the future or something like. If you show this to someone 15 years ago, they would think its impossible. I guess its impossibly thin 1.6 pound powerful medium machine with speakers that somehow fill a room, a massive battery and […]

Steam Deck Review: PC Gaming in Your Palm, at Long Last

It kind of looks like a nintendo switch, its definitely not a nintendo switch but, more importantly, im going to tell you whether or not you should buy one Music. Now the steam deck is easily the most buzzworthy piece of new gaming hardware this year so far, and i have to say as a […]

The Most Powerful Android Tablet Ever! Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Hands-On

You know i love these android tablets and this is definitely the most powerful one that ive been able to test on the channel and when i pre ordered this from samsungs website, they did throw in the keyboard. Cover case well also be taking a look at this, but really what makes this the […]