6 inch vertical touchscreen infotainment display with starlink. This is the first Subaru system that weve done here on daily motor and Im excited to show you all of the interworkings of this big tablet. That is stuck on our dashboard here in this WRX, but before we get started with all of that, technology lets hop out and take a walk around this little rally. Car for the road. Thank you so here it is. This particular WRX is a GT. It has Recaro seats and a CVT, so not exactly the most Enthusiast oriented car besides the Recaro seats, but as far as I know, you can only have those on a GT, which means you have to have a CVT to get recaros, but anyways well gloss over That for now, if you want to learn more about the WRX in depth, if you want to see the full review of the fuel economy test or the sound system test, make sure to check links in the description or just go ahead. Hop over to DM, sound or daily motor – and we have all kinds of other videos on this car, but lets go ahead and get started, lets dive into the technology in this car and see what its really like to operate. So lets take a brief look here. At the cluster before we dive into this 11.6 inch iPad there on the dash and the cluster, the cluster is very simple: we only have one digital display in the middle on the left and the right.

We have two regular analog gauges and you get through this with these three buttons here at the bottom of the steering wheel. You have an up arrow and a down arrow. You can go through a couple of different screens here. You can see media Compass, tire pressure. If youre rolling, you can see your trip, you can see Ive been sitting here, idling for eight minutes. You can see gas mileage, you can see average gas mileage for your trip and, of course you have a boost gauge. You can also scroll the other way with the down arrow, but that is just about it theres, not too much else you can do this particular WRX also has eyesight, so you can turn that on and off, but I think that you can really only see that If you are using cruise control there, you go so thats what the eyesight looks like when youre driving down the road you can turn on Lane. Keep you can adjust your distance here and all that other stuff thats about. As far as that goes, the first thing I want to show you actually on the system keeps us on the steering wheel for Just Another Second also available on these higher trim. Wrx cars is a mode select button for Drive modes. You can see it pops up here on the cluster, but also on the infotainment screen as we scroll through our different Drive modes Comfort, normal sport, sport, sharp and individual – are our choices.

A strange thing about this car is, it seems, to default into sport mode when you start it so Im not sure why that is Ive just been rolling around in Comfort mode, letting this CVT just were and do its thing. But if you do put it into sport mode, it makes the CVT act a bit more like a regular traditional automatic transmission. Okay lets dive into this touch screen and I want to start with the physical controls on the sides, because, obviously, that stuff never changes upper left hand Corner. We have our Hazard button below that a physical volume knob Subaru. I appreciate you adding that in front defrost. Weve got our hot and cold temperature adjustment for climate control to control all of them or drivers side. On this side we have the passenger controls for our up and down. Temperature weve got rear, defrost and a two knob as well catered to the passenger. If they want to change the radio station, while youre driving also permanently on the screen but part of the screen, is the climate control panel itself down here, one tap into the middle: takes you to the climate control panel. You can change where your fan is blowing. You can change your fan speed. You can oh, except it times out after a second which is irritating. You can also put recirc on Max AC. All of that sort of thing temperature adjusts. You can open this menu up, which gives you the temperature, as well as your heated seat controls, which is much too complicated.

In my opinion, just give me a heated seat button, because this takes one two three clicks I mean if you want to have it on setting two, but whatever its its its an extra click that you shouldnt have to do same over there for the passenger side And you do actually have a quick oops. You have a quick access here for fan speed. If you dont want to click into that menu, you can do it with these buttons down here at the bottom. Additionally, we have a menu up here that will take you through a couple of things. This is also a permanent thing on the touch screen. You can see right now, Im listening to some Ariana Grande with my Apple carplay, lined in thats a blank screen oops right here we have our temp gauges, which for some reason, live over here as well as in the cluster, but whatever average speed as well, and Our weather, you can see its a nice 47 degree cloudy day here in Ann Arbor Michigan. The only other three permanent things here is our home button, which were already on home. If youre over here to take you back home Ive got a button for vehicle settings. You can also set your drive modes in here if you dont want to hit the mode button on the steering wheel, but again kind of a pointless option. In my opinion, driver assist and others you can change your units as well as how loud you want.

The car to warn you when youre out of a lane but thats everything weve got here for the car menu on the bottom left. One tap on the home takes you back home. Weve got driver profiles down here on the right, since this is a press car. We dont have driver profiles, but if you owned this car, you could set one to set all of your different presets make sure the car knows that it is you driving so lets dive into some of these apps. We do have a vertical display, but its even weve got three across three down for a total of nine apps here on the screen upper left hand. Corner gives us our map display navigation by Tom Tom, its a very Japanese thing to have, and it doesnt look like it likes me to drag this around. But you are able to oh, dear okay, so that must have been zoomed out all the way. A little bit of a laggy map display, but how important is really dragging a map around its really not that important can search here for a destination or a point of interest. In fact, I want a point of Interest so well go over here. Type in oops. Can I do a voice point of interest? Is the question? Please say a command thats, the loudest thing Ive ever heard in my life holy crap. Take me to Starbucks, oh God. How do I turn it down? Please be quieter.

