So you get that extra vertical space, which i know a lot of you prefer for productivity, but its the other little things that are so much better. For example, i have the old yoga right here: okay and it looks like your traditional ultrabook, but one of the things i did not like about it was the edges of the device they just didnt, feel refined or premium. They were very sharp its like they didnt put much thought into it. The new version so much better. Like look at this, they rounded out the edges. It feels really smooth they polished it. It just looks and feels way better than before. You also get an extra port, so, on the left hand, side. For example, you have your usb port usb a two thunderbolt four ports and then, on the right hand, side you have an extra type c port. This is not thunderbolt, its just 3.2. Of course, your audio jack and then your power button to turn the device on the weight is very similar to the previous yoga, its slightly heavier because it is a technically a bigger laptop but youre not going to notice much of a difference if youre holding both In your hand, just like the previous yoga – it is a convertible. Of course you can open it up with one hand, it flips all the way around and one design thing that i truly like about. This is the way the speaker system works.

These are some of the best speakers period. You can get on a windows laptop, they have their 360 surround bar at the top here, which houses two tweeters and then on the bottom of the laptop theres two woofers and the sound quality is superb, like its not going to beat on a macbook pro 16. In terms of sheer volume and bass and heaviness, but its definitely better than a macbook pro 13., and i played some netflix, i went to their dolby atmos movies to like get an idea of how it sounds and its actually really good like. I can feel the separation between left and right, and it kind of hits me in a way that no other speakers on a laptop do another big improvement is the touch pad. This is the old one. Okay, the new one is 45 bigger, theres. Just so much more space to move your fingers around its very accurate, its a good size, and they were able to do this because they were able to extend the depth of the newer model. The keyboard. The way it feels and types is identical to the previous model, so theres not a lot of difference in terms of actuation, but they also change the buttons around on the previous model. If you wanted to switch between like performance and battery saving mode, you had to hit function. Q that doesnt work anymore, because they placed a separate key on the right hand side to do this automatically.

They also have like a screen privacy option which i didnt get to work. For some weird reason: there is a music option which lets you switch between music and gaming and different sound profiles. You can switch to dark mode in windows by simply tapping this button and, of course, back into light mode and instead of having the ugly fingerprint scanner over here, theres a more i dont, know nicer. Looking button on the bottom right hand, side, but you dont have to use a fingerprint scanner, because the new webcam, the 1080p webcam, which looks better than the previous version, also supports windows, hello. But i really dig the display options. You can get two versions of oled 2880×1800, like i have here theres a 4k version which i dont suggest like you really dont need 4k online on a 14 inch display youre not going to be able to tell the difference between this and that and theres. Also, a full hd version, i love oled on a computer, it looks so good. These blacks are nice and deep. It gets about 400 nits of brightness, so its bright enough and the color accuracy is impeccable, and because this is a convertible and you can flip it into tablet mode. The display also happens to support touch. The only thing that i dont like is that its a bit glossy you know like you, can definitely see a lot of reflection if you have this by a strong light source, but that comes standard with any glass panel.

As for performance, it is using the i7 1260p, which is intels p series of processors, so theyre 28 watts which can boost up to 64.. So a little bit more demanding than the traditional 15 watt cpus were used to seeing from the u series and look its a great machine right like it does get way better performance than last years: 11th gen intel processors, but its still, not as good as amds. U series processors, it does have the advantage with single core clock speeds. So, if youre doing anything that can utilize that you will see the benefit using this compared to a lower wattage amd processor. But i still think amd has the advantage in the low end. If youre buying this for any sort of design work, it runs great if youre using adobe, photoshop adobe premiere pro its a little bit slower than i wanted. Puget bench did reconfigure their plugins, so all the scores are now lower. It does beat out last years model by a good amount, but its not breaking any records. If youre using this to compile code, it did it in 34 to 36 minutes, which is not as good as what the amd processors can do, but again an improvement compared to last years and if youre buying this for gaming dont because its using an integrated gpu. You can do it if you dont mind, dropping the settings down a little bit, but at the end of the day this is not a gaming laptop.

As for heat management, the cpu never got over 70 degrees celsius, it didnt thermal throttle, but of course it power limited in order to keep the cpu cool stayed around 28 watts. Keyboard deck was not much of a concern. It was a little higher than id like, but its not going to bother you if youre typing on it. It never felt super hot to the touch. As for fan noise, it generally stays pretty low unless youre doing a lot of stuff. The fans will kick on its, never going to be as quiet as a macbook pro m1 or macbook air m1, but the fans do kick on and if you leave it in extreme performance mode, youll find that the fans go up to about 44 to 45 decibels. But if you leave an intelligent cooling or, of course, battery saving mode, it will stay below 40.. As for the internals, not a lot has changed there. You still get a big fan and a small fan with two copper heat pipes that are pretty thick ram is soldered onto the motherboard, so you cant upgrade that, but you do have one storage drive that you can upgrade for something bigger this ones only 512, but Man, the read and write speeds on this guy are absolutely incredible. 75 watt hour battery – and i was convinced that this laptop, because its using a p series at 28 watts wasnt gon na get the best battery life, but it was still able to pull through with over eight hours of use.

Now you can use rapid charging to top this thing up in just like 30 minutes and get most of your battery life back, but this should last you the entire day. So yeah look i like this. You know this is a great convertible. They did a lot of things right in terms of the design they. Obviously the 16×10 display is a lot nicer than 16×9. The battery life is still good, even though theyre using a 28 watt processor and all the small little updates from the touchpad to the extra keys are an improvement from last year. Obviously, if you have the previous model, this is not an upgrade for you, but if youre coming from an older convertible, i think this is one you should put on your short list. I will say this, though, about the p series processor like this is the first one: ive truly tested its definitely a nice upgrade from last years version, but i think intel is going to have a tough time beating out the u series processor from amd, because those Guys are just much more efficient and theyre able to push out a bit more performance like this processor inside of here reminds me of the 4000 series. Multi core speeds that amd used to put out, but with much better single core clock, speeds anyways a little nerd speak, but for those of you that enjoy it. I hope this helps. If you have any questions.