To put it in here it was kind of surprising right, its like. Why is apple, giving the customer so much power without charging more money for it? Its awesome, but its actually made the purchase decision this year between the ipads a little more complex, because now this new ipad air is arguably just as good as an ipad pro, which cost 200 more. So this year, the colors on these devices are more vibrant. I have the blue here and i love this color if you pair this with, like the white magic keyboard, its a whole look, but last year the colors were more pastel. They looked good, but this year the more saturated anodization looks really nice to me. The cellular model support 5g, but its not millimeter, wave 5g. The usb c port is twice as fast this year, but a lot of the device hasnt changed from the previous generation, its the same footprint, the same 64 gig starting storage, the same camera hardware, the same speaker array, the same display, the same battery life, a lot Hasnt changed, but lets start off with that performance, so m1 chip, the performance on m1, is significantly better than what was in the previous ipad air, at least on paper. But for me personally, ive never found the performance on ipads to be lacking right. Any kind of recent ipad is a great performer, but that being said, i did notice a couple huge differences with this device, so any kind of heavy photo or digital illustration work.

Thats done on the ipad is so much smoother with this m1 chip than it has been in the past, its still a 60hz screen, so theres still some kind of visual latency when youre working with the file, but in terms of just performance it is so smooth. The m1 chip handles it very well and also with games, so gen chin obviously runs really well on this device. I think genshin runs better on the m1 ipads better than any other mobile device in the world, its just like a super capable chip, but theres this game ive been playing pokemon united. If youve watch my videos youve seen, i keep bringing this thing up because im obsessed with this game, but on this device it never drops any significant frames. It honestly feels like its pegged at 59 frames per second for the entire match, even with the heaviest team fights its such a good performer, and this is the first time ive ever tested. Pokemon unite on m1 hardware because the game didnt exist back when the original m1 ipad pros came out so to see it performing at this caliber is like its kind of weird. Now i got ta talk about the speakers for a second, so theres, two speakers on the ipad air theres, one on the left, one on the right, but theres. Actually, four cutouts, like four speaker cutouts and the sound predominantly comes out of the bottom set of speakers. Like the ones that are closest to your hands, if youre, using in game controls for a game that youre playing now last year, when i tested this device, i had controllers connected up to the ipad right now i was testing it and, like the speakers, sound good Theyre actually really good.

They sound very similar to the ipad pro, but when youre playing a game and youre using on screen controls and your hands are covering the bottom speaker grilles, it really kills the volume and overall sound quality like youre, totally killing off the higher frequencies. Its so strange. How this device is built like this now a lot of you guys like youre, an idiot dude, just flip it upside down and youve, got the good speakers up at the top right. Youd think that, but the sleep wake button is down there and if you hold it in that orientation, you just turn the screen on and off the whole time. So there really is only one way to hold the device. If you actually want to play a game with on screen controls and when you hold it in that orientation, youre just muting the speakers with your hands, i dont think it affects media consumption like if youre watching a show. You tend not to grip. The sides like that, but when youre playing games its something that i think a lot of people will do: okay, the screen, so the screen hasnt changed from the last years model its a good screen, its bright with great colors, slightly bigger bezels than the 11 inch Ipad pro, but overall, a very good bezel to screen ratio like theres. No miss clicks like you get with some of the thinner bezel devices out there, its a really good screen, but theres.

No pro motion its a 60 hertz panel and ive talked about this. In several of my videos, but i think on phones, the existence of higher refresh screens are not super useful. I think for most people, but on a tablet, especially if youre using an apple pencil or any kind of stylus based product is just so much smoother and visually pleasing on a high refresh screen and thats, not to say that you cant do awesome work on a 60Hz panel right, it has nothing to do with skill. A skilled artist would be able to do amazing work on like a 12 hertz screen, but the visual experience is so much nicer when its really smooth and the pen work that youre laying down just appears right. As you touch the screen, its just a nicer experience, so if thats, what you do for a living id push you towards that 120 hertz panel, but for everyone else, i dont think its all that important, not even for gaming, because most games on ipads do not Go over 60 frames per second okay, the cameras, so the front facing cameras now support well camera theres. Only one of them now supports center stage, which is that face tracking feature. I think its actually really cool, but this device doesnt have face id hardware and i miss it, so it does have touch id and its a little bit faster this year, i think than the previous generation, but i got ta say i much prefer face id over Touch id on a device like this, so for me i use like two factor: authentication for passwords and any kind of time when youre using the device to log into websites or like checking your banking info.

Now you got to touch the device multiple times to get into the banking website its just like its so much more convenient with face id, but i feel like this is only a thing for people that use the autofill frequently with their device. Now, im going to try to distill all this information into like a purchase decision of some sort. So if you compare this product to the regular ipad like the 329 ipad, this is a lot more money. Its got nicer aesthetics, its got the color options, its got access to the second generation apple pencil, its got access to the magic keyboard, which is arguably the best keyboard you can get for a tablet experience its got the new processor, but i think the real value Of the ipad air over like the regular ipad, is the ram so this year the new ipad air has eight gigs of ram and im, not talking about like the extra ram to do more stuff. Im talking about software updates, because when it comes to apple theres, software updates like how long theyll support a device tends to be limited by how much ram the device has, and with this thing, having eight gigs of ram. I wouldnt be surprised if this new ipad air gets updates like six or seven years from now for real now in comparison to the ipad pro that 120 hertz pro motion display is really nice for artwork. You get thunderbolt support.

You get better speakers, you get a better camera system if that matters to you, but the storage is also bumped up to 128 gigs at the base, but for a lot of people. Those extra features are not important and like theyre looking at this device and like hey for another 150 or 200 more, i could get it, but unless youre actually using that screen or the storage and like you, actually need to be aware, like im gon na use, It i would just go for the ipad air, its just such a good device this year and youre saving a significant chunk of money thats like 30, more money. If you go with the pro okay hope, you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. If you liked it subs.