I remember them from the sony days, their their own company now via corporation theyre, independent theyre. Not a part of sony anymore and theyre still making really nice thin and light. I mean crazy light laptops with carbon fiber chassis and good looks now before they were kind of expensive. They are going for the premium. Slash business market, not high volume sales, but nice product, but the prices are improving and the features some several things i had nits about before theyve fixed and were going to look at it now. So this is the model sx14, as you might guess, is a 14 inch ultrabook. A direct competitor really would be the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9.. They also have an sx12, which is a 12 and a half inch display model that one is otherwise the same. Just the smaller and that ones available in rose gold in addition to other colors. So speaking of the colors, i really like this white one that they sent us with the kind of brushed stainless steel interior. I mean its good looking before. Weve usually received the black ones. Black carbon fiber theres, nothing wrong with that, but it doesnt have quite the same. Look as this. We just go, and even the white keyboard is kind of like an off white little warm white. It looks like a quality lifestyle piece. More than just consumer electronics and better yet because the back lighting on the keys is a very cool, bright white and the keys themselves are a warm white.

You still have some contrast in middling lighting, which is usually the challenge with the white keyboard. But there is one thats, a brownish color with a bronzy interior kind of bronze metallic too, that is black for those are like black and then theres. The catchy eero, which is something theyve, been doing for a few generations now, and that is a really deep, saturated sort of royal navy blue with gold trim on it. So looks on everything but its a nice looking laptop its also an impressive laptop, and this has been typical of this vaio line because they have so many ports these days, where everything is just going to usb c thunderbolt, i mean this thing has ethernet on it: Wow, you know hdmi usb a ports plus two thunderbolt 4, which is one of the things they addressed several generations ago. They only had usbc without thunderbolt. Well now its part of the intel 11th generation platform thats inside of this – and this is u series core i5 and core i7 cpus, so your ultrabook cpus inside and another thing i complained about before – was the track pad, which was like 1990s small. You know, because, honestly, they hadnt evolved the design much so theyve taken some big steps here. So now the trackpad is your typical, decent size by todays standards. Trackpad, its microsoft precision actually has dedicated clickers, which you dont see that often for those who would like that sort of thing, so that works well.

Price starts at 12.49. That gets you a core i5 16 gigs of ram thats, not bad actually for the price theyre. All full hd, 16 by 9 aspect ratios previously they had 4k options im not seeing that, but something new that theyve added is touch screen and pen support and its wacom aes 2.0 and pins not included in the box, its sold separately or you can source your Own, but they did send this one, so we could test it out and now the laptop opens 180 degrees flat. So it might seem impractical for something that is a clamshell laptop and not a convertible to have a pen, but you can lay it flat and then theres. Actually, if you hit fn plus the two button, you can actually flip the screen really quick. So, if youre doing presentations with somebody else or if you want to flip it around, to do some writing get the keyboard out of the way there is that way of doing it anyway, it is a nice enough, looking screen its full srgb, the rest of the Metrics, the contrast is good on are decent enough, its fairly bright either its not super wide gamut or anything like that, its not premium in that respect, but its adequate and for a glossy display its not that glary, which is good to see, especially if you compare It to some of the hp spectre, x360 or even microsoft, surface products which are super super glary, that keyboard by the way is spill resistant again theyre going after the thinkpad crowd arent.

They we have both the fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button and a windows. Hello ir camera for biometrics, this ships with windows, 11, now, typically windows, 11 pro, so there you go if youre worried about being future thinking it already ships with that they refer to this as the 2022 model. By the way, even though, were not quite in 2022, yet i guess its still like cars. You know they start a couple months early whatever anyway youll see it marked as such, and, yes, it is available for sale now, even though its not yet 2022. As we record this review, the keyboard by the way has very nice tactile feel again because its a business oriented laptop thats, an important thing so its nice, its not super deep travel, its not super limited travel, its kind of average travel, but nice crisp good feeling. You can get this with 16 gigs of ram in most configurations there and this low power ddr4x soldered on board. If you go with that, cachi ero high end model, which is the most expensive version of this looking at mid 2000s for a price. For that one. You get 32 gigs of ram ssds, you can get it with 512, one terabyte or two terabytes of storage and by the way, its a pcie four chipset and we actually get a pcie four very, very fast. Ssd inside the ssd is m.2 socket edge. Standard 2280. Ssd wi fi is intel ax 201.

Again, ram is soldered so to get inside of this one, you unscrew a whole lot of screws that are on the bottom and you lift the keyboard deck up its, not an impossible thing to do just be careful and the screws are different lengths. So make sure you put them back in the right place, so you dont pierce that carbon fiber chassis, okay, weve taken apart previous generations, if youre dying to see that just look at a previous gen one well leave this one alone and not risk any of that. It may be a carbon fiber chassis, primarily, but its very rigid, and it doesnt have any of that unnerving flex that you might find the laptop has presence detection something weve also seen on thinkpad. So what that means is it can use the front camera and see if youre approaching and automatically wake up the laptop and unlock it via the windows, hello ir camera. Likewise, if you walk away, it can automatically put it to sleep and lock it. So the laptop is a 53 watt hour battery, which is pretty respectable and average for a premium ultrabook in this size range, and it comes with a 65 watt fast charger. So they claim around 13 and a half to 15 and a half hours of battle battery life, depending whether you get the 12 inch or the 14 inch and so on. And you know, as always, pc manufacturers are wildly optimistic and we found we get about.

Eight to nine hours and thats what brightness of the display set at 200 nits for light productivity work and streaming video if youre doing something more heavyweight with this? Obviously, then, youll get shorter battery life, not a gaming laptop, so its not like youre going to kill the battery playing games, but for those who are going to do some video, editing and stuff like that, obviously its going to be short. If you do something like that, so thats, the 2022 edition of the vaio sx14, it is a gorgeous looking laptop with a stunning array of ports for something this small, thin and light. And if you, if youre looking for something with something a little different from the thinkpad x1 carbon, for example, you want to have your own unique, looking laptop with a plethora of ports. Well, this is it priced pretty. Similarly, and like i said, starts at 12 49, you can spend 15 to 1600 and get a pretty nicely configured one if you want to move up from that core i5 processor and get more storage or whatever so well done, bio for a a small manufacturer, not Everybodys paying attention to maybe we should, because this is a nice piece. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.