X360 16 inch so just like they did well. They made the spectre 14 inch. Theyve made the 15 inch model into a 16 inch by giving a slightly larger display with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio that no doubt many of you will like because well who doesnt like a little taller aspect ratio. These days, we have an intel: 11th gen, h35 processor. Yes, i know its still 11th gen. This is the newest that they make by the way this model has been on the market for about two months or so. Hp was also getting us a review unit. To borrow to do this, video, but anyway for h35 processors, theres, no 12th gen version of that, so perhaps thats. Why? But still it makes it more interesting than a lot of other big convertibles on the market, not that there are a lot because it has more horsepower a little more performance plus we have nvidia rtx, 30 3050 graphics on board. So its got a lot of punch, but hey if those things arent exciting the 16 inch 4k plus oled display should were going to look at it now. So we have a little bit of a redesign here gone. Is the super angular gem cut that hp was using, but we still have the shall we say cut corners. The two back corners are cut off at an angle, but kind of a curvier, smoother, rounded, more feel to it, and each of those is well.

They house a port each of the cutouts, which is pretty interesting speaking of ports, its pretty decent for something thats, relatively speaking, slim and sort of light and youve got thunderbolt four ports times. Two youve got one usb: a port yay, so its not dongle life. For you, you have an hdmi port and a well of course, a headphone jack. We have wi fi 6e on board as an intel ax 210 card. There is no optional, 5g or 4g for this, but this is a consumer model, not one of hps business models. So thats not an unusual omission. So when i talked about that oled display, that is the top of the line offering and its also for those who are a bit less concerned about battery life because oleds, a big consumer. There are three display options: one is a privacy screen and the other two are ips and theyre all rated 400 nits or according to hp. Even the oled display, which is thats kind of unusual for an oled display theyre, not really very bright, on laptops, typically for power consumption reasons. Anyway, two ips options are a little bit cheaper. It will get you a little bit better battery life and theyre, like 3k ish resolution, so no those arent too bad either, but i think a lot of people are here for the oled by the way that oled display this is one of the nice ones. Yes, they do come in different quality and newness levels, and this one is striking.

Looking the only caveat i have is that, as ever, hp has very reflective glass on the surface, so it will show a lot of reflections and it certainly looks better when its not in direct lighting. The design is, like i said, new but fairly similar to the old one. The finish shows fingerprints, a bit less than some older generation models did, which is nice, because you have this slim unibody, pretty laptop, and you know you dont want to look like hot garbage. Like two minutes after youve been carrying it around right, it is easy to clean up. At least the keyboard feels largely the same as previous generations, which is to say its a fairly low travel keyboard. It is backlit in white, but its tactile enough that its pleasant to type on the trackpad is large enough, its microsoft precision. I find it a little slick on the surface personal preference thing i like a little rougher surface, so my finger doesnt skate around im uncontrollably too much but thats a small issue for biometrics. You have both a 5 megapixel ir windows, hello, camera and a fingerprint scanner on the keyboard deck as well, so its fairly well appointed and the price matches that now it starts out around 1449. And if you go with the ips display and not as much storage and ram and all that sort of thing, the model that we have with the oled display youre going to get that core.

I7 h35 processor. No matter what and with the nvidia gpu and 16 gigs of ram and a one terabyte ssd costs about two thousand dollars so cheap its, not its, not unfairly priced, because you do get well more horsepower. For example, we recently reviewed the samsung galaxy book pro 2 x360 model and that one is 1500 ish, but you dont get any dedicated graphics and you get a straight ultrabook cpu and you do get oled there, but its only a full hd resolution display so lower Resolution it supports a pen just like the galaxy, but the galaxy uses wacom emr, which i think is the best pen technology youre going to find on a pc, and this uses microsoft, pen protocol, formerly known as entry technology now hp, has been using this for years And its lagged behind microsoft, surface performance with the pen in terms of smoothness of line, lack of jitter, all that sort of thing and theyre getting better and better so its a pretty decent job and to one up microsoft, surface laptop studio. You actually do get the pen in the box. You dont have to spend like a hundred dollars or more actually for the pen, its a two button pen and you get a couple of extra nibs and it charges via usbc, unlike wacom emr, its not a passive technology, that it requires power to the pen. But it should last you a month and usbc charging is easy and quick enough with that pen.

So no big deal in terms of the pen performance. I like it. It is still a little bit more jittery than that in service laptop studio, certainly not as fluid and wonderful if youre an artist, particularly like wacom emr. As for note taking, though its perfectly great for hobby artists getting started its quite nice. Certainly speaking of that nvidia gpu, the rtx 3050 is a max q gpu, which means lower power. Its 40 watts thats pretty low power in there um. So if this is not going to be something that youre going to be playing, i know apex legends on competitively. All day long, its not meant to be a gaming laptop, obviously its a convertible for productivity, creativity, movie watching and all that sort of thing, but you can play a little apex on it. You know if you drop it down to 1080p resolution and youre. Okay with say, 50 frames per second, you could do that so its got some game. However, the design and the thermals on this really arent geared towards really going crazy with gaming, its really theyre morphed to make photoshop and lightroom more responsive. Give you a little gpu acceleration that sort of thing you can do video editing on this. You can do premiere pro, but given the fact that we h35 four core cpu and not one of the new eight core or better cpus, you know or even on the older eight core cpus a performance is in between an ultrabook and say a mobile workstation or Gaming laptop so for those of you who are doing it occasionally for work or recreationally its good enough, you certainly will hear the fans some, but itll get the job done.

