reMarkable 2 – Wir müssen reden! (reReview)

Euro die kostet, jetzt 119 euro ist also auch 20 euro teurer geworden primar kabel hat dann ganz guten kniff denn wenn man, beim kauf des tablets, zusammen mit stift und hlle, noch das, abo modell, fr ein jahr mit dazu bucht was dann ungefhr 80 euro kostet insgesamt Dann bekommt man ein rabatt, auf […]

4K OLED Portable Monitor Review

Why would you want a portable monitor from amazon, especially one that costs 900 euros for a start? Its a 4k oled and im gon na be unboxing it and im gon na see what its like second special feature is that it has a battery that works. It has a built in battery which […]

COME FUNZIONA L'ECOSISTEMA di HUAWEI. Pc, Tablet, Smartphone, Orologio e Cuffie

Allora prima di tutto display molto bello ovviamente 11 pollici di diagonale 120 euro fece subito vedere come si vede mai. Come sente perch, laudio, notevole visto, che abbiamo quattro casse una 2 da questa parte una 2 da questaltra, parte ha preso in automatico, la risoluzione, massima sto utilizzando youtube dal browser web perch, […]

Tablet Power Sedap PUBG Bajet RM1000+

apk, informasi, yang lebih, lancar Raison tengok dulu macam goreng tahu Hai Qonita blenny dipakai, chipset, yang boleh, kata yang ada, dekat toko, FT Pro 8600 ricis masih kosong lagi surganya, mendapatkan, Australia, gfoke demi, ataupun, kita, akan, pakai, setting inilah Symphony disappointment, kita, Tekan, ok, untuk, audio dekat, nih Saputra, no problem, suruh Kesini […]

I was FORCED to buy a Chromebook….

The thing: every parent fears, the most.. My son needs a Chromebook for school.. So if were doing this, I guess its up to me to find the best dang bang for the buck. Chromebook …, But wait. plastic squeaking. This is gon na, be a lot harder than I thought.. Why cant? They just […]

MSI Summit E16 Flip Review: Großartige Surface Laptop Studio Alternative

Pro bezahlten euro was stets: das, scheinbar zugrundeliegende motto: von msa man, versucht es nun; jedoch mit business laptops was angesichts der hohen nachfrage nach generellen gebrauchs laptops normalverbraucher sowie auch, fr kreative und geschftlich kluger schritt sein; mag wir haben uns einen der schlips tragenden neuzugnge. Im line up von msi, angeschaut und nms […]

Galaxy Tab A8 New Budget Android Tablet from Samsung

This is ranji, then, in this video well be looking at the samsung galaxy tab, a8 and uh. This is the most affordable uh. What do you say tablet by samsung that was launched just now, and this is the successor to the tab, a a7 that was launched in 2020 about october time frame, […]


You may have thought it had gone away, but no its still here, ive just been waiting for some new content to lay on you, good people out there in tablet land and i hope everyones fine. Just a short video because i have purchased the new blackvue tab, six, its an 8 inch budget […]

GPD Pocket 3 Open Box/ First Impressions

This is open box video. So recently i bought a gpd, a new product which is gpd pocket three, so um the package is the highest one so which contains the 1195 gen 7 cpu, i think, and then stylus and their module package. So the uh, the total cost, is eight eight one. Zero […]

Should you use a MOUSE or a TABLET for OSU?

But there are definitely some valid reasons why you would use one over the other, but which do. I recommend. Well, both uh Music im back out here in the cold, because i have nowhere else to go yet yet lets start with playing on a mouse right. Assuming you have a pc, you have […]

A Weird Tablet Review 2 (GAOMON S620)

I would also like to put out a small update for the gaomon pd1560, since i reviewed it a long time ago and i rewatched that review and its so low effort and stupid that i kind of feel bad. I didnt really talk about it seriously. Its been pretty reliable and convenient for me […]

Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Review | Convertible Laptop with Killer Flaw

This awkwardly titled device is a 13 inch windows, 11 tablet with a gorgeous oled screen and the ability to quickly convert into a laptop when needed, similar to microsofts surface core and surface pro. Its also priced at around 600 quid here and blighty, and that price includes the keyboard dock, the stylus pen […]