Oh I apologize headphone users. That was not uh very polite, say the state named okay were not were not. Canceling were not dealing with this. Do this, oh man, its pulling up all the star: oh no, its not type out its weird that it defaults to other things that arent Starbucks first, because obviously, if youre typing in Star, you probably want to go to Starbucks but anyways. You can see itll put that in for you yeah a little bit of a laggy uh navigation here, okay, anyways lets get out of nav and take a look at something else: go to the radio Tab and play around with that for a second whats cool about This is, you, do have a tune knob, you can tune through your different stations. Youve got presets down here on. The bottom am on the far right, FM in the middle and Sirius XM on the far left, so all of your different inputs or sources, as I should say, got those at the top as well pretty easy to use radio and you can quickly adjust your sound Customization here basement and treble right on the radio screen so thats, pretty neat. This seems to be pretty easy to use, can see. We can scroll through our different Sirius XM channels as well on the media tab here. That should just take us to no its going to take us to what song is playing okay, Ariana Grande great. We are USB in for Apple carplay, but if you have your phone Bluetooth, thatll show up here as well.

I dont have anything Bluetooth. We are on Apple carplay. Phone menu will probably take us immediately, as it will take us immediately to Apple carplay, because thats the media source, that we have the app screen that will prompt you to either go to Subaru, starlink or apple carplay. Whatever phone projection you have going as the way I understand it is starlink is kind of just like an in house app projection thing. If you dont want to use carplay or Android auto, you can use starlink kind of like uh forward pass. If you have a Ford vehicle, if you know what that means, my Subaru tab here to make a service appointment or if you need roadside assistance, make one swipe over like a smartphone, and we only have one other option here. Our settings menu, some of which you can do in other places on the screen, but this is the main place for your settings Ill. Let you guys take a look at these. Well, click on a couple of them birthday list you can have the you can. Have your car remind you when someones birthday is thats and anniversaries too wow? Okay, I should put Charlies in here. So all of the journalists will text him on his anniversary. Okay, it lags a little bit as you can see its kind of a slow reacting screen. It kind of feels like an Android. From 10 years ago, uh weve got our beeps on here: beep sound volume, navigation, sound volume which you can tune on the fly.

As the lady is talking, you can turn that down with the volume knob navigation settings. Are our final tab. Take a look at clock settings here. Well, take one more display settings. Oh yes, one cool thing. Let me switch back to POV. We do have a brightness adjuster down here to the left of the steering wheel. You can adjust brightness of the screen and the cluster. I really appreciate this because I like, when theres a couple things I like about this. I like a physical brightness controller, and I also like when the cluster and the screen go together. I dont want to separately adjust the brightness for my screen to my cluster theyre. Both providing light – and I want them both to be dim so uh Subaru. Thank you. I do appreciate that and thats a really cool and convenient feature to have here on this car. You can also add shortcuts, if you want to do so, were not going to do that today. I dont want to change the settings here on this press car, but that is just about it. For the in house, Subaru system lets take a deep dive or actually probably a shallow dive here into apple carplay, and you know what guys I do appreciate that Apple carplay has been integrated vertically. Like this, it looks pretty nice four apps across three apps down traditionally Apple carplay would look like this with four apps across and two apps down, but with the Subaru system.

We do actually have a vertical integration here, so I do like that. I think it looks nice and it lags a little bit, but it works good enough to be satisfactory. Here is Spotify, looks pretty good, well, weve moved on from Ariana to Khalid okay lets go and take a look here at Waze, pretty nice. I would certainly prefer ways to the in house navigation. We can take a look at Google Maps as well, which is in day mode right now. There you go so pretty good view here on Apple carplay. Everything seems to work just fine and it fits the screen. Really nicely so lets go ahead and unplug the iPhone and plug in an Android phone. So you all can see what Android auto looks like here on this 11.6 inch Subaru touch screen before we start this up. I want to let you know. This is an inactive Android phone. We wont be able to see all of our choices. Oh bummer, its, not a vertical display. Okay, bad news, Android users, oh – and it lags quite a bit. Can I have something here? Please give me something. Lets have something: okay well be able to see maps, but okay, lets just see how oh dear okay, lets just see how this all works. I dont know that Id want to use this. If I had this car to be honest, it looks like it defaults to having different radio controls down here below your Android auto.

You have YouTube music, oh boy yeah. I dont know if you guys noticed how much faster carplay was reacting. Um, okay, so lets um lets stop with Android auto, because I dont want to do that anymore. But there you go guys thats going to wrap it up for our review here of the 11.6 inch Subaru vertical touch, screen, infotainment display and overall its okay. Would I say that this is my favorite infotainment system in the world? No but honestly its not as bad as I was expecting when I saw this in pictures, I did get a little bit scared, but there are a couple of things that save it for me, for one we do have some physical controls for our temperature and our Volume and apple carplay presents itself quite nicely on the screen too, so I havent had too bad of a time here with this car this week the system does lag a little bit and its a little bit weirdly laid out, but otherwise not too bad of a System and um, you know I could see myself living with it and being just fine as long as you have an iPhone and not an Android and youre okay with a little bit of lag so, as I said, thatll wrap it up. Thank you guys, all so much for watching comment down below your thoughts on this 11.6 inch, Subaru infotainment with starlink thatll. Do it for us! Thank you guys all so much for watching.