If youre looking to do a whole lot of 4k video editing, you probably still want to look at a mobile workstation level. Computer now, while were talking about that surface laptop studio, that is a 14 inch class machine. So this gets you a bigger screen, otherwise the its the closest to comparable performance with that h35 kind of processor and rtx 3050 ti in the case of the surface laptop studio, you dont get oled display there, but you do get a three by two aspect: ratio And 120 hertz so theres something to recommend there as well, typically youll, be spending even more, though on a surface laptop studio with the gpu option and all that sort of thing plus you got to pay for the pen extra, but i do admit i do prefer. The convertible design that they came up with for the surface laptop studio, especially if youre in tight places like on the airplane and the tray table, instead of taking a 16 inch laptop and trying to you, know flip it around in 360. It its really easy to do it in a small spot with that surface laptop studio, and you get a little bit better pen performance. Some of you might be cross shopping. The 16 inch m1 macbook pro, which i find confusing theyre such different kinds of machines. The the mac is super fast and cool, running and lots of nice things about it, but youre not going to run windows x86 apps natively.

If you need to do them and also its a conventional laptop, it doesnt have a pen its, not a convertible. So, if youre, looking for all those sorts of things, despite the fact, the mac is lovely and has a nice mini led display and all that sort of thing, theyre different kinds of machines, weve covered pretty much everything there performance thats better than an ultrabook, not as Good as a mobile workstation for a lot of you who are kind of pro summer users, you just need a little bit more, but you dont need the crazy bells and whistles this one can make sense for you. You might find the samsung, for example, i mentioned not quite powerful enough for what youre doing, but what about battery life? Well, youve got an 83 watt hour battery inside thats, not too bad and youve got 135 watt charger its a barrel pin charger. It needs more than 100 watts charging so its not using usbc and its the usual compact. I call it kind of like the hershey bar looking charger that hps been using for quite some time. Battery life is going to depend on when you get the old led or the ips display, since the oled consumes more power, especially when portraying anything with a whitish background or a light background, and also its the higher resolution one. So we had the oled worst case scenario and the best that i could do is about seven hours with it, with light productivity work a little streaming, video that sort of thing by the way, quad stereo speakers here, sounding pretty good for those who are buying it.

For movie watching so, if battery life is an issue, do consider the ips instead, which should get you an hour, maybe even two hours longer battery life, potentially all right. Those of you who are familiar with the spectre line know that hp used to put little screws underneath these rubber strips youd have to peel them off and have them get stretchy itll be annoying, so guess what they stopped doing it brocas people like me, were always Moaning about it not to mention people like well, you, the owners of the product, so now theres only four torx, t5 screws longer ones in the back shorter ones. On the front, you think that sounds good. I kind of almost missed the rubber strips because, oh my god, so many tenacious plastic clips. This thing is really sealed. I found using a guitar pick and starting to pry around the hinge gap. Here was the best way to work your way around then afterwards, to get this cover off with lots of plastic action holding on the nice aluminum bottom got the ventilation there you can see, even though the whole backside has a grid, its kind of blocked off to Focus the air flow there and inside we have dual fan system because well we have dedicated graphics there, so that makes sense and our heatsink area here pretty decent sized heatsink for our cpu and gpu. So okay ill take that and we actually have a socketed wi fi card, its not soldered, on which you might see in a fairly slim and light 16 inch.

Convertible thats, an intel, wi fi, 6e ax210 card with bluetooth ram, is, however, soldered on you can get it with 16 or 32 gigs of ram so get what you think youll need, because you cant do anything about it afterwards. Our m.2 ssd slot is here, and we have speakers at the front, quad stereo speakers, so theres two up firing two firing at the rear, the idea being when youre using a convertible. You want the speakers to be able to fire, no matter what position you have it in and lastly, the 83 watt hour battery there so thats our internals so thats, the hp spectre x, 360 16 inch with the oled display and nvidia dgpu inside and as ever Its a nice classy looking laptop its, not a light laptop, i mean you know its two kilograms, which is four and a half pounds so compared to something like the samsung galaxy book, pro 2 360 and i mentioned thats, almost half the weight, its a carry its Obviously, if youre going to use this as a tablet, youre going to be putting it flat on a table probably or on your legs in your lap or something like that, but still its classy, its more powerful than certainly any of the ultrabook convertibles on the market. The pen works pretty well attaches magnetically to the side. Just doesnt attach real well, but you can put it there. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.