There was potential there, but the features I was most interested in the the pencil hover external monitor, support some of the promising new Pro apps. None of those were ready at launch. Now they are so. This is take two on my iPad. Pro 2022 review, hello, its Brad. I review tech for Creative professionals. Lets start with what I care about most, which is this new pencil hover feature at launch. I could only really see it in Apples, Notes, app and yeah. You could hover over the screen. You could see your cursor cool. It works now its implemented all over the place in a lot of different apps. Now a lot of people in The Tech Community when they saw this feature they yawned and and I get it but for illustrators its a much bigger deal added simplest. You can hover the apple pencil over the screen or over your canvas, and it shows you your brush size before you start painting before you lay anything down if youre, using something like a Wacom tablet in Photoshop on the desktop youre going to see the shape of Your brush youre going to see the size of that brush youre, going to be able to see what happens if youre tilting that brush before you do anything with it, so its understandable that one of the problems that many illustrators had when they were transitioning from painting On the desktop to painting on an iPad was losing a lot of that information, because the apple pencil didnt have any of it.

It just added a lot of chance to your brush stroke, so cool. It is here now, but procreate, decided to add a little bit of pizzazz to this feature. So, for example, when you are hovering you can also see your brushes color, maybe a better representation of what that texture is its not just an outline, but youll see the texture itself. You can resize brushes on the Fly by hovering and then pinching in and out on the screen to increase the size. So if you want to really just match the exact width of your incline, you could do that now and of course, many of these changes extend to the Eraser tools and the blend tools. So right now, hover is only on the new M2 powered iPad. Pro from what I understand its enabled on a hardware level using some of the sensors in the new processor, it doesnt sound like this – is something thats, just gon na roll out to older iPads. You know with a software update down the road and in my last review I I saw many comments where people were very disappointed in that which is understandable if youve picked up last years, iPad, Air or maybe last years Pro and youre, hoping to get that feature Retroactively activated, but right now looks like its M2 and Beyond. Next up is external monitor support before I get to that, I do want to shout out todays sponsor Squarespace. You probably already know that Squarespace is the all in one platform for building the ultimate website.

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This feature became available with the iPad OS 16.2 update. That came out a few weeks back and it does work on several iPad models. Beyond this, Pro works on the M1 iPad Air and the M1 Pro from last year as well, you also have to have a keyboard and mouse attached in some capacity to your iPad, whether thats, via Bluetooth or USB, or whether youre using the magic keyboard cover in Order to take full advantage of this and the reason why is because this new feature takes advantage of Apples, new stage manager feature which does require a keyboard and mouse to navigate around that second screen. So, even though I am connected to a Wacom tablet that does have touch the iPad, doesnt know that that monitor has touch so it cant use it so youre forced to use that secondary monitor only with that keyboard in that Mouse there is an invisible grid lying Underneath everything, so when you pull a window over or when you move in something new or move it around, it doesnt go to exactly where you put it. It snaps into place just a little bit off. This is something I have been having a little bit of trouble adapting to. I am so ingrained in the desktop world where my wind windows can be whatever size I need them to be and where I put them wherever I want them to be, a lot of apps are designed to work Touch first, so moving them over to this monitor.

Without touch takes away what they do best so, for example, I threw procreate up there for a minute just to have it up there. You know as a reference sort of thing and it was kind of unusable without touch that didnt open. My picture sideways and I was using the trackpad to turn it and then I couldnt pan it back into place. It was just weird so Im glad the features here, but it is implemented in this quirky fun apple way that isnt going to fit everybodys workflow, probably doesnt, really fit mine. The last thing I do want to touch on are pro level apps. We have had some great graphic apps in this space. For years now, several drawing apps, like clip Studio paint, have been available. That is a feature for feature copy of the desktop app Affinity designer photo publisher. Those are all out on the iPad. Now they have rethunk their interfaces a little bit to work better with Touch version 2 of their software just launched last month. So now you in Biden a 99 bundle and use it on the iPad and the desktop and use it everywhere. And then there is video video apps have been out there for a while, but theyve been kind of lacking theyre, just basic video, editing, apps and so now were seeing apps like DaVinci Resolve a hardcore video editing app coming to the iPad. You have this crazy good processor now so lets get something in here that can use it.

Ive never used DaVinci Resolve before so it would not be fair of me after using it for an afternoon to judge it Im sure its a wonderful program. I watch some videos that some other folks have made about it and theres The Vibes generally around its going to be very, very positive in the short time that I used it. I did like what I saw. One thing missing right now are tool tips on Hover. That is something that is in the desktop app. So learning this on the iPad is really tricky. I was having a hard time. There are all these icons. You cant see what they are when you hover over them, so its just kind of guesswork. I do understand that is something theyre working on. So keep your eye on Da Vinci resolve in the future looks pretty darn cool. The iPad has been making strides like slowly. Improving their file system, so that sort of thing has gotten so much better. In the last few years, of course, you are still going to be living in dongleville uh with your videos when youre pulling that stuff off your camera car now another app that Ive been playing with, which I think is really cool, is Apples, new whiteboarding app. It is called freeform its for writing, notes and pulling in photos adding some text or even your procreate files, and it lets you do some mishmashi collagey type things it is free and it will probably be shipping by default on new iPads in the future.

That makes a ton of sense. This app is designed to be a Showcase of all the iPads little features like dragging and dropping pulling images out of photos. So sure you could do this on the desktop, but I feel that its really slick on an iPad, so there we go. It was fun to come back and revisit this thing and see how things have kind of shaken out, as all these new features are really implemented. What do you think, let me know Down Below in the comments? Thank you all for watching and Ill talk to you.